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HDK&KrakatoaAPI Render DSO


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This is really nice man , 

can you share this tool with us?

also one more question : 

im trying to export particles , flip fluids out from houdini to max and i want them as ( .prt ) but i could not know so i hope you can help with that :)

hi,i compiled a source PRT_ROP,you can put it into the DSO that in houdini folder .


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It looks really nice. Out of curiosity though, what makes Krakatoa special? Isn't it a glorified point renderer? Symek had an impressive post on cgtalk about this. I am just wondering how easy it is to replicate what Krakatoa does in Houdini?


I am not Krakatoa user so I might be missing some hardcore features that's not trivial to do in Houdini.


I would appreciate some insight on this :)

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