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  3. Hi, I have 32 RAM aswell. I was helping a person here on ODFORCE with some "ARNOLD" render options etc... Ya that was no able to move in the view port etc... So for me what I did was ROP output the sim to a bgeo sequence. And the loaded it back in with the File node. Also if you export Deleting some attribute that you don´t need the bgeo file size will decrease considerably. However. this is only for viewing purposes. then if you need to tweak etc.. just do the same but manually delete the files. You make another process . Okay it´s just a suggestion okay. I would not consider this something but a PATCH to do something due to the fact that you are experiencing a lack of RAM , Cheers Mangi
  4. VEX Function Source Code

    Unless it's implemented in VEX header files (i.e. in VEX), its source is closed. Which one you're interested in?
  5. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    This is just an option/example (related to your first picutre). If you don't want to use all points you can filter by id. By default you can use all but usually a curve with degree 2 won't fit good (higher degree has better chance for better fit). If you know you have a specific subset of points you want to use , you can set the id for this subset to 1.
  6. Try setting the 'Maximum CPUs to Use' to 1 in the Local Scheduler.
  7. VEX Function Source Code

    Is there a way to find the source code for a specific built-in VEX function?
  8. Permission Denied?

    How can I jump out of a ‘take’ to resolve this?
  9. thickness to object ?

    polyExtrude SOP with backface is not working for you?
  10. thickness to object ?

    This question has been asked before but the thread I found on the subject I can't seem to copy; that is, how do I add thickness to an object ?
  11. Hi Guys I have a fairly high res flip sim (by student standards, about 3 gig per frame) and I needed to cache it out as a .sim to utilise checkpoints I need to read this simulation in using playback simulation on the dopnet and a dop IO node with the flip presets in order to pull in the velocity fields for a whitewater sim, however when I do this the computer gets stuck on the first frame I load in. My only current solution is to go through every frame, unticking and reticking the playback simulation button which would take me 2 minutes of load time per frame for 432 frames. An alternative I've considered is the Houdini python module however I am not familiar with this and don't know if the required functions exist. Please could someone with more knowledge on this tell me if this is possible in the python module or whether there is an alternate solution such as a way to pull velocity fields from a .sim cache Thanks George
  12. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    I sorta see what you mean; but how do I define which points are filtered out; which will result in different ids ?
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  14. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    You can define which points are filtered out. You will get different results with different ids. You know how to calculate the focus? As hint: If your parabola is y = a*x^2 + b*x + c the derivative is y' = 2*a*x + b. What will happen, if the derivative is 0 (base) and 1 (reflection at this point is from vertical to horizontal (45°)).
  15. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    How do I know where the focus is, when filtering out only points with an id=1, since there are many points with an id=1 ?
  16. SOP Solver and DOP import help

    Hello all! I have a question concerning SOP Solvers in an Auto DOP Network. Im using SOP Solvers and switches to activate fracture geometry at certain times. I am trying to activate a second RBD object in the scene. Inside my SOP solver how do I specify which object the DOP import node fetches from the network? My_Scene.hipnc
  17. find points and cut.

    This is a bit of a naive test but see if it helps chop_up_shape.hip
  18. fore each loop question

    in a python sop you can use the pressButton() argument pointing to your file cache "save to disk" parameter (might have to use evalparm as well) that will in essence physically press the save to disk button on every cook. combine that with the detail attribute filepath variables and that should be all you need also you can set a global variable holding your detail expression (under edit menu > aliases and variables > variables), say $CACHE = `detail(blahblah)`, then use $CACHE in your filepath instead of that expression, allowing you to read everything back in as packed prims in a single node using the filemerge sop utilizing that variable (similar to how you can load back in multiple wedge passes)
  19. Houdini 17.5.173 Centos PDG cores use

    Yeap Luke I understand. If you check the Entagma link, they are using TOPs to run multiple frames of VDB meshing and turn a single core process to a multi-core one. They are on Windows and CPU load goes 100% on a 12core system.
  20. Houdini 17.5.173 Centos PDG cores use

    Linux doesn't have anything to do with it. Some algorithms used by Houdini use a single processor core. In those cases performance can be improved by running multiple tasks concurrently. You would see 100% processor utilization only if there were more concurrent tasks than processor cores. Other algorithms will use all processor cores available. It all depends on the specific scene and how it's built as to how well it will scale to multiple processor cores.
  21. fore each loop question

    also TOPs can provide easy wedging within an asset if you can use 17.5
  22. Hello everyone, I am trying to speed up surfacing tasks using this simple method from Entagma (https://vimeo.com/323270525). I am on Centos 7 and when I monitor CPU usage, it goes maximum at 35% and doesn't use all cores. Is anyone experiencing similar behavior or have any info to share about Houdini and CPU usage at Linux?. Thank you.
  23. im on this situation where i need to rotate a lot of RBD stuff inside dops transforming from Euler to Matrix at the same time, do you know whats the best way to do it?,
  24. Lockheed Martin (Suffolk, VA)

    a secret clearance?!! im pretty sure they are making some jets with extraterrestrial tecnology then!!
  25. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    The focus is determined by the parameters of the parabola
  26. Lockheed Martin (Suffolk, VA)

    United States citizenship is required to get a clearance in most cases. These positions require a secret clearance (shown at the bottom of the job posting) which the company will help employees obtain.
  27. Pyro source Wedges TOP

    Vitor, Found it, horay : pyro_simple_wedge_odf003.hipnc
  28. Writing attributes to image file

    Hello! Since I have not seen a hip file for the solution to this problem yet, I've felt the need to post it. There were a couple of major things missing from localstarfights' file, namely correct addressing of the SOP to read the attributes from. Thanks to the people of this thread for letting me know this was even possible! attribexport.hip
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