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  2. here's a very basic setup... TBH, I'd like to see you upload your effort first before I give you something. Otherwise, this forum would turn into a free Air Tasker website. However, some ppl don't like this attitude of mine...so here, explore. vu_IceCracks.hiplc
  3. or most obvious would be to feed a box into rbdmaterialfracture>Glass then start experimenting ?
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  5. smoke has a hairy look

    Check help about Control Field. Right now your Disturb and Turbulence doesn't have influence limit, they apply forces everywhere where density is. Use Control field to limited this, for example by temperature or density. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/dop/gasdisturb.html Create an explosion or billowy smoke from the shelf and examine what inside.
  6. Game of Life Algorithm - Open CL vs VEX

    your opencl code does not work in you scene, i didn;t have to figure more... btw. more i've found even openCL differences between houdini17 and 18. i hope sidefx will give a cuda wrangle node in futures releases. (openCL is pretty much abandon )
  7. smoke has a hairy look

    Here is the hipfile, I kept changing the parameter and tweaking but the result is still the same. I don't know how to use the speed of the velocity field as a control field as user Skybar mentioned above. hairy_smoke.hiplc
  8. color geometry with created attribute value

    To set the spheres color frame-based to other points' color use an expression such as: point('../DATA', $F, 'Cd', 0) color_copy_frame.hipnc
  9. Maintain smoke in a specific area

    Works perfectly. I even get an effect closer to what I wanted in the first place. Thousand thanks thomas !
  10. Manipulate color on solid sphere

    Thanks so much! Feel like I learned something~
  11. I have a simple problem, but do not know hou to do it. I want to color my sphere with created vector attributes, and let it change frame by frame based on the points of color vector I created as shown in the geometry spreadsheet. It should be easy to do? But I am a newbie, have tried many ways but failed. Thanks a lot!
  12. smoke has a hairy look

    Share a hip file.
  13. Manipulate color on solid sphere

    Hi Catherine, to get a ramp from the center outwards simply measure the length of the position vector. A sphere would be shaped when this vector reaches a certain radius. In order to darken the sphere you would multiply your normalized data with the existing voxel values. volume_sphere.hipnc
  14. Game of Life Algorithm - Open CL vs VEX

    Try this https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/54396666 https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/79503871
  15. How to achieve Earthquake Destruction in Houdini?

    No issue, glad if I could help! If you want to art direct the effect you can enable the outer glue constraints inside the dopnet and delete them manually inside the "break_cons" sop solver (to control the forming of cracks). You'd do this by adding the constraints to the "broken" prim group (eg. inside a wrangle by setting i@group_broken = 1;). Theres already a few in there breaking the soft constraints by their strech and breaking glue constraints based on force. You could also make them stronger eg. in the Y direction using the dot product of the constraint direction and the y axis. That way the cracks could form more vertically.
  16. Game of Life Algorithm - Open CL vs VEX

    Would be amazing if someone could help with this, or point me in the right direction.. Thanks!
  17. Thanks Drasko, I'm hoping I won't have to make seperate agents or agent layers to do do what I want. I think you might be on the right track, though. Thanks a lot!
  18. Hello, My simulation topic is a bit science-related. But the model idea is simple. I want to have a sphere that is not empty inside, I do not know is I should use a vbdfrompoly node or a volume node, if using volume, what parameter should I adjust to give sphere a solid interior? Then, I would like to give a ramp color based on the distance from the center of the sphere, which is changing from dark to light from the centre to the surface of the sphere, so this needs my sphere to be seen through, I do not know should I use alpha or any other parameter to achieve this visual effect. Lastly, I would like the overall color darkness to change based on my data, the more bigger my data is, the darker the overall color is, so my first thought is to use fit01 to fit the column of data I have, but how to change the overall color's darkness based on the data is my question. Thanks in advance! If you can only answer partial of my question, please help!
  19. Hi Dan. Not a crowd guy, but just a question, why don't you split your fbx based on @shop_materialpath and make separate agents? Isn't agent just a packed primitive? Even if your geo is binded on the skeleton it should still respect your selection based on the primitive attribute. But probably someone with a crowd experience should offer some advice here.
  20. I have another question. the geometry deforming works fine when GeoTime samples is set to at least 2. but how about volume . I convert the red ball into volume and Motionblur is not correct.
  21. smoke has a hairy look

    I would truly appreciate if you could tell me how I can do that. I do see that velocity is already the disturb field in bindings, do I need to so something else to add disturbance only where the smoke is moving faster?
  22. Maintain smoke in a specific area

    there is a shelf tool called attract fluid, you can try playing with that to shape your smoke or also you can create a force based on SDF to try to keep it in, but I guess attract fluid does more stuff to equalize pressure and density
  23. Hey @unrealfx I really like using Boolean fractures for glass/ice fractures. Check out this hip, hopefully it will help you out. boolean_shatter_ex.hipnc
  24. Using Matrix to transform Geometry to origin

    Not sure if it need someone 4 years later, but I create more simple way. )) matrix_transform.hipnc
  25. Hi i facing problem with a smoke sim I have to do. I want my smoke stay within an "elliptical" area. I want this smoke a bit "hairy". sort of magical smoke. this is what I get. I'm pretty happy with this but, while the movement speed are ok, over time the smoke tends to slowly expand. I've try some tweaking between mostly between dissipation and disturbance, but in short it's hairy vs stable. Less hairy more stable, more hairy -> expand. I've also try to supress temperature and juste inject some speed withe a curl noise but don't get expected results. What is the best way to get a smoke "confined" to a specific area ? brainFog.hipnc FogBrain_v2b.mp4
  26. Hi eveyone, I'm hoping to get a little help from a Crowd person on here. When making an Agent, how do you get different parts of the geometry to be different Agent Shapes? Let's say I have a mesh from an FBX. The mesh is a single piece, however the primitives have an attribute called @shop_materialpath I want all the primitives with @shop_materialpath = "shirt" to be one Agent Shape and all primitives with @shop_materialpath = "skin" to be another Agent Shape, and so on. Am I making sense here? If any kind person can help me, I would be grateful. Many thanks Dan
  27. Can't save smoke propperly

    Thanks a lot! I got it!)
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