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hi all.

just a couple of my most recent projects.

i get a lot of help from people here and at sesi but often dont have much tangible to show for it (i.e. renders) - i have so many incomplete projects its not funny. ;)

So i just wanted to show these.

my favourite piece (the concept is not mine, its based on a pic from the web years ago):


below are just tests to see if i can take the technique further (they didnt get as much time (heart and soul) as the top one though):




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wow i woke up and its on to the 2nd page - appreciate the comments, thanks!

to answer a couple of questions yep using wren.. im fortunate it works so well as i dont know what id do otherwise :). the shaders are pretty basic - i think the look is helpded by rendering a seperate GI and diffuse pass for each object - that helps to balance everything out in post. if nothing else ive learnt how important rendering in layers is!

below is a mockup of what a single pass render would look like (without the wren pass too).

i initially had what i think is a nicer look, but then i realised it would be impossible (well, impractical) to consistently light different scenes.. so i made sure to switch to only a GI light and a sun light. The road was a bit of a test to see if that lighting setup was going to work (and yeah it is road runner inspired! ;)

regarding an animation, i will put something together even if it is just a turnaround... the longer term plan is to model the matching flying machine for that trike and then hopefully a couple of humanoids to drive them and chase each other around. ive set myself a standard i have to live up to now though haha so thats a bit daunting to get started. also i cant model organics to save myself so that will be a real challenge.

anyway thanks again (for the comments and the help along the way!).



what a single pass and no post work would look like:


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Very nice work, I like the style as well! Custom VEX shader(s) I presume?

It also reminds me a bit of some very nice cel-shaded work that Sean Lewkiw did, that I saw at his site. (Which I think he originally made with PRISMS, imagine!)

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