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Sum][one Is Moving....

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HI Folks...

time has come to let me say that by end of January I'm moving away from Italy.

I sent my Houdini reel to many studios ... around USA, Canada and UK.

I've got a good contact for a job in UK already which I'll let you know once I'll get the final contract agreements... and I'm waiting to know what others studios think about my reel.

From 14 to 18 January I'll be in London Soho so if any of you guys wants to meet for a beer is really welcomed and appreciated...

2007 will be my year.. 2007 will be my Houdini Year. after a long 2006, with lot (i mean it) of effort getting Houdini be appreciated in this country, in this company I'm spending my last days, without success (not my fault.. that's for sure).. I'm glad to tell you I'm leaving this country.

Hope to see you houdiniers anytime soon.


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hahahaha thats a good news!

so we will meet for sure and you must come to our houdini user group meetings here in soho

let me know when you arrive



absolutely :)...

i'll be up there from 14th to 18th january.. for few (hopefully) talks with some peoples... looking around for housing... and then I'd be up there starting from february ... would be nice to meet in January already for a beer for sure.

let's change some pm with details (ph, email) to be able to be in touch when i'll come there.


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hm... I'd like to... but the DVD reel i sent to studios... is such sort of boring-technical-breakdown-makingof reel... which has not editing... but chapters which are various making of of various effects I worked on (personally) ... I'd assemble (edit) a short one... btw... its all almost wireframes...

but.. yeah ... I'll try to assemble one soon :)

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Have a good one man, and good luck on everything.

I can relate on how it feels when moving very far, on September i moved out here to San Diego from Puerto Rico and it was quite a change, but it's all been for the better, I've been learning so much here at SCEA .

Hope everything works out well :)

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Thanks a lot Houdiniers......

I'm really excited and I spend these days organizing my stuffs... moving my house things (including my beloved SGI machines which will be moved to a garage box, sadly)... constantly watching my email to see if I get any replies... and now watching your avatar details ("from" specially :P)... guess why :)

you know... such "usual" things which happens when you make such big moves....

I'm backing up all my usefull things... choosing what to take with me and what to drop and put in the "forget about it" boxes...

thanks for your support... I hope to have good news really soon.


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  • 2 weeks later...

ok then ... I got a job :)

Realise Studio is the place..

next february is the starting date..

just had a nice meeting with their producer... a dinner-meeting.. defining latest details... and having nice time and then a beer.

I'm really happy my way starts this way... cant ask for any better.

cheers houdiniers.. I'm finally officially on the field!

London Houdiniers are really welcome to meet for a beer since next february. :D

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