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  2. Abstract in Houdini - Course

    Thanks for free tutorial on volume noise. I Learned Something..
  3. meshing fractals

    i using classic Julia Fractal to drive my spline :
  4. There's ways to decompose/describe a vector - 3 coordinates (xyz) that scale the coordinate system unit vectors (ijk) and add them together: P = i*x + j*y + k*z. - direction (vector scaled to length 1) and legth magnitude (distance from tail to head of the vector) - direction (two angles) and length So you use the representation that is more sensible to the operation you are doing. For angular related calcs direction is handy, while for position calcs you want to deal with xyz, etc.
  5. If a vector also has a length, why is it perceived to be of 3 values?

    Thanks for the answers and resources all of you!
  6. If a vector also has a length, why is it perceived to be of 3 values?

    go through first 3 chapters here: http://www.scratchapixel.com/lessons/mathematics-physics-for-computer-graphics/geometry/points-vectors-and-normals it good explansion about vector's, Normal's etc...
  7. Nature fun

    Casandra (spyroidea) opt. Antartica kuki muki UH. 45
  8. Today
  9. length = square root of (x^2 + y^2 + z^2) direction = normalize (x,y,z) [puts that point on the surface of a unit sphere] https://www.3dgep.com/3d-math-primer-for-game-programmers-vector-operations/ You should check out dot and cross product too: https://betterexplained.com/articles/cross-product/
  10. hi, I am testing vellum, and have a question. When testGeo is coming up from ground, all vellum particles are influenced and pushed away. Also, when he hit ground with hummer and lift it up, particles looks being sucked into holes made by hummer. However, these particle reaction should not reach such far away distance. I'd like to know how to control the influence distance. So far, I am thinking of solutions: 1 - reduce constraint iteration, 2 - make a space between particles at emission/creation times. 3 - add more friction, increase particle separate / highres- sim, etc. This result could be ok for sand FX, but when making snow ground, this won't work. Particles should be very rigid, and particle only moves around testGeo's feet and hummer. If anyone knows how to control it properly, let me know thanks!!
  11. SOP_PointWave example questions ....

    I really respect your help ,, thank you very much..
  12. Abstract in Houdini - Course

    My new Course - Abstract in Houdini is now available! https://www.cgcircuit.com/course/abstract-in-houdini
  13. Align Geometry on Spline along TangentU and Y-Axis

    Hey @LaidlawFX sry for late response, but thx alot! Thats great - so much more efficent than my setup. I ll gonna work on that. edit: I am just trying to figure out, how to calculate the angel by normal. Somehow I guess, I have to use the attribute VOP and create a cross product, at least I am reading all the time about that. The goal is to get the angel (0° - 90°), feed that into a ramp and use the 0-1 value to control the scale of the circle. Is that possible with the attribute VOP or only in VEX? Thx again!
  14. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    Mantra more competitive against third renderers : - Mantra faster as Arnold, Vray, etc... in bucket mode. - Mantra GPU +1
  15. Stretch UI

    I have a pyside window: import hou from PySide2 import QtCore, QtUiTools, QtWidgets, QtGui class BatchRender(QtWidgets.QWidget): def __init__(self): # SETUP UI WINDOW super(BatchRender, self).__init__() ui_file = "C:/temp/test.ui" self.ui = QtUiTools.QUiLoader().load(ui_file, parentWidget=self) self.setParent(hou.ui.mainQtWindow(), QtCore.Qt.Window) BR = BatchRender() BR.show() This window does not scales as it usually happens with QT widgets. How could I fix this, and window name as well (houdinifx)? test.ui
  16. "standard" pyro and deforming mesh

    The easiest way to solve this is to set Burn Rate in combustion tab to 1, that way it wont keep any of the fuel for the next frame. There is also Advect Fuel toggle in Fuel tab but this probably wont be as helpful.
  17. Hi, is there a way to set the "Invisible" toggle on a parm in Parameter Interface with python? All I could find was .hide() function which indeed hides the parameter but if the parameter is horizontally joined with a string parm, it leaves an empty space instead of having the string parm completely fill out the row. It acts the same way as the "Hide When" conditional. So I want to be able to do the same thing as when I open parameter interface and toggle "Invisible" - in python. Thanks
  18. "standard" pyro and deforming mesh

    Hey there, I have some panicked people to set on fire. Most of the methods I've seen so far ( and used myself ) were 'hacks', meaning direct temperature field manipulation and/or advection of a custom field. HOWEVER I decided to give the standard combustion model AKA Pyrosolver a try in the hopes I would get more natural and physically correct burning. And well I'm running into quite a lot of issues, one of the most annoying being that the fuel field doesn't 'stick' to the animated / deforming mesh, resulting in the fuel staying up in the air like a trail until it's all burned out. Likewise, temperature and burn do not seem to follow, resulting in flames not sticking to the deforming mesh either, lagging behind since the leftover fuel ignites with a delay. In short, it's a mess, and it's also super slow. So basically I guess my question would be : is the Houdini Pyro combustion model a good fit for burning the hell out of screaming, kicking, little CG people, or is it just too complicated and slow and "locked" ? I've been getting correct results on props and set elements but it looks like a struggle for animated meshes. That's maybe why so many people would rather manipulate temperature ? And if pyro is actually very capable in this situation, how can I make sure the fire correctly sticks to the mesh ? Add a few advection nodes ? Summon an old god ? Summon an old goat ?
  19. I'm with Houdini 17.5 and when I import a usd/usda file, I can go through the menu , and select the usd/usda file I would like to open in the Choose Geometry dialog. My question is how can I import through a Python script, to do the same thing and not to bother the UI operations? The original post and updates are here: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/65721/?page=1#post-281454 and put it here too to try to get more help. Any help is welcome!
  20. Because the three values defines an imaginary line going from 0,0,0 to the position in space described by the 3 values. That point can be far away or i can be close to 0,0,0. This way the 3 values are able to defines both a direction and a length. -b
  21. Hello, guys! Recently, I'm trying to do a project that needs to connect houdini with arduino. I want to use the data I got from ultrasonic sensor from arduino to change the height of a tube in houdini. But it seems that there are some problems of the connection, Anyone can give me some advice? This is the error message that I got from the software: Error: Unable to evaluate expression ( Traceback (most recent call last): File "<stdin>", line 2, in expression File "opdef:/Object/gwPlatform?PythonModule", line 15, in getHeight File "opdef:/Object/gwPlatform?PythonModule", line 3, in updateValues AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'updateFrame' (/obj/gwPlatform1/tube1/tube1/height)) And here are some screenshots of my project.
  22. Was wondering this when I learned about length vector functions in a tutorial..
  23. Add smaller fracture shards to an Fracture object

    Sorry that you have mishearing me.... but I mean add to the particles some smaller debris
  24. 17 export alembic with material?

    sorry,l forget switch translation
  25. Greetings! I have 5 branches that have their own unshared edge group. The group is called "widen". I put these into a for each to be able to modify the group for each individual piece with a soft transform. So first I use the $GCX, $GCY, $GCZ in my soft transform and that works, but only for the first iteration of my for each and for the other iteratons the pivot doesn't change from the first iteration. How do I get the pivot to the center of all groups in a for each?
  26. 17 export alembic with material?

    I really like this translation so I published it this time, but lets try to post in English next time? (where this "distiller" has came from, is it for "alembic"?)
  27. h17 how to export alembic with material?
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