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Found 9 results

  1. Dear Forumers, I am trying to render a reflection of my scene in a pane of glass to comp in Nuke. What I need is an alpha channel that is composed of the objects in the reflection NOT the pane of glass itself. How can I achieve this? I'm guessing also that a cryptomatte which contained the objects IN the reflection would also be just as helpful but I don't know how to get that either? Thanks in advance, Nick PS: I am using Karma PPS: Ideally I would like to do this in the OUT context, NOT Solaris
  2. Hello, Is it possible to get a reflection pass of an object by itself? For instance, if I have a sphere reflecting on a plane and setup a reflection pass, I see the reflection pass for the whole plane. I only want the reflection of the sphere on the plane, not the whole plane. Thanks
  3. Hey everyone, I'm working on the scene of water effect. I project a texture (.exr format) that there are few spot lights on the image to a grid card through a constant shader, in order to catch the reflection from the projected lights on ocean wave's surface and big spray ( created by millions particles), and there are 4 lights ( envlight, 3 other lights ) in the scene. Then, I render the wave and spray all together. For the moment, the passes I use are: color(RGB), normal, all_emission ( created by Mantra- Extra Image Planes- click " Combined Emission"), depth of field, id. I could do some adjustments in Nuke by using those passes. the lights on the card are reflected on both wave and spray very well on the color(RGB) pass. But on the all emission pass, the lights from projected card are only reflected and restored on wave surface, not on the big spray ( particles). So I couldn't grade them down and up by using this pass. I tried to assign the wave's material to the big spray ( particles ) , it still doesn't work. Does anybody have the same situation, and how can I solve the issue ? I know that I could use other method to grade separately in comp, however, I would like to know the reason. Thanks very much!
  4. Hi everyone, I seeking workflow tips to render characters separately from the environment but still have all the interactions such as reflections, shadows and so forth in both layers. Any tips and ideas would be much appreciated as I'm working on a project which would benefit greatly from this technique in comp. Thanks in advance.
  5. hey, Ive noticed that when I am adding two pbrspecular vops together, one for reflection the other for refraction I am getting rendertimes that are 4 times longer than rendering without reflection. Ive set up the reflection limit to 1, refraction is on 5. Reflection rays getting trapped in refraction, I guess. I am aware of refraction being expensive, but how do you cope with refracting objects?
  6. Hello, I am trying to render out a simple scene which comprises of a sphere with a partially reflective material on top of a backplate which depicts a table which the sphere sits on. I have included an environmental light with an HDRI environment map and two area lights which are in the approximate positions of their real-life couterparts. I have assigned a matteshadow shader to the table surface in order to 'catch' any shadows created by the sphere, and am getting shadows on the table surface when I composite the CG on top of the backplate: The problem is that I am also getting the reflection of the matteshadow (table top) holdout on the reflective sphere, and would like to instead have the sphere reflect the true texture of the table top surface. Now I know in Maya I can use mip_matteshadow and mip_cameramap shaders to successfully get this effect, however I have no idea where to start in Houdini for this. Is there any way of getting the diffuse of the table top geometry to simply read the backplate from the camera? I know how to camera project and bake out textures from the backplate in Houdini however I have no idea how to combine this technique with the matteshadow shader in order to get the effect I need. Anyone here know a method for doing this? Any help would be much appreciated! Chibley.
  7. Hi, Do you think is possible to include reflection object in the deep exr ? In theory, this will create a "point cloud world reversed " inside the object . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirror thank you, have fun, papi
  8. Hey Guys i was just wondering what way everyone uses to get ground reflection and reflection on objects without having to render textures...... So just a layer of fire reflection to comp on top. I usually make the fire phantom but what material is best to make the floor/objects. Thanks for looking at my post guys
  9. Hi~ I'm trying to build a raytrace shader,and I want to control reflection by a reflection map.however, I don't know how to transform the reflection map just like using a environment light.I thoght maybe I can transform the shading points and normals before feeding them into the trace operator,but, is there any easier way to do that?
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