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  2. How to Control Pieces in Detail?

    You've pretty much got it; as the previous post mentions, just set the piece or pieces you want static to active = 0 and the pieces you want to sim to active = 1 fracture_edit.hipnc
  3. Polybevel on two merged objects . Topology Help

    Hi, boolean seems to work for me, you can also group->dissolve edges with small angle and fuse close points (optional). Polybevel_bool.hipnc
  4. Rotate object based on oriented bounding box

    Okay found my way out here my inverse matrix transform works in fact, i could come back to my orient and pos. But for some piece it s changing the plane, would like to always be the same. i feel the orient of my piece to the best plane and normal XYZ direction could be improve, would still love to hear how you guys are doing it. Cheers guys
  5. Thanks Don. Cool suggestion. I don't know if I need that much control at this point, but if I want to individually limit the min and max, I'll return to this!
  6. How to Control Pieces in Detail?

    u can set an "active" attribute to specific pieces which u want to break instead of making all the pieces active
  7. I want to sim a small blast, but I can’t control it correctly. When simulating, the surrounding pieces will be moved together. How can I just break a selected one? Project file: Fracture.hipnc
  8. how should i break my glue constraint by velocity enegry_blast.hipnc
  9. Constraints broken in Houdini 18.0.532

    1. check your data name in glueconrel node whether it is matching or not 2. make sure that "s@constraint_name" attribute is a primitive attribute
  10. Hi, I came upon this awesome video by Sebastian Lague and was wondering how to do it in Houdini. In short, he makes a solar system sim by implementing the universal law of gravitation in code. I want to replicate the two planets "dancing" at the beginning. I'm pretty new so please forgive me if my methods are noobie. 1. The first thing I tried was copying the code into an attribute wrangle but got stuck on how to mimic the loops he makes by each timestep to update the velocity and position. 2. Then I though it would be easier with POPs, and indeed just by using "pop axis force" one particle orbit was easily simulated. But I again got stuck when trying to do it with two particles, as I want to feedback each planet (particle) position so it can update the "pop axis force" 's centroid (this failed as the centroid is determined before the solver, so it doesn't update). Maybe looping by for each timestep? merging solvers? I'm lost and going nuts hahah. How would you approach this? Thanks in advance!! (Btw check Sebastian Lague channel, I'm pretty sure if you use Houdini you'll like what he makes.)
  11. Fuse edge to generate center line

    Hi, there is also a straight skeleton 2D beta version in SideFX Labs.
  12. I can try reset your password and send you a temp one to see if that shakes things out. Otherwise yeah it might be best to delete the account and you can try again.
  13. Polybevel on two merged objects . Topology Help

    Hi Antoine, thanks a lot for taking the time. That is a lot to digest I cannot change the width of one of the beams unfortunately, because this is supposed to look like it is one piece. And with a different width the bevel would not be even across both of the beams. I will give it a try though. And I will check out your other suggestions as well. Thanks a lot - much appreciated!
  14. Fuse edge to generate center line

    @Shamanek xyz distanc find gradient and use this you have endless posybility..Just Fine adjust plus this
  15. Rotate object based on oriented bounding box

    Actually im facing a similar problem. In a loop, for each of my piece, i trying to transform and rotate the piece to be at the origin and align to the world XYZ. I creat 4*4 Matrix before making more operations on my pieces and when i want to get back, the pieces are offset, can't understand why. Tried different ways , my inverting the matrice in a VOP or wrangle, even converting to a 3x3 or using a point deform / rest position which is also not working, giving me the same offset. Didn't tried with Extract Transform VOP , not familiar with it... Did you manage to make your working Konstantin? ________________________________________________________________ Vincent Thomas (VFX and Art since 1998) Senior Env and Lighting artist & Houdini generalist & Creative Concepts http://fr.linkedin.com/in/vincentthomas
  16. The constraints seem to be broken in Houdini 18.0.532. I followed the regular workflow for building constraints for a regular rdb simulation. But they don't seem to make it to the DOP network. There are no errors, but the constraints don't work (They don't appear in the dopnet). Can someone please confirm this? Thank you.
  17. Skin SOP, shift pairing

    Actually, yes, it's possible directly. I just found this: Reverse SOP, vertex shift, U Offset Change U offset until you're satisfied with the pairing.
  18. Fuse edge to generate center line

    No. The problem is called Straight Skeleton. It is a well studied comptl geo problem. There is a robust implementation in CGAL, but it's most likely not an acceptable answer. It's a hard problem that you can't just solve with a few chained SOPs sadly. The closest you will have in Houdini is this: do a polyexpand SOP with those parameters: Output: Offset Surfaces Offset: some large number greater that the dimensions of your object. After that, finding the actual straight skeleton is not trivial either, because it is not a curve, but a tree. It does not exist as an object in Houdini. You can have a look at the vertex attribute EdgeDist, in some cases it may help to delete some points to help you build the skeleton.
  19. Skin SOP, shift pairing

    As far as I know, you can't shift or change the parametric coordinates of a primitive. You can try to play with a convert sop (convert the curve to mesh and play with the parameters) before skinning, but it's only to sample more or less points on the u and v of the curve to add more division to the skinned mesh. If you find how to shift the parametric of a curve let me know !
  20. Few tips for volumetric lighting with redshift : - Apply a material to the tint shader of the fog (../redhift_rop/redshift/volumetric scattering) and plug your nodes to the volume output of your shader, this allows you to add noise to the fog and/or any other operation you want (like for example get the camera position and create a gradient from the camera position to remap the fog density based on the distance from the camera to get the desired effect) - Use gobo shaders in your spotlights to get better god rays. It's pretty easy to create some gobo maps in photoshop with textures and filters - Create your own volume effects in sops with volume vops, it can be very cool to have some slightly moving volume just on top of the seabed to simulate water flowing and moving sand grains During the week-end if I have time I may help you, do not hesitate to reach me out Cheers,
  21. Fuse edge to generate center line

    Hi guys, does anyone know if in Houdini is an option to fuse points in poly extrude to generate center line as I show in the gif below? Or how could we generate a center line in such a geometry? I need to do it to generate neon light in the center of the letter.
  22. Hi folks, I finally managed to jump into Houdini after working with Maya for around 10 years. So here's my first question I cannot seem to find an answer to elsewhere. I'd like to create a scene, in which an excavator digs a hole, turns around and unload its shovel. I imported an alembic scene of the animated shovel, downscaled it for proper scene scale and set up a basin of grains. Now when I'd like to combine both objects the shovel and the basin as colliders for the grains only the basin gets recognised. Is there a proper way to merge these two? My graph of that part: The basin: D'you have any advice? Thank you very much! *D
  23. Skin SOP, shift pairing

    I have a curve, which I modify with edits and resamples. I later merge it with the original geometry, and skin the result. How can I shift the points in a curve to affect how Skin SOP pairs points ? I tried Sort SOP/shift but Skin SOP doesn't seem to use that information. It's using the same point order as in Carve SO, so I think it's related to how a polygon is uv parametrized internally, so I'm looking for a way to shift that..
  24. Polybevel on two merged objects . Topology Help

    Boolean SOP is too unstable to do this properly. On top of that, Polybevel is also very numerically unstable. It will try its best to slide the bevel on edges, but with an intersection of two polygonal (meaning a lot of points and straight edges), it will lead to a different result depending on the relative locations of the two intersection objects. It will break / jump as soon as there is a topology change in the result, and it will if you animate it. Also, you're using two beams of the exact same width, which leads to a bad edge case in boolean where you end up triangulating a set of coplanar points, which is guaranteed to give random results ( look at the tooltip help on Random seed in triangulate2d SOP parameter: I think it's related, not necessarily in term of internal implementation, but the general idea) Can you modify the scene so that one of the beam is larger than the other by the amount of bevel you intent to put on the seam (see abseams in Boolean SOP) If you animate it, can you retrain it so that the primitives that intersect in each input of the boolean SOP remain the same ? I know it's restrictive.. Also, see the other output groups in Boolean SOP.
  25. Twisting Steam - HELP!

    Hi Guys I'm trying to great a steam effect, whereby the steam twists in a vortex like shape - see image attached/below. It needs to almost look like an hourglass in profile, with the steam pinching together in the middle I'm a relatively Noob Houdini user. I'm totally fine with all the Pyro sim side of things, but I'm not sure the best way to art direct the smoke into this shape? Custom velocity forces using geometry fed into the sim? - if so, whats the best way of controlling the velocity angles on geometry (I've got zero experience with VEX!) Any tips or advice greatly appreciated.
  26. I was having some trouble with the redshift environment volume and god rays when i added a floor but i think it really would benefit from an ocean floor environment like you say. The gradual blur across the sea is a really good point as well. Thank you
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