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  3. sorry for my bad explanation. yes i want to instance a leaves or trees on the points and oriented them with the normal of the terrain. sorry for the trouble man I am really new to houdini. I uploaded the file can you check if my nodes are in the right position or somethings missing. thanks a lot Parking_Leaves2.hip Camera_TreesV3.abc
  4. How to make the pointreplicate follow the shape of the mesh

    What do you mean ? I understand you projected points on a mesh (a terrain probably ?) and now you want the points to inherit the normals from the faces of the mesh on which they landed after projection, correct ? (you probably want to instance tress on these points, and you want them to be oriented with the normal of the terrain ?). If so, take a point wrangle, plug the points on the first input, put the terrain/mesh (who should have a normal attribute, otherwise it won't work), and write : int crossprim; vector crossuv; int dist = xyzdist(1, @P, crossprim, crossuv); @N = primuv(1, "N", crossprim, crossuv);
  5. That i learned now thanks a lot!
  6. How to use For Each's meta values

    Negative numbers point to spares. Hover the spares in the UI, they reveal how to refer to them
  7. Got it working thanks! putting the file in case someone else also needs it. ForeachMetaImport_02.hip
  8. Thanks Antoine so on detail function does the first component "-1" means pointing myself (scatter sop) ?
  9. Hi man can i ask how to make the point faces to the normal of the mesh
  10. How to use For Each's meta values

    Add a spare input to Scatter (gear menu), and make it point to the metadata In scatter, set Force Total Count to: (1+detail(-1,"iteration",0))*50 detail(-1, ....) is what you're looking for to fetch the value of the metadata.
  11. Hey guys, I have some boxes and running a for each over them what i want is scattering points with varying amounts. I kind of know what to do but i dont know how to? I guess i need to fetch metadata value and use it as a seed for scattering amount, could use a help on how to set that up thanks! ForeachMetaImport.hip
  12. You mean if you only had a filecache with @P and points? The problem is the changing pointcount, you have no points to transfer to in the beginning and they are not located at the same position. Seems like any solution would be hacky at best.
  13. You will have a nice video. And I am pretty sure I saw another one, probably from Entagma, but can't find it on Google, nor Patreon.
  14. You need to ray each point through your original mesh, and see if that occludes. Because you can have normals pointing towards you that are occluded. pigray.hip
  15. Another solution if you just have a point cloud with no geometry on which points are scattered : http://www.weizmann.ac.il/math/ronen/sites/math.ronen/files/uploads/katz_tal_basri_-_direct_visibility_of_point_sets.pdf The algo is quite easy to implement.
  16. Hey, the simplest solution I see is to tag the faces that have normal direction away from the camera, and make the scattered points inherit that attribute / group, to delete these points later. You can compute a vector that goes from the position of the face toward camera position, and calculate the dot product between this vector and the normal of the face : if positive it is facing the camera, if negative it is oriented away, and you can tag the face. Use a primitive Wrangle to do that. Then scatter the points, let them inherit the proper attribute or group, and delete the ones that were spawn on the faces looking away.
  17. Hi guys, I am rendering points scatter on a geometry but is there a way to render only the points that are facing the camera? So as to prevent xray of the inside or the other side of the geometry. Or maybe it can be like a ramp, where the points near the camera is white, ramping to black at the other side, and multiply it to the pscale. pointsFacingCamera.hip
  18. Creating bubbling lava

    I'm trying to create a single lava bubble, with the bubble extruding from the lava surface, popping, and then reforming into the base surface. I've got it like 99% there, but I can't get the bubble to actually pop and come apart. I've been struggling with this for a while (I'm a relative Houdini newbie, but not completely so) and would love a bit of help on this last portion of the thing. It's driving me completely crazy. It's the popping and separating / cooling / flying apart part that I'm just completely stumped by. Thanks a bunch everyone. boilingLavaSecondTry05.hiplc
  19. Thanks Thomas, that helps for this case. But I was also wondering if there is a way like what catchyid have mentioned, get the last frame of the animation and transfer the id back to the starting frame?
  20. Creating Shader custom AOV in Houdini not working ?

    It doesn't work in the way I want to create an AOV which is another way that is mentioned in the video.
  21. And the demo file doesn't work?
  22. Creating Shader custom AOV in Houdini not working ?

    Write custom AOV.
  23. Are you using layer mixing in your material? Or are you just trying to write custom aovs?
  24. Creating Shader custom AOV in Houdini not working ?

    I hope someone can help me understand what is shown in the segment mentioned; I must know.
  25. fire from small source

    Hello!! I have a simple fire simulation using the smoke solver that is using a bush as a source. Do you guys have any recommendations for sourcing on small objects? The bush is incredibly thin in some areas, so it seems the only solution is to crank up the resolution in volume rasterize attributes and the smoke object. Of course it becomes realllllllly slow. Any other ideas that might help speed things up? Thanks
  26. Yesterday
  27. Automatically fix mesh tunnels/holes

    Hey guys, those are some really good ideas for sure. Thank you very much! konstantin will be good if you can provide a sample. That is very interesting indeed StepbystepVFX thank you again, no problem, I will try to figure this out, that is a great idea.
  28. Can we resume our cache from some particular frame

    Not from default. You need a ".sim" file. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/dyno/cache#baking-out-sim-files When you're running really large sims it pays off to turn off the local cache in the DOP network. This makes the sim not have to keep in memory all the previous frames. This is great when you're scrubbing small sims. But bad when you're doing a great big sim. Turn off the cache simulation: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/obj/dopnet.html#cache It'd be great if Houdini was more setup by default to be more easily re-simmable. Sadly, it isn't.
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