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  2. Sweep orientation issues

    Can you provide a hip file ?
  3. Direct Modeling HDA

    No, they don't. He has backed down from that claim, it's a paid update now. Everyone who was waiting for free 2.0 should enjoy 1.5.
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  5. reading string attribute value

    No problem
  6. reading string attribute value

    whoops. yeah spelling.. anyways, the group parameters works! Thanks Joe!
  7. biological modelling methods

    This setup looks amazing, thanks Konstantin. I usually work with Redshift but this really open my eyes to the power of mantra shading. Still a lot of blackmagic there for me, but i will definitely dive deeper in it, and i think i grasp the base idea of it at least.
  8. Snap transform handle to component

    Just chiming in that this is really great and quick... I haven't used any handle alignment slash C-Plane stuff yet so this so-called ' ; ' work flow is my gateway drug! And yeah, definitely works fine with using the M key to cycle through worldspace/objectspace/componentspace/screenspace and the Y key for the different handle types.
  9. reading string attribute value

    Two things... You typed "colour" when your attribute is called "colours" with an "s". Also, add the expression in the "group" parameter at the top, not the "filter expression".
  10. reading string attribute value

    nope thats not working. got you a file here of my approach delete by string.hipnc
  11. reading string attribute value

    I don't think you neeed the spaces or the quotes. Try: @colour=red
  12. hi, Im trying to delete several prims with an attribute called colour, and gave this attribute the randy string name called "red", "green" or "blue". Now i want them to delete by these names. I could do this by integer but having several other attributes with numbers confuses me instead of text. How to read these string attributes. I've this and tried this I'd remember it was something with the `` or "" or '' but forgot how to. Hope someone knows thanks! marco
  13. reading prim attribute overall primitives

    so much faster!.. thanks!
  14. ray on curves

    Is ray sop supposed to work on just curves ? I'm trying to project a curve on a collision curve which is outside of the curve. Using minimum distance, it doesn't project the curve. And I can't find a vector attribute to put on the curve that will hint the correct direction to follow. I cheated by using a transform or polyexpand to expand the original curve, but it's dirty.
  15. reading prim attribute overall primitives

    Hi, on a PolyExtrude node there is tab Local Control. Use local attribute "zscale" for your task. I attached example file how to do this. exturde_prims.hipnc
  16. Hi, im using the prim expression to find a value from a primitive. but all primitives have different values and i want to polyextrude them accordingly. I cant use prim(surface_node, @PR, attrib_name, attrib_index). do I need to use this in a for each? or is there a faster less heavy method?
  17. Camera Projection from Moving camera

  18. Is it possible per-pieces scaling?

    if it's packed you can use the (nasty?) node 'primitive' which I guess is a blackbox node that does a foreach on each prim
  19. or set the pscale attribute per point before you copySOP it
  20. Is it possible per-pieces scaling?

    Run into a foreach with this expression in the pivot translate "$CEX $CEY $CEZ" of a trasnform, or in a primirive sop with "do trasnformation" enabled . Then you should be able to trasnform each primitive indipendently! Best regards Frankie
  21. Hi; Please take a look at my simple test file and help me: why "GameDev Dissolve Flat Edges", caps my model? Is this a bug? Thanks. dissolve_flat_edges.hip
  22. Non-Simulated Flame (+hipfile & notes)

    Looking very good Man. Thanks.
  23. Hello; In "Transform SOP" (or maybe other SOPs), is it possible to do a Per_Element scaling? I mean to scale each pieces based on it's bbox_center pivot, not based on main pivot (pivot defined in transform sop). In 3DSMax you have several option to scale selected pieces of a geometry which is awesome ("Use Selection center", "Use Pivot point center" , ... ). Thanks.
  24. Proper Branching Topology

    Hi Michael, welcome to the forum and to Houdini. If you like to “nearly drown” in vex, than you may like this talk
  25. Matrices - CG Forge - Quicktip

    For more tutorials, check out cgforge.com In this quick tip, I talk about matrices. If you've ever wondered about what a matrix is, and how they can be useful, then you'll love this introduction to the topic. Thanks for watching!
  26. Hi Guys... How are you? I know there is a lot of information there that try to explain why this issue happens. However, I´ve tried to set up a basic scene to replicate the most common problem out there The scene attached is not the final or nothing at all... It was at the point of testing when I'm writing this post HOUDINI COLLISION FLIP ISSUES The main idea is this: Making the inside of the character-filled with liquid (just a little more than half). The liquid MUST be the same at all time. I had to invert signs of the static object to make it "work" And here the magic dust came along. THE LIQUID DISAPPEAR I´ve tried the following attempts with no luck so far: Reduce the grid size to 1 so the voxels of the flips have the same size of particle separation, Reduce the Particle scale to 1 to avoid conflicts in collision Try to multiply the scale by 3 to make it bigger and up the timescale of the solver to match it. I also try to advect the collision field with a volume source with VDB but it was worst and I discard that option in the minute Thoughts: I think it has to be with the particle collision mixture between volumes and particles. For some reason (i think particle accumulation) the solver reaps particles that are very close together and in the next frames, it does the same thing over and over until you are left with no particles at all... I tried to adjust the reseeding and even not reseeding at all and no luck either... It will be SO COOL to finally leave this point crystal clear to avoid future users to melt their brains out Cheers to all Peace! Wolf.rar
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  28. H17 Water Rendering Issues

    Yup, that's your problem. I've run into it before. I'm coincidentally fixing it at work too. It's a pain in the arse. Try going without the volume part of the render, if you can't change the sim. There's many places to try to fix it and prevent those render busting bubbles.
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