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Challenge 1 - House Of Cards (apprentice) - archform


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Well technically the challenge is over as far as judging goes (we'll be announcing the winners shortly). But you're more than welcome to try and complete something following the rules anyway. It's quite a nice one to learn procedural modeling with.


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Thank you all for the reviews.

Little update...

I have build the bridge and a set of card textures (all procedual).

actually, can you also post the texture files...??

The card texture set is created in geo_Texture obj and composited in img/comp1.

To save the texture to disk click to render img/comp1/rop_comp or out/comp1 (red) nodes FIRST and then mantra1.

Output texture range is to $Temp directory. 1-36 card set textures, 37-40 Aces, 41 is card back side.

The bridge is created from a set of 3 Linie Sops. To test another version

of bridge, connect Bridge/edit2/test and Bridge/xform6/test as described (red color).

Linies, resamples, carve_PYLON_HIGHT, fillet_ARCH, xform_SIZE SOPs - are controls (color coded).






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archform! I that this work is of a long time ago already, but I see It today, thank you very much for sharin the files, I apreciate very much, because I'm trying learning seriously Houdini in these year.

I think your work with Lsystem its very impresive!


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so how come the Adobe piece looks so much like the challenge....which came first?

Perhaps if you guys read the actual challenge you might get the answer:

Your quest:

To recreate one of the three complex structures similar to the ones seen here : http://www.adobecards.com/ , out of cards.


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