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Found 10 results

  1. Hi there, I've used takes to help setup a simulation. Now that I have the sim the way I want, I would like to just get rid of all the extra takes, but resolve the take parameters for a particular take into the main scene take. Does that make any sense? I know I can just copy over the parameters manually, but there's gotta be a quicker way, and without missing a parameter. I don't see a way to do this in the take manager, unless im missing something Thanks!
  2. Hi, Im trying to create different overrides for diferent arnold render_out nodes, like takes, or like the render setup in Maya, I know I can use the option of use phantom object or matte in the arnold_out node, but is more powerfull to use overrides, it give us the possibility to override more properties like cast shadows, recieve shadows...etc (I dont know this names exactly right now). The thing is I go to out, and I create a node Set_parameter (arnold node) and I conect this to an Arnold_OUT, in the Set_Parameter I create the path for the section I want to override, in this case is an geometry node (selection: obj/geo1/*) inside for example I put a box for testing, and next I write the attribute I want to override, in this case I want to override the arnold parameter from geometry, in this case I write...for example... subdiv_type = "catclarck" subdiv_iterations = 3 ok, this two parameter are working for me, when I activate that arnold rendere node to render, that parameter change and I can watch it in the render, even also work for me this parameter override: matte = True but, and here is my problem, I really want to override the visibility tab arnold parameter, like visibility rays to camera, self shadows an so on...but I cant it work, in this case I write... visibility_camera = False and this last one no work for me, how can I do for this work??? (visibility_camera for example), I only go to the parameter in geometry, arnold, visibility tab and I let the mouse over the parameter, and in the floating window I can watch the parameter, in this case is ar_visibility_camera but I thing for use this attribute we have to remove the ar_ , but event with this I cant get the override for visibility. I let here the official Arnold web site with Set parameter info... https://docs.arnoldrenderer.com/display/A5AFHUG/Set+Parameter Thanks.
  3. I have a node graph that generates a geometry. tweaked a few parameters and created a few takes, each take is a version (different design) of the same geometry. I manually click to see each take on the take list. Now I want to use this geometry: A - inside Houdini, several times in the same scene but ask it to be take 1 here, and take 2 there, take 3 somewhere else... B - Outside Houdini: Export all the takes (each as a separate obj) without doing it manually one by one? Any idea how I can do A, and how I can do B?
  4. Hello everyone, I am currently trying to work with takes, and how, depending on the current take, a new folder is created in the geometry path, and the geometry from the cache file, inside it. To illustrate a bit, the current path is "$JOB/cache/Houdini_Caches/file.bgeo.sc" - The idea is that the file path is "$JOB/cache/Houdini_Caches/"name of the take"/"name of the take.bgeo.sc". Thanks!!
  5. Hi all, I'm trying to render to several outputs at the same time, and perform multiple takes on those outputs. In the example scene shows more clearly what I mean, I have two sub-takes (each shows a different primitive), and a Wedge node that is set to render both of these takes. In the /out you will see a Wren node plugged into a Mantra node, the idea being that if I set the Wedge node to render using the Mantra node as an output driver, the Wren node that is connected into it should also render. But it renders using the wrong take. If you open the attached file and click on 'Render Wedges' of the /out/wedge1 node it should render the Wren node, then the Mantra node to MPlay. You can see that the Wren node always renders the same output. I see in the documentation there are instructions on how to wire up multiple nodes to make them all render in sequence, but this doesn't seem to work at all where takes are concerned. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug? Wedge.hipnc
  6. Hi odforce I have this issue that i cant get "takes" to work with distributed rendering. I have tried with Deadline and HQserver and both get the same issue, they cant "modify" the parameters in the takes because they are locked. I have tried using wedge (telling the distributed renderer that i submit it with a wedge) and i have tried to submit it with just changing the take in the rop itself. Is the take system only meant for rendering on your local machine or am i missing something? As a sidenote, why do HQserver need $HIP or $JOB in the filename when the path is allready accesible to the rendermachines? And why do you have to install the repository on the same partition as the project itself? I hope someone out there knows a solution on this (or have any other clever idea on how to work with different sim settings), because its a bit cumbersome to not be able to use takes when siming. regards Thomas
  7. Hi, I am rendering a fluid Simulation from Houdini 12.5, I need the follwing pass into one EXR file for that fluid Beauty Pass Flat Color pass Self Shadow pass Desnity pass Shadow pass etc... I am very new to Houdini (three weeks old), I am not sure that, if I use different shaders for each pass how can I integrate them together, or add them to different takes and the combine those takes into one EXR File. I am still learning about custom shaders, I did manage to create a density pass by adding red and blue color in FireBall shader, and then used that paramter from the VEX in mantra as a seprate pass. But my primary shader as is billowi smoke, how do I combine all that into a single file Super Awesome thanks in advance.
  8. Hey Guys How to work with ramps in takes without using auto takes ? If I include the ramp parameter in my take manually, it doesn't includes the position, value and interpolation parameters to my take. If I try to add any point, it just breaks all my existing ramp settings. Has anyone worked with ramps in takes ? Any help much appreciated. Thanks -J
  9. csp

    Python Take List

    I want, with given the parent take name to get a list of all take children in Python? The Hscript command is: http://www.sidefx.co...ommands/takels but unfortunately python version is not yet implemented. What I want to do is easier for me in python. I could use hou.script("takels") but the result is not clean. example: (' 1\n 2\n 3\n 4\n 5\n 6\n', '') [/CODE] Let me explain what I am after. I am building a tool where I want the user to be able to have a parent take and then a list of children with different values on the tool. Then on the DA he will have to select the parent take and hit render. Pseudocode: [CODE] parent = "mainTake" children = hou.script("takels -p mainTake") for each children: create a geoRop and set take parameter end forloop. link all geoRops to a mergeRop [/CODE] Any idea how to do that? The most tricky part for me is how to get children takes in an array.
  10. Hello all, I created these files two years ago in 2011 for a tutorial video I was creating in Houdini11.1. My work was never finished and I allowed all the work to be freely downloaded. Even shared it in a couple classes over the years. So making the files available again now that the original free to download source is charging for them, please enjoy and share. Included in the zip are the hopper_v001.hip scene file modeled in sops, including the texture files, reference images, the nuke script to composite the render image, albeit you will have to render the beauty image at home. If your interested in the original Photoshop or other files, or are more curious about the scene please drop a question. Scene File: hopper_v001.hip Additional zipped up downloadable files are here
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