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Found 8 results

  1. Hey all. Just posting a new tool I recently wrote in case anyone is interested. It's an HDA for saving attributes into either data textures or mesh vertex channels for use in realtime shaders. I needed to do some fancy pivot caching and mograph type stuff in a Unity shader and after hacking together a solution with a python SOP I figured I'd package it up nicely for future projects. https://github.com/pixel-ninja/packChannelsHDA/releases/tag/v1.0
  2. I would like to get some basic understanding on how to use attributes, channels, references in vex properly. I'd like to understand in detail why this works: v@planepos = {`chs("../grid1/tx")`, `chs("../grid1/ty")`, `chs("../grid1/tz")`}; While this throws an error on the fourth line: f@planeTx = ch("../grid1/tx"); f@planeTy = ch("../grid1/ty"); f@planeTz = ch("../grid1/tz"); v@planepos = {@planeTx, @planeTy, @planeTz}; And could I avoid the relative references at all? I am aware that the attribute wrangle has some optional inputs, how could I make use of them to achieve the same result as my first example? something like: v@planepos = attrib(1, 'Center')
  3. I'm trying to create and customize a node through a python script. I'm adding parms using the hou.parmTemplate() class and for one of the parameters I need to edit the Channel tab (see below). I can't seem to find anything in the python documentation on how to do this; anybody know what the best solution would be? Thanks!
  4. My Original Question is still posted bellow, but i have since figured out a solution to get what I want. Basically in CHOPs I have a null with a string parameter with a multi line python expression on it. This expression produces a string with all the channel names in it. refNode = hou.node('/ch/ch1/noise1') tracks = "__TEMPSTRING__" iteration = 0 trackTuple = refNode.tracks() for track in trackTuple: curTrackString = str(track).split(" in ")[0] curTrackString = curTrackString.split("<hou.Track ")[1] if iteration == 0: tracks = curTrackString else: tracks = "{0} {1}".format(tracks, curTrackString) iteration += 1 return(tracks) Just make sure that "refNode" is referencing the node you want to get the channels from and this should work for you as well -- ORIGINAL QUESTION -- Hey guys. I need to be able to the names of all the channels that exist on a particular CHOP into a string parameter field (as shown below). There is a VEX Function called "chnames" which gets me the names but then I don't know what to do with it. I've promoted the names to a clip attribute but I have absolutely no idea how to access said attribute in an expression. So my two ideas are either to... 1) Stick with the Clip Attribute and somehow reference that in an expression OR 2) Somehow execute the "chnames" VEX function in an expression/parameter field (which I don't even think is possible but putting it out there just in case) If anyone knows how to do either of these things or has another method that'd work please let me know. I'm about to explode from the frustration of trying to figure this out!
  5. Hi Odforce, I was wondering if anyone has knowledge about how to enter your own default values of a created channel within the parameter editor. I want to use a mulitparm block(list), created from a folder type, and add parameters according to the amount of nprims. I want the parameters within this folder multiparm block (list) to have default values/expressions. The idea is to link each channel to an asset with a random so the parameters (see picture) are for each asset different. Not sure if this is good idea or if it could be achieved easier, im open for other ideas. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi In my scene I have a null node called "Precise_Clipping "where I edited the parameter interface and added a toggle called "precise_clip" then In the voxel size channel of a vdb node I have written the following: if (ch("../Precise_Clipping/precise_clip") == 1) { return 0.01; } else { return 0.2; } The problem here is that it gives this error: http://prntscr.com/cg15f2 Its not the first time I write expression in channel fields, and to me the syntax looks correct...so whats the error? Thanks
  7. Hi I want to ask a simple question, how to unscope parameter that is scoped using the shift + LMB shortcut? I can't unscope by clicking elsewhere, I figured out if I click other object in the network it will scope that object, then I can deselect by clicking elsewhere. So is there any other way?
  8. Hi all, In my ROP node I have set the extra image plane with "Different File" turned on. Gave it if a channel name like "rgbOut" and save it as open EXR ( Houdini 14). Viewing the extra image plane inside nuke, there is no information in my rgb channel. Mantra puts it into a separate channel. I can't seem to find a way to render extra images planes (aov with their own file directory and name) into their own rgb channel, like any other 3d package would do. If I don't give it a channel name it will simply use the parameter name as the channel name. I cant see the point of this, what is the work around for this? Cheers Gordon
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