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  2. 4k - I can't upload a hip at the moment. I've resorted to a lot of comp trickery and some brute force to get this one out the door. I'll try and make a sample scene next week.
  3. "square" scatter

    Hi, I know it's been a while since this thread has been active, but I'm curious to know how you ended up going about solving this problem. I need to create almost the exact same pattern for a road. I don't need it to create a smooth curve like in the last few posts, but more like scattered along a curve like in your opening picture. I'm guessing you wanted yours to look like that as well. Thanks!
  4. House fire sourcing Pyro

    Hello! I am trying to achieve an effect of fire coming from a window. I am unsure how to approach this. The goal is to have a flame that comes out of the window, and smoke drifts slightly to the left. Currently i have a deformed sphere, as my source geo. It looks ok, but i feel like there might be a better way. Any suggestions are appreciated. Reference at 3:00 https://youtu.be/s-UOhgKVtQs?t=179
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  6. Baking grass to plane

    What do you mean by baking ? You want to output a displacement map ? If you want to bake a disp map, you need a Bake Texture ROP (OUT context), indicate your high rez object and the low rez object - also called UV render object - (who gets propoer UV), and then check the Displacement or Vector Displacement output in the Images / Main part of the node. You need to tell which rez you wants your map, and you can select various "look up" options between high rez and low rez object (called Unwrap method). I guess yours would be by Trace closest surface but you can use a UV matching option if you work on objects that were created from a subdivided low rez object and that the UV didn't changed (like to get disp map from sculpting details on a subdivided object in ZBrush). Then you hit render button. Hope this helps you a bit, but for grass, I would go with point instancing if that's for rendering. If that's for a realtime render engine and you want to bake a map, of course that's different :-)
  7. Snapping points of wires together

    great!nice job
  8. Baking grass to plane

    Hi, I'm looking for a method to bake foliage like gras patches onto a plane. I know how to approach this within Maya but I haven't been able to do so in Houdini. Ive also looked at the game dev baking node but without succes for baking geometry onto a plane. What are my others options, could someone please elaborate or point me into a direction. Thanks in advance.
  9. packed geo confusion

    By the way, I read also that intrinsic are attributes that are computed on the fly, not stored on the primitive. Not sure if that’s true for all intrinsic for packed prim : it is clear for position, it can be computed from the unique point of the packed prim, but don’t know how to calculate orientation from just a point without other point attributes. That’s still obscure for me :-) But it does not prevent to manipulate them and do cool stuff ;-)
  10. how to create this hexagonal animation..using attribute wrangle
  11. Open CL

    So, will simulation changes when i turned on the OpenCL!?
  12. Hello, I have been trying to add a point to a vellum hair in DOPS using a SOP Solver so I can than later break it. I have not found a solution to this problem. Has anyone had this issue and solved it? Also I have been trying to remove points from a vellum hair. I t works well, but not when I use a Vellum Source Instance on points. Thankx delete_points.hip
  13. Tips needed: Very refractive renders

    sweet jesus! what res is that? can you post any kind of scene, I'm sure we can whittle that down to size
  14. Houdini to Unreal Tutor Needed (Fee Updated)

    did you ever figure this out?
  15. I used some animation from mixamo and made some vfx particles and would like to use either unreal or marmoset to render. But im having issues exporting everything..;
  16. Thanks willow! That node can give me more good result. It can't be compiled because of attribute transfer so it's quite slow in my large scale destruction simulations, but it seems to be one of the good solution.
  17. $JOB dependent hdas and python modules

    Bumping this - according to the docs, $JOB/hda should load automatically. I remember this working at one point, and now it isn't... has there been a pipeline change?
  18. Yesterday
  19. packed geo confusion

    ah that makes sense in terms of what i was seeing happen. I've only just started looking at intrinsic attributes for packed geometry but thats good to go on. Seems like packed geo almost has two hierarchies of being moveable - the original packed geo 'points' which you could translate around and then also the intrinsic transform which can do the full orientation and scale aswell. Still slightly confused but much less confused! Definitely gotta read up on that stuff some more, but i can see why the selection thing was happening now. Thanks
  20. Entagma's "Connect the Yarns" in Vellum

    Is there a reason it needs to be done in vellum? It looks like it's already running through dops.
  21. Anyone know good and safe Edge Detail way for rbd destruction ?

    try gamedev uv transfer?
  22. Nuke vs COPs

    last i check cops has no deep support. but i would love to see SESI steal the thunder.
  23. Emit from a geometry collision

    Hi everyone! I am currently looking for a way to make a boat to generates like a emitter... and making a little small splash at the bottom of its collision with already pre-simulated waves… I wish to use an Emit Particle Fluid, in order to generate a ripple motion around the boat. My problem is mainly to succeed in emitting a splash with the collision of the pre-rendered waves without the particles flying away... Many thanks again!! test_example_ripple.hip
  24. Flip Collision [ Solve ]

    hello ./: I have two issue in Flip Sim , (Collision , Remove Particle) First -> when my Flip Particle hit the collider after short time removed why is that ? second -> what is better method for flip collision ? i guess my work method super slow . thanks Flip Collision.hip
  25. "btw what do you consider "huge" render times? Some people think that's 10 minutes" - I'm talking 10+ hrs on 16 cores
  26. Hi all, Is there a way to separate out a fog pass which is behind a refractive object?
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