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  2. I'm not sure if you need the length for anything else, but if you want to match the bounds of something else, maybe you can just use a matchsize node I've attached a very simple example of this match_size.hip
  3. I'd suggest creating an HDA as then you can have the script self contained and easily update the code for all the instances if you decide to do so (to for example update list of presets, or even read presets from external file , etc...) parameter callback script: hou.phm().loadPreset(kwargs) HDA module: def loadPreset(kwargs): presets = [{ "voxelsize": 0.04, "voxeloffset": 1, "percentage": 50 }, { "voxelsize": 0.05, "voxeloffset": 1, "percentage": 30 }, { "voxelsize": 0.06, "voxeloffset": 1, "percentage": 10 } ] node = kwargs['node'] parm = kwargs['parm'] i = parm.eval() node.setParms(presets[i]) DropdownToChangeValues_hda.hipnc
  4. Use Ordered Menu to Change Parameters in Tool

    Hej Johannes, vielen lieben Dank für deine Hilfe. Subset is fine. Your .hip does exactly what I need and gives me the opportunity to inspect how you did it. Out of curiosity: why is it that the hda "forgets" the python code? Much appreciated! Best, Felix
  5. RenderMan IPR not working

    make sure you add a camera
  6. Today
  7. Hi guys,I ran into a problem after i installed RenderMan23 for Houdini18,click the IPR button on the shelf have no any reaction,is it a bug?
  8. Creating smooth curve from imported curve geometry

    Hey, Welcome to Houdini! May I suggest using the convert SOP (converting it to third order NURBS) you may also find it useful to: use the facet SOP using the "Remove Inline Points" toggle and then play with the distance to remove some "oversampling" use the fuse SOP to merge nearby points in corners (to avoid having sharp corners using convert) resample with a large value for "Maximum Segment Length" to reduce the noise in your samples Or alternatively, you can also keep your geometry at polygons with the resample SOP, setting the "Treat Polygon As" dropdown to "Subdivision Curves"
  9. If you want to keep it a subnet. This is the way to go. DropdownToChangeValues_fix.hipnc In the sliders working geo
  10. Thanks. One final step: how to make the size of a box match the measured x,y,z of a bound, not copy pasting values, but linked? And position. So the idea is to create a box that perfectly matches the size and position of a bound node.
  11. You will need a python script for this to work. Do you want to make a hda or keep it a subnet?
  12. Hi! I want to share with you a little script I did which I find quite useful. It allows you to convert for example alembic cameras to regular houdini cameras. Additionally it can scale cameras correctly and in general bake cameras. You will find the script here: MyWebsite
  13. my new laptop Display problems

    I'm not sure this will help, but you could try an older driver for your intel graphics (version, A06 seems to work for XPS 15, not sure what version that would be for your XPS 13 though)... Let me know how it turns out, cheers
  14. Ola @flcc here you gonna find I think some fun stuff ...file to learn triggers and how ? you know Vex so I think its easily manageable to convert attributs . plus some things to Know if not Ready trig.hipnc
  15. Solaris camera

    There are some good example hip files inside of the support materials for Solaris in the h18 docs that might answer some of your questions. The download link is buried in here: https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/solaris/tutorials.html
  16. (displacement) splitted edges

    Hi there, Have you try fuse sop? Also are those two individual geometry?
  17. Hi there, Also I think there are some info that I found can help you to better understand quaternions/orient and matrices. http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=JoyOfVex17 Hope this would help.
  18. Create Realistic Clouds in Houdini - VFX BREAKDOWN

    This looks great. I've been working with making some clouds and wanted to do something similar. How did you work in the gas microsolvers on your clouds to achieve that evolving effect?
  19. if you don't plan to cache the substeps and there is no other solver than FLIP then by setting Flip Solver substeps to 2,4 for example you should get comparable results to DopNet substeps 2 and flip substeps 1,2 etc... the most important is that your collision geo is accessible and correct at each substep
  20. Yesterday
  21. For better collisions of fluid with geometry with FLIP, should you add your substeps on the FLIP Solver, or on the parent DOP Network?
  22. Computational Fluid Dynamics

    sorry, i was never notified of this reply, but thanks a lot for the resources!
  23. Only mesh flip particles that are closest together?

    Hi there, I'm sure there are a lot of different ways to do that, I will probably use point cloud to found out the how many points in the searching area. For example int pts[] = pcfind(0, "P", @P, 0.1, 10); if(len(pts) < 10){ removepoint(0,@ptnum); } So if there are less 10 points find in 0.1 meter area, blast the particles. Then you can mesh the remaining. Hope this would help.
  24. Only mesh flip particles that are closest together?

    Hey, in the flip solver you have a droplet attribute. Igor mentions it in the notes at the bottom right, you can use it to detect droplets, and just before your mesh you cleanup all those droplets particles and mesh only the ones that are not particles ! Cheers,
  25. Use Ordered Menu to Change Parameters in Tool

    Here's what I've tried. Not very successful ... DropdownToChangeValues.hipnc
  26. Hey folks, I have a simple subnet that I use to reduce the poly-count of incoming geometry. I have exposed some parameters and added the ordered menu "Level of Detail". I want to be able to use this dropdown menu as a list of presets to fill in the three values into the fields below. I then want to be able to adjust the values via the sliders. I'm sure there is a straightforward solution to this that I do not see. Thanks a bunch for your help, Felix
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