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  2. Hello! I'm trying to make an effect where a logo emerges from a tank with a viscous fluid. I want to have the liquid quickly flow off the logo once it emerged. It has a round surface, similar to the torus I exchanged it for in the hip-file I attached. I'm aware of viscous fluid's stickiness and turned on "slip on collision" and also tried the "gas stick on collision" cheat I found in some older thread, as well as using normals to drive the velocity. however some particles always stay on top of the surface and won't flow off. What would be a smart way to cheat and clear the surface of the fluid? Thanks in advance! J. 190620_Instagram_FlipTankExample.hiplc
  3. Trunc function- vex

    Keep working at it. You'll get it. Problems like these are work for the student to prove they've learned the material. I spent a few minutes and think I got it, but I've got a dozen years plus of experience messing with these kind of things. Also, you'll want to never have an integer multiply a vector assignment, there on the right side of the equation. It will turn your vector into a float. Also you want to declare your attributes with f,v,i,s for float, vector, integer, and string respectively. @Cd=noise(posQ*chf("freq"))*2; //should be v@Cd = noise(posQ*chf("freq")); v@Cd *= 2; Do please spend at least another day or so at it before checking my hint below if you really really can't get it. Try quantizing a transformation of your v@P before trunc, then transform back.
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  5. Captain Marvel FX?

    haha, I was also very interested in this kind of effect. You can see the same effect in the amazing spider man 2 too. Guess it must involve in smoke sim first and using it to direct particle sim. Maybe do some test and see how it goes
  6. Beer Simulation

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what is the best way to mesh this for rendering?
  7. uv for wire

  8. Pyro trail and quick interaction

    1. That's very clear, thank you. 2. That's the settings I've been using, except for Ignition Temperature which I have a negative value but I assume it's the same as a near zero value. Between posting my questions and now I think I've found a solution to my problem. I've created an extended volume around my emitter/geometry with the velocities of the geometry and adding that velocity field into the sim. This "pushes" the fire around the emission in the same direction as the emitter making the fire more "attached" to the log. Velocity emission from the emitter only seems to have an effect around the emission voxels, while this seems to push a larger part of the simulation with it. Thank you for your help.
  9. Trunc function- vex

    Hello I am going through "The Joy of Vex" tutorials and I came across a problem. I am on Day 8 where he is talking about noises. http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=JoyOfVex8 I am on the last part where he gives the exercises but I can't get it to do what he is explaining. Basically I am trying to make some blocky noise with a custom slider using the Trunc function as he states: Can you make stepped noise? Blocky noise? Hint: When we did quantising in an earlier lesson we took our distance 'd' and trunc'd it to reduce its precision. Here, you'd want to copy @P to a temp vector pos, quantise it, and feed that result to noise (see gif below) I get really close but I don't know how he is controlling it with a slider. My noise looks very faded and disapears after a certain value. I am just trying to ahieve the same effect in the gif I will attach my scene for anyone that wants to take a look Thank you trunc.hip
  10. Pyro trail and quick interaction

    Hi! 1. The difference is that by using the global substeps option on the DOP network you are always using this many substeps. If you use the min and max substeps on the pyro solver the substeps, the substeps are not constant and you will get them when you need them. This decision is not random but based on a condition which is the CFL condition. I can't realy tell you if one is better than the other for the results/quality but using the min&max should be faster in the same conditions because you are not always forcing the simulation to run the maximum amount of substeps. 2. Not really sure if I pictured it correctly in my mind, I should test or at least see it, but try this. Decrease the Ignition Temperature really really low (0.001), burn rate to 0.999/1, fuel inefficiency to 0 and reduce the Flame height which changes how long the flames will stay on the simulation.
  11. house collapsing

    thank you Andrea.
  12. Watch this one https://www.pluralsight.com/courses/houdini-intermediate-ocean-fx There`s 10 day free trial
  13. According to Houdini docs: FLAT TANK: Useful for any calm water simulations that don’t require waves, or for simulations that are going to displace a lot of water, such as a whale moving around and jumping out of the water. Hmm , It seems "Flat Tank" is a better choice. So I will try "Ocean Flat Tank"...
  14. The Beauty

    Looks nice! Great job!
  15. Limit Point selection by Group Create ?

    This should work. Just group by dot product. vector upVector = set(0,1,0); float dotPr = dot(@N, upVector); if(abs(dotPr) == 1) i@group_points = 1; dotProduct.hip Even easier way of doing that
  16. uv for wire

    Hello Igor, first, you have typo in your code in the attribwrangle3 setpointattrib(0,"pt_bitangent",pnts[j],bitangent[j],"set"); this should be setpointattrib(0,"pt_bitangent",pnts[j],bitangent,"set"); second, your sim geometry consists 140 primitives but it should be 1 for good work. Use a polypath sop to get one.
  17. The Beauty

    Love it! очень хорошо
  18. The Beauty

    Love it! And +1 for being able to work on a project for so long, I just can't
  19. Limit Point selection by Group Create ?

    But you need to do bounding object group separately. so group twice. But unshared edges will work only on flat geo. looks like yours is extruded
  20. Limit Point selection by Group Create ?

    include by edges and check unshared Edges. Should do the job.
  21. bounding box orient to emitter pyro

    But that wasn't the issue? Oriented bounding box(es). As in smoke trail bounding boxes following some curve being oriented instead of no orientation thus most of the time expensive and inefficient. I needed oriented bounding boxes and also found out what had worked no longer does. Like this by trzanko.
  22. Limit Point selection by Group Create ?

    How are you creating that hole? Can you post your file?
  23. Controlling Voronoi though Cluster SOP ?

    Visualizing pieces and the clusters tab are removed from the Voronoi Fracture SOP; therefore how do you visualize the pieces using the cluster Points SOP as well as control the cluster sizes as you previously could with the Voronoi Fracture SOP ?
  24. Hi everyone, Is it possible to render a flipbook from TOP context or in ROP? if it's in ROP, I'll use a rop fetch to access it from the TOP context. But It seems like there is no such thing as a flipbook render. My goal is to quickly previous multiple animation at a super low resolution quality. I just need to see if the timing is right but I dont want to use redshift with a too low sample setting. Thanks
  25. The Beauty

    Hello, friends! Finally, after 19 months of work, I finish my first Houdini project. This is a music video for my friend I did to learn Houdini. Rendered with 3x3 sampling on my laptop that`s why it`s so noisy. Working on the project, I develop an abstract production pipeline for Houdini called "Eve". It is a project management tool which can handle a large amount of data: https://github.com/kiryha/Houdini Thank you all for your support, it would not be done without your help! Cheers!
  26. Hi guys; I would like to learn about how to use Ocean tools + Flip FLUID to create a scene like " Whale jump ", so I started with a very basic scene like a sphere jumping out of ocean... In ocean shelf tools I tried "Guided ocean layer". It works fine, but 1) I don't know how could I expand the ocean surface without expanding flip tank. 2) Ocean if a flat surface, but Flip Fluid makes a thick mesh and I just need the surface of it. Thanks. OceanAndFlipFluid_01.hip
  27. Limit Point selection by Group Create ?

    I mean't select the edges of the hole as you see in the screen capture; if I extrude a sphere it won't specifically selected the hole point edges
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