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Thanks guys, the kind words are much appreciated.

I'm going to take a brief break from working on the rendering pipeline, and start concentrating on integration and "system" features for a bit. But I'll keep experimenting and posting images as time allows. Let me know if there any specific features you'd like to see in the future too - it'd be nice to have some directed research to do. (That way I can ignore the huge pile of whitepaper's I already have built up :))

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Not much new, mostly quality tweaks + got rid of a lot of noisiness / sampling errors in the postfx pass. There's also a little transparency in the material here + a rough pass at splitting the scene up into depth layers.

This break may take a little longer than anticipated, unfortunately with the job market the way it is, I'm having to seriously retool and start looking for work outside my comfort zone. I'll keep working on this as much as I can though :).


@0rr - Like I mentioned earlier, as soon as I have time to clean up some of the code, I'd like to release this for people to mess with. Speed varies a lot right now but I rarely dip below 10 fps. For most of the images here, any slowdown is entirely in the scene calculation, not in the renderer.

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So lovely :lol::wub:

. Are you treating transparent geometry (Alpha attr) and shaded Volume primitives different when using SSAO?

Not currently, but I have plans for an occlusion density attribute, that could trivially be linked to alpha / volume density / material override etc, I'll throw that in when I clean up the current shaders.

Hmm - gets me thinking about a some sort of screen (well - light) space light dispersion / transmittance based on alpha and a refraction index .. between that and factoring color into the SSAO pass, you could get some really subtle and beautiful color bleed... hmmmmmm :)

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Also - a quick question:

I'm looking to add support for non-poly surfaces soon - Am I right in assuming that I can use GEO_Primitive::evaluatePoint() etc in my tessellation routines? - Or is there a better way to retrieve a surface approximation?

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I've been spending the last few days playing around with some ideas for a short piece. These images are the sort of the aesthetic I'm going for.

Working on this has made me focus a lot on the integration, stability and flexibility of the renderer in a more "production" environment, which is always a good thing. There's some post work of course - this isn't representative of typical renderer output, but all the layers going into the post pass are straight out of Houdini.

Warning - the film will be 1080p, and unfortunately reducing the image size makes lots of detail disappear - so I haven't resized them at all:



One of the big differences coming up will involve me making some new textures to work with, and thus changing the color scheme of everything a little :) - Although I'm really happy with the palette that the stuff I've been working with has been yielding, so they may just stay on a little longer ..

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Some more stills, I'll render out the animation tonight and post it in the morning.

I know this is getting a little off-topic :) - As penance, I've started writing the 2 main filters used in post for these images, as COPs.





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