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Houdini procedural tree generator


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Hi, i'm working on procedural tree generator in houdini's environment. It's based on space colonisation algorithm, but in next version curve-based pipeline is will be include too, because SCA produces an unpredictable results sometimes.

Implemented by Vex, Python and standard nodes.

- Correct growth based on colonisation algorisms
- Module system for any kinds of vegetation
- Fast source and additional modules based only on vex and cvex
- Auto correction and smooth for geometry

Some days ago i make first demo video:

Here i will post some further steps in a workflow, hope for your advices and feedback

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So, shrub-demo looks good, but, it has a lot of small and big bugs and they more noticeable in big tree case(next demo will be about growing trees). On some of them I'm currently working now.
- non-uniform leaf scatter, it produces overloaded area and defect in small branches
- post correction module works good, except that cases, when he try to fix more then 90 degrees turn. When he faces with area like that, he crushes all branch, totally restructuring it. So he work very slow, and make some parts of crown too curly
- Shading\lightning, in demo-video, it looks a really bad, in next demo i need good leaf and bark shaders and improved light.

- First problem was solved today :) solution was very simple - use resample sop instead scatter sop. May be in need some tweaks, because we still have overloaded areas, but small brunches look good, you can see it on screen
- I spend some time examining a correction module, add one small tweak - now he try to lift up hanging brunches, but i have no a simple solution, so continue to work on.
- Improve light setup(using hdri), fix uv on trunk


Before tweaks
After tweaks


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New step of work and new test render. Rebuild everything, make new leaf shader from scratch and a lot of test and tweaks with sca source setup. Full list of changes and improvements will publicate with a new




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