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Found 4 results

  1. I'm confused about a School

    Hi guys, I'm having a few question do to a specifik school in Denmark, which I've applied to lately. The thing is, that they tell it's a school who practices in digital design, like 3D graphics. I have seen a few examples but is really not convinced. I have recently applied (they wanted some of my graphic to make the decision if I'm good enough) and is now waiting for there answer. But I'm so so nervous if this is the right choice to make. If you'd like you can see some of the schools examples here: http://interaktivt-design.dk/2016/05/23/3-uger-med-motion-graphics/ I do some 3D in my sparetime, which you can see on pixelator.net. I don't know how good I am, but do you think this school is a good choise. Most of the examples are final product after 3 years. I hope someone can help me. Thanks a lot! Another examples is these:
  2. Lost Boys FX TD Curriculum

    Lost Boys school of Visual Effects is very excited to announce their new FX TD full time program. Visual effects work and Houdini artists for feature film are in an ever increasing demand in the Vancouver Visual FX industry and worldwide. There is a high demand for FX technical directors skilled in problem solving, the craft of FX work, and the tools required (Houdini, Nuke). The new FX TD program will be one of the most comprehensive diplomas offered in both Houdini and feature film FX in the world. The full time eight month program will guide the students through learning the general principles of fx work, 3D graphics, and compositing, all with a fully Houdini and FX centric range of projects, ranging from generalism, destruction, pyro and fluid simulation, to on the job computer sciences, and compositing for FX. The course will be taught by FX Industry veteran and Houdini author/trainer Andrew Lowell. Andrew has worked at numerous studios worldwide such as Rhythm and Hues, CIS Vancouver, Animal Logic, and Digital Domain. Andrew is experienced both in basics training / fundamental generalist methodology, as well as applying his practical FX industry experience to impart valuable production skills that are very sought after in formal education. Andrew was highly recommended for the program by SideFX (Houdini). At Lost Boys, we believe our purpose is to train the necessary analytical, creative and technical skills to get started in the Visual Effects (VFX) Industry as quickly as possible, while still upholding a high standard of excellence. To achieve, this we balance production simulations (including filming plates), project driven disciplined exercises and technical demonstrations delivered by industry professionals. Our students are industry prepared and hit the ground running with extensive ties to local studios, and a 98% placement rate. During the program each student is assigned their own workstation and have 24/7 access to our inspirational studio training environment. FX TD (Houdini) Program Course Length: 8 months intensive Fees: $ 27,900.00 CND ($29,900.00 for international students) Student Requirements: Entry level, see admission page http://www.lostboys-studios.com/ http://www.facebook.com/SchoolOfVFX
  3. CG Masters School of 3D Animation and Visual Effects is pleased to present Houdini Guru Peter Bowmar in another of his popular HOUDINI BOOTCAMPs on Saturday, April 13, 2013 from 10am to 6pm at the school, located just 20 minutes outside of Vancouver by train. If you have always wanted to dig into the unlimited world of Houdini but didn't know where to start, this one-day course is for you. Learn all the essential functions and get started down the path of power. Cost: $149 Seating is limited. Call or email to register. 604-553-2462 info@cg-masters.com CG Masters School of 3D Animation and Visual Effects #320 -800 Carnarvon Street New Westminster BC Canada V3M 0G3 http://academy.cg-masters.com/
  4. Hey folks. Due to overwhelming demand, a second Houdini BootCamp with Peter Bowmar has been added on October 13th 2012 from 10am to 6pm. CG Masters Academy is pleased to present a Houdini 12 BootCamp, a one-day seminar with Houdini Guru Peter Bowmar. This bootcamp focuses on providing users of other 3D software an introduction to Houdini. At the end of the course, users should have a solid foundation on which to build their Houdini skills. Artists with 3D experience who want to step into the powerful world of Houdini 12 will benefit from this course. Seats are $199 + HST each. Advanced registration is required due to limited seating. There are only 10 interactive seats available (computer workstation with Houdini 12 loaded for your use during the seminar). Date: Oct 13, 2012 Time: 10am to 6pm Location: CG Masters Academy For additional details and to register, please visit http://academy.cg-masters.com/houdini-12-bootcamp/ Or call CG Masters Academy at 604-553-CGMA