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Differential curve growth


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Hey guys, I have been seeing all the posts on this topic. I'm trying to implement the same thing using an SOP solver using VEX. 

My approach is typical, I run a wrangle node over the points, where I calculate the average vector for each point to determine the position of the current point for the next iteration. After this wrangle node, I append a resample node which will resample the curve on each frame and this creates endless growth. 

So, instead of resampling on each frame, I would like to divide the curve when the distance between two consecutive points has reached some threshold value that I set before. I don't know how to make this division using vex. I have attached my file below. I just can't figure out how to add a point between those two consecutive points and change the point number in the right order.


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I still don't understand how to create growth, that is limited to or mostly adheres to growing into two directions.

Like variant #8 and #9 in the video "a unified approach to grown structures" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HI8FerKr6Q

Changing the frequencies and amplitudes of the volume noise, doesn't seem to achieve this result.


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