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  2. imported geometry pivot

    Hi I'm not sure about you problem as FBX import usually give the correct pivot. I try it (from an older version of maya), and I get the correct pivot. See the attached file. The pivot of pCube1 is on the top left corner. Normally you should see at the bottom of the geometry transform tab, the pivot offset parameters. These settings are not normally usually visible, they are added when importing FBX. But you can access it or add them from "Edit parameter interface". I also added a box, where I added the rotate offset (but in the transform tab to make it more visible), and move the pivot to the left side. If you want to use these "not centered" pivots at the sop level you have to use several transform node to recreate the transformation sequence. hope this helps Box pivot.zip
  3. keep uvs on flip anim

    You need to unpack Alembic before you begin processing. Here is a revised setup using a .abc file. There were some errors in your file. There are some UV anomalies, but if you increase the FLIP resolution (which is matched to the pointsfromvolume resolution) the anomalies become less obvious. mb_african_femal_01.abc ap_flip_UV_transfer_001.hiplc
  4. imported geometry pivot

    thank you but, It is not what I want. I don't want to move the pivot to centroids of the entire object or any primitives. I need the exact pivot position of the object shown in the picture.
  5. imported geometry pivot

    just blast the lower polygon and put transform node under it with expressions sepu mentioned. or you can blast that polygon put null at the end with name OUT_whatever(just to keep it organized) and then on transform node that is just under your geo put expression in pivot position centroid("../OUT_whatever", D_X) centroid("../OUT_whatever", D_Y) centroid("../OUT_whatever", D_Z) for XYZ accordingly All done in geo level
  6. imported geometry pivot

    well It works just fine for the pivot of the bounding box. but what about an arbitrary pivot like this: and rotation?
  7. Pop forces falloff options

    If you want something more visual you could always use the Mops Fall-offs or I believe in 17.5 H also add it a falloff node, which in my opinion isn't that great or you also have Lynx by Luca https://www.motionoperators.com/
  8. imported geometry pivot

    Should be able to open the pivot transformation tab in the transform and add $CEX and $CEZ.
  9. Logarithmic slider [-X, 0, X]

    make ramp from 0 to 1 then fit ramp from -x to x
  10. Pop forces falloff options

    Use VEX in those nodes, find distance, fit it and multiply to force.
  11. Hi, is there a way apart from rocket science to control the area affected by pop forces, for example adding a spherical soft falloff to a pop wind node or a noise-based falloff? Thanks!
  12. imported geometry pivot

    thank you Adrian! the thing is I need Its pivot exactly where It is in Maya, so I can rotate it around. the pictures shows what it looks like in Houdini. (obj and FBX in houdini)
  13. Hi there, I am having the exact same issue but with uvs. Is there any solution to this?
  14. keep uvs on flip anim

    Having some issue regarding pre-existing UVs (for example any alembic exported from maya or even pighead) I tried @Atom method of promoting UVs to points and again transferring it back to the vdb mesh. This works fine for default geometries but doesn't work when testing with alembics. I am attaching a test file for the same, please have a look. flip_UV_transfer_001.hip
  15. rotate flip pump source

    Hey Atom that's great , very much appreciated. im pretty new to houdini, what is the reasoning behind not animating at object level? i though that was where most animation gets done? kind regards Harv
  16. Hi first time posting, (subtle hint that im a newbie) might be one of those idiot questions but i want to make a scene where a piece of paper is blowing in the wind and hits a robot it then sticks to the robot for a little bit and falls off. I want the paper to start of following a curve so i have control of how it looks and when it collides with the robot. But i have no idea how to make it do this, i'm using follow curve in chops but the animation doesn't seem to move over to sim. I've tried cloth fem but didn't seem to work, at the moment im trying pop. I'm attaching a file just so you can see where my head is at and thanks to anyone who takes a look at this. Robot is in the abc section of the project. paper_try.zip
  17. rotate flip pump source

    It is common practice to not animate DOP sources at the /obj level. I moved your spinning animation into the SOP level and cleared the /obj level animation. Also, you don't need that rest. It seems to be locking your vel source to frame #1. AP_01 pump-rotate-test 03.hipnc
  18. Emit random object in RBD Packed object

    Check out Matt's setups. http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=HoudiniDops#Emit_packed_prims_into_RBD_sim
  19. I have several non connected geometries ( extruded Font SOPs.. digits from 0 to 9 for example) How do I emit one letter at a time (say once every 30 frames) in RBD Packed object in DOP without creating unnecessary coupling between the DOP and SOP So far I'm deleting parts of the geo in SOP so that when the DOP is evaluating the geometry, it only sees one character. In DOP: creation frame => if($F%30==1,$F,0) in SOP: upstream from dop import, in delete SOP @textindex*30 <= $F && $F < (@textindex+1)*30 Can you show me to a better solution ?
  20. Embed Highres for Vellum

    Trying to simulate some vellum softbodie and wondering if there is a way to do the simulation to a lowres mesh and applying it to a highres one. Like the embed highres object for FEM. Thanks!
  21. Hi, Can I somehow create a logarithmic slider that goes from -X, 0, X? Where the function "slows" down both ways close to ZERO? Usually I just create additional switch, that will multiply the value by "-1". But in some areas you want to actually key the parameter, then give it some opposite value (what I mean is that its multiplied with -1). So you have to key the switch and the slider.
  22. Mesh from Lines (leaf)

    Thank you very much, guys The Planar Patch from Curves was exactly what I was looking for in the beginning although Fred's example gave me some great insides! Still a lot of work to make it good but its going were i want Leaf_v0111.hip
  23. Hey, here you go. Not a technically super clean solution but I guess it works. Also look inside the Noise Vops, I multiplied the density by the noise instead of directly piping the noise in the density output. This gives artefacts on the edges as well. Mix VDBs_fix.hipnc
  24. POP - Several questions about Impulse Activation

    I understood how to control POP with "All Points" source (Impulse Activation = (($FF+ ch("../frequency") + ch("../frame_start"))% ch("../frequency") -1) *-1 ), but "Points" seems totaly ranom to me Setup with an animated source containing 10 points, I want to create 10 points per frame (10*25 per second at 25fps): New particles don't create over the array of my original points, they seem to chose completly randomly where they will be placed. It seems some particles are created on top of each other. I will use "All points" for this project, but if you have any idea how to make the "Points" setup less random, I'd love to hear it!
  25. Mosaic node crashing Houdini

    Hi, I'm trying to mosaic a seires of 64 textures with 1 image per row, images are 512x1 pixel, the expected output is a 512x64 pixel texture. The problem is as soon as i join my file import node into the mosaic, I get a hard crash to desktop. This only happens with textures over 256 pixels wide. Any assistance is appreciated.
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