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  2. Procedural OBJ splitting

    dgani > connectivity can't actually split the geo, it will just identify pieces and then you have to split it by hand or by some other method. my solution would be to use Python script that can do blast SOP (or a new geo container) per group. i've posted it the thread below. i can imagine you could do that with TOP network as well...
  3. Direct Modeling HDA

    Man, it's all bull***t. It's his choice when to release and what price to ask, and he's not obligated to keep his promises. Wait a few more months, he can release yet another paid update.
  4. embed external file in hip file

    generally, the way to embed stuff in your hip file is locking any node with a red flag. unfortunately, it only seem to work with geometry and not with any image inputs (in COPs or shaders). not sure about the method dgani mentioned - maybe possible but seems to be quite a lenghty way of doing stuff on regular basis :/ anyways lock flag in COPs could be worth RFE...
  5. My first Houdini video was Pyro Tips & Tricks (H16), but I soon thereafter mainlined all the Wagners... Thanks for being such a great teacher to students around the world!
  6. Direct Modeling HDA

    Hey Alexey, As I commented on the Facebook post, you have a right to price your work at whatever you want. What you do have to consider is that consumers don't take a decision to part with their money lightly, and what we especially don't like is to part with our money and then feel like we haven't got what we bargained for. My grievance is that I feel like releasing an upgrade just months after the previous and then expecting the user to pay almost full price is just wrong. I can tell you now that if I knew there was another release around the corner when I purchased (that I would have to pay for), then not only would I have not bought the plugin at the time, but i'd likely not purchase at all knowing that my version may be out of date in a couple of months. It seems other users are in an even worse situation than myself, in where they were previously promised a free upgrade and have since been told they have to pay. You can't just move the goalposts when you feel like and expect other people to be happy with it. Set your prices however you please, but my friendly advice to you is that if you keep doing things the way you are doing, then you will soon be in a position where very few people will buy from you. Reputation is everything! If you really want repeat business from existing customers, then do some research - maybe introduce a maintenance system or licensing system so that is there is 100% transparency over what they are getting when they purchase. One final note and just a little food for thought to help you see where the frustration comes from - your plugin is just under half the price of Houdini itself, and now you're telling me that my version is out of date after just three months of release (not just the purchase date, but the actual release date!)? I'm about 10 months into my Indie license, and since then i've had Houdini 17, Houdini 17.5 and who knows, maybe i'll even get a couple of months with Houdini 18.
  7. Congratulations Jeff and SESI! All the best for the next years. Keep up the great work and enthusiasm.
  8. embed external file in hip file

    You have to make your asset into an HDA and then use the opdef syntax. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/assets/opdef.html https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/ref/windows/optype.html#extra_files
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  10. Auto take, exclude flags changes

    Nope, auto takes records everything. However, if what's being rendered is the same for each take, you can append a prefix like "render_geo" to each obj level node, and then use "render*" in the force render objects section on your rop. Alternatively, if you're talking about sop level stuff, you can set the render and display flags differently with alt and control.
  11. Procedural OBJ splitting

    Use the connectivity sop to get an attribute that you can split them with if they're disconnected. I think there's actually a for loop preset called for each connected piece that does the work for you.
  12. Smooth outline of 2D pointcloud

    Quick test...maybe this helps... kind regards nr_foot_outline_edit.hip EDIT: Oh I see that I am using your output of the triangulate node which is not accurate representation of your footprint...hmm
  13. Next thing I'd test is the point order to see if I can delete all but the edge points. Once you have that, just use an add sop to create a polyline. Looks like the trickiness is coming from the fact that it's not a flat, nice 2d pointcloud. Looks more like a 3d pointcloud that's been crushed to 2d, which gives you those weird curvy bits on the edges. Maybe try a fuse sop to get rid of those weird bunches and then a triangulate 2d.
  14. I'm sure there are more elegant methods, but as long as your shape isn't to concave, create a bunch of edges from your points with connect adjacent pieces sop and then create a circle bigger than your shape with inward normals. After that use the Ray sop to conform it to your shape.
  15. As a newcomer to Houdini, I can only send big thanks to Jeff about all the helpful stuff he has put out over the years, specifically the most recent webinars!
  16. The standard workflow for this would be to set pscale on the points before you copy to points. If you're scaling each uniformly, you can also scale your box upstream.
  17. Hi all - I've got a TOPS network to render 25 different sim variations at low resolution just to evaluate them. I've stitched together a contact sheet with imagemagick and found a few I'd like to try compositing with. Now I want to render three specific ones with a different ROP setup that's higher resolution/quality. I've tried branching off of my wedge and doing all kinds of things with the map nodes and partition nodes but nothing has worked. Anyone out there know how to do this? Thanks for reading!
  18. Yes, that's exactly what it does.
  19. Houdini "proxy"

    Thank you for your prompt reply Atom! Forgive me that I am still new to Houdini, I tried to fill in the path with "D:/project_hou/houDev/scene/bb8.abc" or "op:/obj/geo2/testgeometry_rubbertoy1", but I am still not able to render the object. Would you mind explaining further? I understand the use of render flag and display flag, but it would fail if I merge the object (with render and display flag setup) into another geo and scatter on a grid. Or am I doing that wrong? Thank you!
  20. I feel like I am missing something basic here -- I have a 2D pointcloud of a foot and I need a smooth 2D outline of it. Shrinkwrap SOP and friends turn it into a convex shape which is no bueno and Triangulate 2D SOP also creates edges that ruins the 2D pointcloud silhouette. I thought maybe the Fit SOP would do it for me but I don't know how to give it just the silhouette points of the pointcloud. I also have some ideas about using volumes and booleans to achieve this but I swear I've seen this done with simple point and triangle SOPs before. Any ideas? Screenie and HIP attached. nr_foot_outline.hip
  21. Hot Damn we have been banging our head on the wall trying to figure out why our renders are stopping at a certain frame and hanging. This thread solved it for us. Thanks! and yes, 100% AD fault.
  22. Parenting with up vector along curve

    hi./ look at the file , i think is that you want it Track Parent allong curve.hipnc
  23. Let's say I have an OBJ with 4 pieces of geo. Is there anyway to split these objects up so I can randomly copy to points? My next OBJ could have 16 objects and I don't want to create a blast node and manually select the group every time. I've managed to figure out how to select the group through an expression and a for loop using `arg(primgrouplist("../OBJ"),detail("../repeat_begin2_metadata1/",iteration,0)). The Transform is in there for a placeholder but I'd like to center each object at the origin so it isn't offset when it's copied.
  24. Hi, I try to offset a texture with a For Loop in a shader. In the example file you can see I iterate 5 times and offset the texture 0.1 units with each iteration. Is it possible to combine all of the iteration steps and show the result of that in the rendered image? Like in the attached picture where I painted in the desired result with red. kind regards Jon forLoop_VexBuilder.hip
  25. Tying a Knot

    Maybe Vellum was not the best idea Nowadays I would use RBDs + constraints rope.hiplc
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