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  2. Make sure you set the same number of clusters on both the Cluster Points SOP and Cluster SOP. The Cluster Points SOP has the Cluster SOP inside it. So you could use 2 Cluster Points SOPs if you want and set the second to Average Points. You still need to set the same number of clusters on both nodes though. -b cluster-centers.hip
  3. Creation/deletion of geometry happens after the code is run. So it creates new points, and deletes the primitives. Since the newly created points isnt there until after the code is run, they wont be deleted.
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  5. If you got the cluster from pcopen command, wouldn’t the centerpoint be @P?
  6. Activate Alembic with proximity to camera

    Yes, this helpful. Thank you.
  7. Thanks "Bonsak", good idea. But when I set "Output Attribute" to "Average Points", it shows some points that are not at the center of each cluster.
  8. Hi, I´m just have a deeper look at the nice folding objects example on the Houdini cgwiki: http://www.tokeru.com/cgwiki/index.php?title=Houdini#Folding_objects_.28the_transformers_cube_effect.29 The wrangle node which handles the animation makes me some headache. It´s a wrangle node running over Primitives: This part I understand so far... here a new point position is set with the primuv function, as i understand... a new point is generated at the new position and theattribute name is set , newP from above... but what the hell means this? The prim is removed with his points? When the prims are removed there are no prims left to run the code again over the prims, because there all deleted... what do i missunderstand? Generates this code every frame new points on the prim and delete them afterwards? But why points are remain and travel over the prim, in this case a line? Can somebody give me some light on this? tia
  9. Is this what you are after? I hope it helps. ftaswin_cam_triggered_alembic_animation.hip
  10. Random link of interest

  11. Particles from Houdini to Maya

    Nice,i have again the same problem and there is no partIO compiled for Maya 2018,also i cant use Maya instancer with Krakatoa
  12. orientation problem

    That is what @LaidlawFX showed in his example; both N and a up-vector. Either way you got it working.
  13. @LucaScheller Hi,Sorry for the late reply. I did not know this.I think I will do it this way.I am so happy to know this!! I did finish the python way,but its not a very good way I think... Also I am not a python guy,,,(cry) The refresh with python, It would be best to do it,but I cant find anyway to,,,So I think I will do it by hand. Thanks, Hiro
  14. Vellum Hair shrinking

    waiiiiit just a minute...you've found the solution to hair shrinking problem ? Chromedomes all over the world rejoice!!
  15. Vellum Hair shrinking

    Ha, typical! As soon as I post on OdForce I find the solution. So the "Rest Orientation Frame" parm on the Vellum Constraint Sop appears to have been the culprit. In my case this needed to be set to the start frame of the sim. Not the default F1. Cheers, WD
  16. orientation problem

    haha, I got it working : ) I was reading from https://www.toadstorm.com /blog/?p=493 toad storms website. I had tried up and N. Reading from his website you need both at the same time. I took the rotation I was doing in the point vop and applied it to both the up vector and the N. Now it works like a charm. Thanks everyone : )
  17. My Vellum hair immediately shrinks in length when I try to sim it. I've tried stiffness and bend at outrageous settings. As well as constraint iterations up as far as 25000. Substeps, dampening, mass, thickness, changing restlength. Pretty much everything I can think of and it makes no difference at all to the simulation. It's like I'm not even changing any parameters. I've resampled all my hair curves to have 4, 8 and 12 segments. This also provides very little in the way of changes to the sim. Unfortunately I can't post a hip file. But if anyone has any suggestions I would be keen to hear them. Thanks, WD
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  19. orientation problem

    Your scene is more deeper but doesn't run on 17.5 without errors.
  20. Hi Everyone, I hope you can help me with this because I'm really interested in how to fix this. In short, I would like to know how to stop the bones from twisting 180 degrees when their goal null is pushed beyond their base's coordinate. The attached scene is using an off the shelf "IK with constrains" rig with only two bones. "Bone 1" I only want to be able to rotate on the x axis (y and z angle ranges are set to zero) and on x only in a -20 and +20 degree range, so I've set all these. But when I push the goal null on the Z axis past the coordinate of the base of bone 1 (so grab the goal null and drag it past -5 on the Z axis) you will see that it is twisting 180 degrees and now facing the other (wrong) way and going on. So the angle range limit is working but I want to be able to make sure that the bones can not twist and go the wrong direction when pushed beyond the limits, they should only be able to move within their angle ranges and nothing beyond that. Any help or suggestion is greatly appreciated. IKproblem.hip
  21. orientation problem

    thanks all for the answers, i'll check them out after work : )
  22. orientation problem

    You can also accumulate over quaternions (for copy to points), if you are rotating your points. You can use an initial value (representing the identy matrix) and for each interaction you (q)multiply this attribute with the new one. pt_matrix_rot.hipnc
  23. orientation problem

    right now with your @ejr32123 N points simulation looks like
  24. orientation problem

    You'll need to effect the system that created the point cloud that the file sop is looking at. One way of doing this is to set the up and N vectors on the original point cloud, and then rotate. Example attached. rotate_v1.hiplc
  25. Studio Workstation

    I would have gone for a watercooler instead of the fan. I have a 3900x at home with a "nxzt kraken x62" cooler in a "fractal design define r6" case. Not satisfied with the temperatures, goes into the high 80's. Have a i9 9900k at work with a x72, and have never seen it above 50c. I can accept the temperatures at home, but i dont think it would last long as a workmachine. Another thing is that it boosts for everything, and with a fan it would ramp up and down all the time.
  26. I have Alembic animation scattered in my scene. I would like to activate each alembic with proximity to my camera. When my camera gets close to an object alembic is activated and animated. Does someone know how to approach such a problem?
  27. Gobo lights

    Also known as a;
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