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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, Does anyone know how to use the mask input option to smooth a part of the mesh inside the particle fluid surface node? I want to specify with a volume (ie. a bounding box) which part of the mesh to smooth or keep (instead of using the velocity or vorticity mask). I created the volume to mask with (just a box turned to vdb) as a separate OBJ, I am then object merging it and connecting it to the third input of the fluid surface node, then in the filtering tab in mask input I check it and put in the name of the volume. I have tried to do several different things on the volume itself (regular VDB, Fog VFB, etc.) and nothing seems to work or make any difference. When I turn visualize mask on all it shows is nothing is applied to it (ie. all of the surface has 0 smoothing applied to it) How do I properly use this feature and get the node to recognize the mask? Am I going about this the right way? Many thanks, CrownSplash Anim C.hiplc
  2. two meshes from one fluid

    Hi, I am working with per point density and viscosity in a flip sim to get mud covered by water. So far everything works fine. Now when it comes to meshing I want to get two meshes out of the sim. One for the water and one for the mud to be able to see the mud through the semi transparent water. I get my groups (mud and water) via the dop I/O but are losing them in the fluid compress node with the packed particles. So the only way I can think of right now is to save the cache without the packed particles option ... making them pretty big I guess ... in order to get two seperate point groups and hence two meshes for the mud and water. Can anyone please help me how to go about this ? Or am I going the wrong direction anyway to see mud through the water. Cheers Rico Well I just realised that the packed particle option doesn't make a big difference in the cache size ... surprise ... i guess it is just for loading optimization?
  3. Hey guys! I'm trying to mesh a FLIP sim but I encountered some issues with the holes in the geometry. Out of the 600 frames which I meshed only 1 frame has this tearing issue I have attached a screenshot of the tearing.Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hi, Sorry if this was already covered (I found similar topics but on older versions of Houdini and I'm a newby). I would like to create a mesh (a sequence of mesh, to export in the obj format) from a pyro fluid (from smoke but also from density/heat and other elements). I've been trying with some methods by browsing online but without a great success. Considering that I need a classic mesh and not a VDB which would be the best workflow ? (pyrofields --> blast -> isooffset or --> points from volume --> vdb from particle --> convert to vdb) Best Alan
  5. VDB meshing with Bounding box

    Hello everyone, I was looking into the "new" way of meshing FLIP fluids - the VDB meshes.. It works like a charm and I like it a lot, but I miss one very important feature in there - if I want to mesh only a part of the particle "volume", with the old Particle fluid surface I could define a bounding box and all the meshing was done just and only in this bounds and without the "border sides" of the bounding box meshed.. I try to illustrate what I have in mind on the picture - there is a FLIP Fluid sphere, meshed with the Particle Fluid Surface with the bounding box enabled. Does anyone know how to set up a similar approach with VDBs? And if the bounding box could be another object (like a sphere, or anything), that would be even more great.. A simple hipfile would be VERY appretiated - it's the best way to learn - to be able to try out different settings and play with the scene...But of course any advice/explanation would be great. Thanks a lot!
  6. Hi, Meshing particles or particle fluids using the new vdbfromparticlefluid SOP, I was wondering if it is possible to bake a displacement from a texture or procedural displacement into the mesh (Yes, I am well aware that might result in monsters). The stupid thing about it is I have no idea how to do this or where to look it up. Thank you very much in advance for any help or tips!!
  7. Hi, Is there a way to only mesh the top surface of FLIP tank? Using VDB method? I mean apart from meshing the whole thing and delete the rest. That seem like wasting computing power. Thanks
  8. Ring artifacts in VDB Smooth SDF

    Hi all, I'm in a bit of a pickle, and it'd be great if anyone can offer some insight on this. I have a FLIP sim being meshed with the new VDB meshing workflow, and I am getting a ringing pattern in the vdb sdf volume after the vdbsmoothsdf operation has been applied. I am trying to get rid of the ringing as it is passed onto the mesh resulting from convertvdb and ends up in the final render. The FLIP sim used a Particle Separation of 0.3 and resulted in ~1.3 million FLIP particles packed tightly in a 4x4x4 unit (meter) space with no open holes, etc. The VDB SDF Smooth operation uses Gaussian with filtering voxel radius = 2 and iterations = 4. This is meant to be a very smooth liquid--like hot chocolate. The results from other smooth methods (Laplacian Flow, etc) were not smooth enough. I have tried to increase the smooth radius and iterations, but it seems the more I increase these values the ringing gets worse. I also tried to set vdbfromparticle above vdbsmoothsdf to over-sample by reducing Voxel Size to 0.006 (instead of the default 0.3/2 = 0.15), and then turn up the smoothing. This made the ringing significantly finer, but the artifact still remains visible in the smoothed sdf. I'm sorry for posting all this details without a hip file. I will try to post an isolated example tomorrow as I only have the production file at the moment. But has anyone run into this problem in the past or is dealing with it right now? Thanks in advance for any help offered.