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Differential curve growth


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That's so cool! I was only looking at this the other day.


You are getting close with that most recent surface version though. You should go bother him and get him to post his secrets! I would not be able to resist. It would save us(well mostly me) hours of flailing about.

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Silly Dave, trying to pass off something he found in the fridge and put on Vimeo as a render.




But I love the idea using text shapes as the seed - what did you use as substrate?

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I ran the shapes through a Solver Sop underneath the POP solver node, transforming each frames shape by $T. Took the accumulated shapes and extruded/VDB'd em.


Cool. And this whole process was half about meshing the results in a good/quick way. One method I played around with was points from volume in a solver SOP fed into the new fluid surface from particle SOP with a fuse in between for optimisation. In the end, that's probably gonna be something I will use more than the line thing which is kinda it's own thing while the meshing is gonna be useful for all kinds of accumulative growth. :)

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Nice setup Johnny, great idea to just zero out P.y instead of using the agent projection node!


Thanks. And I live to simplify, getting stuff done as quickly and cleanly as possible, because in the end it's the tweaking that matters, getting it look right.


That being said, I love using nodes for stuff they weren't intended for, like you did - the polyframe SOP with N or v as tangent output is a personal favourite of mine. :D

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