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UV cubic map procedurally

It seems simple but I couldn't figure out how to procedurally create a cubic UV map fora a simple 6 sides cube, Any tips?


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Thanks for the feedback.

Is about the way the uvs are layed, it needs to be layed follow a cubic vertical environment cube.

UV unwrap works for texturing but it doesn´t position the uv´s right away with the cross cubic env image you have to do it by hand. Does it make sense?

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You can do this by doing 6 separate projections (UV texture or UV project) for each side to the cube and move them in position.

If you simply do that upfront, you can afterwards change the cube and the UVs should remain intact.

You could even morph this cube in a quad sphere if that is what you are looking for.

Shameless self plug is shameless:


see page 6.

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Here is a vertexwrangle method for projecting cubic UVs on any kind of mesh:

vector bbox = relbbox(0, @P);
vector side = sign(@N);
vector nml  = abs(@N);

vector size  = getbbox_size(0);
vector ratio = size / max(size);
vector scale = bbox * ratio;

if      (nml.x == max(nml)) { @uv = set(scale.y * side.x, scale.z, 0);             }
else if (nml.y == max(nml)) { @uv = set(scale.x * side.y, scale.z, 0); @uv.y += 1; }
else                        { @uv = set(scale.x * side.z, scale.y, 0); @uv.y += 2; }

@uv *= 0.3333;
@uv.x += 0.5;



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