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Found 6 results

  1. The problem with VR and fisheye rendering is that it needs "z depth" to be equal in every direction not just along the z axis of the camera, (Pz) Could anyone point to with a shader that could be used as an "omni " depth plane (aov) in Mantra. Thanks.
  2. I was wondering if anyone had any experience using the VR camera in Houdini for 360° rendering. The documentation is kind of sparse and I'm having a hard time finding any proper examples of 360° spherical rendering from Houdini. I have what I believe is a latlong backplate and I need to simulate stuff for it as well as render it. Anyone?
  3. FX TD, New York

    Hey guys, I'm currently looking at FX TD career opportunities in New York. I'm open to working freelance, either on-site or remotely, and long term positions. My experience is nearly 2 years using Houdini. It was taught as the main software in my Master's program - Digital Effects at Bournemouth University, UK. After my graduation, I worked at Framestore NY on TV, commercials and VR. I had a 6 month contract with Framestore, which unfortunately they weren't able to renew due to scheduling and budgeting. References available upon request. In my time using Houdini, I have created a wide array of effects to a high level. These include: fluids, cloth, smoke, hair & fur, RBDs, soft bodies, particles, pyro/volumes. I also have a excellent knowledge of the vfx pipeline due to my professional experience and having worked on my own personal projects during my student days. I have extensive experience in Nuke and PFTrack, as well as 3DS Max, Maya, After Effects, Premiere and Photoshop. Please see my links below for my showreel and other details. I have eligibility to work in both US and UK as I have dual citizenship. Showreel | Linkedin | Vimeo | Portfolio | Resume Cheers, Mark
  4. Hi All, I wanted to build a new playset for my daughter in our backyard. but before I do, I decided to use this as an opportunity to try something new out. the project will be in done in 3 major steps, 1: Build procedural Playset in Houdini- in a way that I can extract a Cut list from the final project. 2: Put it in Vr through out the Project as to evaluate and share it with family as the project progresses. This includes the user of Photogrametry and non Houdini applications to get the the playground in the right environment. 3: Actually build the damn thing in the back yard. here is a sketch I'm starting with : I will be updating this as I make more progress.
  5. VR flipbook

    Hey guys, I'm working on something for VR and every time I want to preview something on the oculus I need to make a low res render because flipbook doesn't give you a 360 view. I found somewhere a example of someone making a 360 flipbook (can't find it anymore) but haven't been able to figure out how to do that. Any ideas?
  6. Didn't make it to SIGGRAPH 2016? We're sharing some of the footage we recorded around the SideFX booth. Here's our interview with GridMarkets speaker, VR Artist and Oscar winner Kevin Mack: www.gridmarkets.com/siggraph2016-kevin-mack For more on Kevin's most recent Houdini VR project, visit: www.shapespacevr.com