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Found 3 results

  1. Hey Guys , i have a fast moving flip source , and cant get smooth shape , it look like emitter shape while emitting , i tried many different solutions like , putting time blend sop,trail sop , increasing substeps but always get same result . i had this problem in realflow too , but i fixed that by incearesing min substeps , but it didnt work in houdini , is there any solution for fixing this problem in houdini ? thanks
  2. Sub Steps Cache

    Hey guys, I'm using a File Cache sop to cache a FEM mesh but I can't figure out how to write it's substeps. I'll use this later to collide with a flip simulation and since the FEM is moving pretty fast I need it's substeps to collide properly with the liquid. $FF doesn't work. I guess it saves integer only... not sure though. Any ideas on how to proceed? Thank's Alvaro
  3. Smoke motion blur from alembic

    I am having a problem with getting continuous smoke emitting from an object. The emitter object is parented to an imported (and animated) alembic file which is moving quite fast. To try and rectify this I watched Peter Quint's videos on smoke in H12, and in the second video (the part on moving objects and motion blur) he mentions that to activate motion blur the animation (of the emitter object) should be on geometry level as opposed to the scene level. Could it be that my motion blur (and essentially continuous smoke) is not working because the animation is coming from the alembic file? And if there is another way to get continuous smoke emitting from a fast moving object (like smoke "substeps") please let me know =/ Thanks!