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  2. Hi, I saved successfully the sim files with control points every 10th frame and try to to save the bgeo.sc files now. all bgeo.sc are saved but some are not cooked completly. they are only 2kb in size. I tried to save one frame before to resume but not working. I think resuming from the resume cache sim files are not working. second my hbatch scheduler is not showing anymore..
  3. Karma benchmark

    Karma is faster when Arnold for ex?
  4. Karma benchmark

    Someone already did the benchmark comparing Karma and other render?
  5. Today
  6. Thanks a lot. I ended up waiting 25 hours and controlling the ram while it simulated. over 200M voxels top. I really dont know if it is too much jajajajajajajajaj. One thing ive noticed is that I just cant render a single full hd frame in a reasonable time (mantra). Do you think it is because of the huge volume? Are the nodes properly set up? I have to deliver this for next week and I am thinking about swapping to 3dmax just for vray. Have a look if you have the time. I left 1 frame of the sim for you to take a look. And again. Thank you a lot. The info you provided me helped me a lot to know the standars of a mid res sim look.rar
  7. copy/stamp, alternative ways?

    something like this? i'm attaching an example file. also, if you're coming from a C4D background... you might want to try MOPs. it uses a similar flow to Mograph... you could use Falloff from Texture and then the Transform Modifier to scale objects in Y in this particular case. height_from_luma.hip
  8. White Dots on Redshift Render

    That usually happens with volumes, try to lower the sample filtering to 2 and 2 in the max subsample and max secondary intensities.
  9. Mystique Transformation - Geo Morph by texture

    Hi, here is a reduced version of matt's example. The basic idea behind: take two objects (A,B) with same topology (if the topology does not match, there are methods to achieve that -> for example xyzdist() calculates the closest distance from a point to another geometry) the next step is setting a @blend attribute for object A for each point (there are many ways to do that -> you can use functions like ramps, noise, maps etc...) now you can use the lerp function (linear interpolation) to blend between two correspondings points of A and B (they should have the same @ptnum) In my example I have used a noise function and the attribute from function to set the @blend attribute. You are totally free how to set this attribute, but the value should stay between 0 and 1. I used attribute wrangles, but they have only a few lines of VEX-Code. blend_with_attribute.hipnc
  10. If you using proxy volume from your pre-generated sdf, I don't think it's going to cost a lot. If you generate your sdf in your pop network each frame, that will be a slow thing to do. So I would suggest, pre-generate your sdf and just use the proxy volume to get your sdf into your static object.
  11. Alternative to Assembly SOP

    You can use pack node.
  12. animated Alembic switch to RBD Sim

    you forgot to upload the .abc. Anyway have a look at this.
  13. PDG - ERROR: Cannot find node ...

    I was having the same problem when I buried a tops manager in a hda node I was creating. The error showed up for me when I copied my node and tried to run the copy. Then (30 mins of debug later) I realized while I was creating and testing the task graph, TOPs was previously prompting me to save before running and once it was in the hda I made it wasn't giving me that prompt. Not only was it unable to fetch the rop, it wasn't getting parameter changes either. Once I save the file the error goes away and all parameters are updated. I could be wrong but TOPs seems to be running a new session of houdini for tasks and its using the current saved file. Makes sense, but isn't obvious while working. There is a general problem with TOPs that it doesn't offer much feedback if it's in an hda. It's own feedback is awesome to watch in the task graph, but there is nothing being sent to a progress bar or the status bar at the bottom, so when it's buried in an hda there is just silence... well my computer's fan starts up... so I know it's working... but otherwise no gui feedback. Hope that helps, I was pulling my hair out, -bk
  14. Mystique Transformation - Geo Morph by texture

    Yes, got that going earlier today. I'm new to Houdini, I've been an effects TD at various film post houses, but only on Maya. Really like the workflow. I've also been going through some of your Wiki site. Really great explanations. Thanks very much for your help. I've been out all day, but planning on getting something together this evening. I'll keep you posted. I managed to get an Alamebic file in from Maya. I saw that there are UV issues with the transfer, so needed to apply new ones, also there was the whole unpack node I had to add to allow for changes. I have a lot to learn. Frustrating but exciting. Thanks again Andy
  15. animated Alembic switch to RBD Sim

    Hi, I fractured an animated alembic (created at frame 650) and need some help with the i@active; i@animated part to switch between animation and the RBDsim (on frame 713). Just started out, unterstood the principle but its a bit overwhelming on the execution side of things. thank you a lot, oskar. alembicRBD.hiplc
  16. [SOLVED]Group name to string

    Thanks a lot. this is what I used at the end. string primgrps[] = detailintrinsic(0, "primitivegroups"); s[]@primingrps = {}; foreach(string grp;primgrps){ if (inprimgroup(0, grp, @primnum)) append(s[]@primingrps, grp); } int group_number = opdigits(s@primingrps[0]); @Cd = set(rand(group_number), rand(group_number*1502), rand(group_number/1560));
  17. Mystique Transformation - Geo Morph by texture

    Yep, you can see I'm creating an attribute with a wrangle and ramp like the stroika video you linked, but you could use an attribute-from-map to make that attribute from an image sequence.
  18. Hi, I'm trying to replicate the vomit tool being talked about in this GDC talk: I'm getting pretty confused by pretty much every step after simming the fluid. Im hoping someone can help me or point me in the right direction to learn about how I would: Convert the fluid into an SDF Write a script that will have every vertex in a grid sample the SDF Use that value to return a colour value Render out the resulting blob each frame aggregate all those frames into one texture that I can step through in engine If anyone can help me with any information to get through those steps I would be hella thankful!
  19. copy/stamp, alternative ways?

    Thanks very much for this!!! I have been making those Lee Griggs style images in Cinema 4D and then in Houdini for awhile now...but my system got bogged down with all the geometry very quickly.....I was playing around with this last night and tried to build some stuff myself rather than just copying your file.....I can get it to copy cubes to the grid with no issue at all.....and then I used an attribute from map to color the cubes based on an image file......what I wanted to do is scale the cubes in the y direction based on the color of points on the grid.....I couldn't seem to make it work......any advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks!
  20. I need to distribute multiple shaders on a single object without using groups as I want a smooth transition from one material to another. In this master class (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JQ673B6Y70) at around 32.49 they have achieved something like that using material ID attribute but I have no idea how I can get the desired result. Being a beginner I highly appreciate if someone could help me out and generate a reference file for my better understanding.
  21. Hi, While i am rendering with redshift some white dots are appearing. Please help me out to solve this issue. i am new to forum.
  22. Problem with foreach (Anastasia Opara Lake house)

    ok thanks for your help
  23. aligning normal

    I'd like to copy a line at the end of my spiral, but my normals are not aligned correctly, any idea plz ? thx hdni_rope_around_tube.hiplc
  24. Python setHSV

    cheers! I feel it all the time
  25. Python setHSV

    Thanks a lot Symek, still soo much to learn
  26. Hi! I am trying to do simulation using crowd system. Agents should decide wich 1 of 3 splines to choose depends on smallest popgroup number in destination point. Could anybody help with VEX in popwrangle? Hier is a scheme attached. I think to use splines because houdini has not navmesh like unreal engine has. And navmesh as far I know just splits polygones and draw optimal spline on its chunks in direction of movement. This should simulate 3 lines in a shop. Agents should go where is not to much people waiting
  27. Substance *archive in COP

    Yeah so what is the right way of doing it? I'm not familiar with cops at all, did it like this. 1. Grid with sop quick material. 2. Create Cop2net node, dive in and create abs_archive. Connect archive to null and set this to Normal for example. 3. Reference this null in Base color texture on quick material, like op:/obj/geo1/cop2net/null1 Nothing in viewport despite clicking in it to refresh, other textures from disk show just fine. ?
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