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Found 3 results

  1. hi everyone, how do i randomly colorize each object separately instead of each primitive? Thanks in advance, d
  2. hey all, Ubuntu newbie here, I keep getting this error when i launch H16 with Ubuntu 16.04. (please see attached pic) Coincidentally when i try to render anything or do a flipbook (of even just a sphere) the screen fades to super dark, not all the way black for a few minutes then resumes the session with no render, or flipbook. I can play in the viewport just fine, and i can render with the IPR but the above does not work. Also I have no clue how to setup my save files on Ubuntu, i have a second HDD for houdini stuff specifically and I have no idea how to navigate to it for saves. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  3. Hello everybody, I'm learning houdini, been reading stuff from a week ago, was super hard at first, too much words (vex, sop, vop, chop, vdb, and so on) and a different worfklow, node based. (I'm a designer and come from apps like photoshop and cinema 4d). Thing is yesterday I was able to create my first setup and now I'm addicted to this, can't stop thinking how to make stuff and never tried a most powerful soft. Here are some samples and my basic ideas on how to deal with, but some tips or help would come super handy, First example When I watched this I thought maybe can be achieved with a geo file node, selecting geometry by some attributes, a copy node with small spheres (or are they particles?), and some deformation via attribute vop, but this seems more complex, I'm missing something? Second example I'm particullary interested on abstract geo stuff, I'm a zbrush sculptor and wanna use houdini capabilities to do something like this, a doubt I got is how to deform the polygons (ie quads or tri) but keeping the overall silohuette, I did a test by saving the position, deforming with a mountain and then give the position back with a point wrangle, but it didnt worked. Third sample I was able to achieve something similar with vdb workflow, only thing I couldnt do is the cyan borders, were they made by another vdb combine / reshape sdf? or there's a way to make groups based on edges on vdb? like what the cookie node does on geometry separating autogroups? Sorry for being that long, I'm pretty excited about this soft, here are some more cool images of what I would like to play with, autor is Anton Won Soder Thanks for reading! cheers from Argentina