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  3. here is an example of Attrib Transfer mentioned earlier Sample_point_cloud_color.hipnc
  4. $ variables are on their way out. Try to get used to leveraging VEX functions. In this case I calculated the bounding box for the original cube and saved it on the points. Then after the extrude I fetch value from getbbox_size and use half the X axis length to position the pivot. ap_how to move the pivot.hipnc
  5. vector on detail (VEX)

    No problem. I hope that it works fine now. I also want to add one thing. You can write multiple lines of code even in the parm, like this (start with RMB on the parm). Or hit Alt+E, when editing the parm:
  6. Hi everyone, Is it possible to reorder easily a Multiparm Block list?(without deleting and recreating the exact value) I would love to swipe the order easily if I have many number of item. (ex: swipe the first and the second item on my reference) Cheers
  7. vector on detail (VEX)

    opps.. my mistake, I tough it was vex... really thanks you a lot for your support.
  8. vector on detail (VEX)

    Hi, in the title of the topic, you defined it as a VEX. If you are typing into a parm, then you are using probably a Hscript Expression Language, not VEX (it could be python as well). I assume that you have an Expression and this should work: detail("../sourceData","color",0) The detail() expression has different syntax then detail() vex function, and the third argument is attrib_index (or in other words, third argument is 0 for color[0], 1 is for color[1] etc.) https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/expressions/detail.html What I wrote in previous post is related to VEX detail(), not Hscript Expression detail().
  9. vector on detail (VEX)

    Thanks a lot for your answer but I am working in a parameter of a node, I can not write multiple lines code. and I am using relative paths because it is a asset, and I want to re-use it in others places and scenes. thanks you again
  10. vector on detail (VEX)

    Hi Gerardo, you should read the whole vector and then get its component. Also, if the "../sourceData" is meant to be path to a node, then it is wrong. You should not use relative path to specify the geometry. Here are the methods: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/io/op_syntax.html Or here, read my post: Then, after you fix your path ... here are two methods to get the indexed component: vector color = detail(0, "color", 0); @color_r = color[0]; // first method @color_r = getcomp(color,0); // second method
  11. vector on detail (VEX)

    Hi everybody I want to use the "detail" function as an expression in a node parameter to read a vector component. detail("../sourceData","color.r",0) but it does not work. I tried "color.0", same result when I use just "color", it reads something, an average could be, anyway I just want to read one component of a vector value. how can I do that? thanks you.
  12. selective bevel problem

    it works thanks
  13. selective bevel problem

    Hey, when I load your file it doesn't seem to be working properly. However, in your switch node, you're using @class%2==0. As far as I know you can't use attributes in a switch like that. Try getting the attribute like this: prim("../foreach_begin2", 0, "class", 0) % 2 https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/expressions/prim.html Hope it works!
  14. selective bevel problem

    I'm trying to make a cannon, but here is my problem, each piece are bevelled but top one have a different bevel, I put a switch but the switch never occurs, any idea plz ? thanks hdni_old_cannon.hiplc
  15. the question about pc open (solved)

    cool! thank you. I think it could be bind out the parameter directly then check from the sop level.
  16. the question about pc open (solved)

    thx for your reply. now I understand how it works. problem solved! thank you.
  17. Houdini UI broken on new Dell XPS 2-in1

    No the final reply I got from sidefx is that it's the driver so need to contact the manufacturer, still waiting for a rely from Microsoft
  18. Hi ! my friends who can help me solve this problem Thank you very much $CEX GCX BBX ? how to move the pivot.hipnc
  19. for (int point_num : findattribval(0, "point", "class", i@class)) { if (inpointgroup(0, "part",point_num)) { @group_part = 1; continue; } } Class is the connectivity point attribute you have earlier from connectivity SOP and "part is the portion group name you initiate and capture "partial" model
  20. Thank you for your reply, the file type we are using is .LAS and please can you elaborate and show the process as we are new to the software. To be more specific we are trying to generate a colored 3D model from a colored LiDAR point cloud (.las) and now as you said we are able to get an uncolored 3D model from colored point cloud but we aren't able to extract the colors from the colored point cloud. So, basically what we need is to extract the colors from colored point cloud to generate a colored 3D model. Here you can find attached .hipnc and .las files. Kindly please help us. Sample_point_cloud.hipnc Point cloud(.las): https://wetransfer.com/downloads/b172f2f39b25eb74e1e696121ca062a620191213040418/7025222bf122a5ea5ff8a0dafb020edc20191213040419/f47d6d
  21. Hey all! So I've been working on Mikael's crowd sim class, and I recently saw his video on attaching hair to the agents. However I'm trying to do something a bit different and I'm not sure that I need to get the vellum solver involved. I really just want to attach this hair setup to my agents that are on an 18 frame mocap loop. I don't need the hair to move, I just want it to be attached to the agents. Here are some pics of what I'm working with. I just wanted to see what you guys would suggest and if I'm totally going about this the wrong way. Thanks for you time!
  22. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    @cloud68 yes, the example was fairly simple but what if you want accumulate impredicatable datas or datas from another stream ? All those things that make you have to use a sop solver, while in "classic", C style language you juste declare a variable global or static. I know it's not recommended, but it's often very convenient.
  23. The simple example: using the bounding region option in the group sop, if the bound was to select a partial amount or even a single point/prim of an "island"/piece geo, is there a way to extend the group to cover the whole of the connectivity. another example: a wheel that has a rim, hubcap and lugnuts as part of one imported model, would like to tell my group node, or wrangle to select whatever is in the top 10% of the bbox, then extend the partial selection to just the tire piece/name/class. if the bound were to select the top 30%, it would be both the whole tire and rim, minus the lugnuts and hubcap being 40% from the outer diameter. The idea is to create a connected pieces group, procedurally, without addressing a name/class that could possibly change if the input were transformed or changed topology. H18 i feel i could accomplish this easily with the group expand by surface, but unfortunately im unable to use H18 for a while. Im fairly good at wrapping my head around vex scripting, no hesitation to trying to coding this if im not missing an easier technique. Thanks!
  24. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    Export clouds, pyro, volumes, water to engines without much hassle
  25. Houdini 19 Wishlist

    What about utilizing $F to achieve this? fit($F,100,200, 1,999) floor(($F-startFrame)/3) will increase a value by 1 every 3 frames. floor(($F-startFrame)/10)*2 will double a value by every 10 frames. I do this a lot with fake pop simulation. A lot you can do with animating $F variable without simulation
  26. Could you use an Add SOP and build the line from 0-$N ?
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