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  2. Houdini not exporting geometry to FBX?

    Wow this works. Thank you. I'm looking at this innards of this and am just baffled. How does this thing work? Is there some tutorial or article that would go through some of anything related to whats going in this that would let me better understand? Also, would it be possible to get this to export the meshes to have the same name as the original group, and also the material that was applied to them?
  3. house collapsing

  4. house collapsing

    need to upload the building as well or whatever assets you are using
  5. house collapsing

    i attached my hip file
  6. house collapsing

    i did it doesn't affect.
  7. house collapsing

    Setting glue strength to -1 will make them unbreakable.
  8. Liquid mix export to Maya-Arnold

    Thank you very much for your swift answer..... i will try some things taking into account your recommendations.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Motion capture

    I have used BVH files from both OSU and CMU. Also CG Speed has some of those same BVH file processed to various degrees. (Choose MotionBuilderSet) You can preview BVH files using BVHacker (free). Here is a basic workflow. 1.)Decide on a BVH file. 2.) Convert to .bclip file and companion .cmd file. EXAMPLE .bat file for Windows to convert a BVH to a .bclip and .cmd companion file set. (Adjust path to your Houdini\bin folder) "C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 15.5.480\bin\mcbiovision.exe" -n 2 "C:\Users\Mitzumi\Documents\Mocap\cmuconvert-daz-60-75\60\60_01.bvh" "C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 15.5.480\bin\mcbiovision.exe" -n 2 "C:\Users\Mitzumi\Documents\Mocap\cmuconvert-daz-60-75\60\60_02.bvh" "C:\Program Files\Side Effects Software\Houdini 15.5.480\bin\mcbiovision.exe" -n 2 "C:\Users\Mitzumi\Documents\Mocap\cmuconvert-daz-60-75\60\60_03.bvh" 3.) Run the resulting .cmd file inside Houdini to re construct the BVH skeleton as a Houdini FK based skeleton. File/Run Script... 4.) Dive into the chop network, that will be built by the .cmd file, and browse to the .bclip file which will finally cause the bones to move. The .bclip drives the associated bone network. Once you have an imported .BVH file, you can re-target it to another rig using the Goldfarb technique, here.
  11. Final Export Error

    Hello Russ, Welcome to the forum. Historically it has been best to not create videos from inside Houdini but use a third party program that is good with videos. Like Nuke, Aftereffects, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, etc... If you were not on Apprentice I would suggest using TOPs and the image magick plugin. TOPs is not available in apprentice. However you could use image magick as a standalone application. As for a solution to your actual problem it sounds like your system is a bit off if it is complaining about your HOUDINI_USER_PREF_DIR is off. This is where your personal preferences for Houdini live. However the No License Could be Found to run this program could have been a check to see if you have a paid version of the program. The apprentice version has a bunch of limits. I'm not aware if saving as video is one, but as I said nobody saves videos from Houdini, nor any other 3D based DCC by default. Hope that helps, -Ben
  12. Liquid mix export to Maya-Arnold

    To be able to access alembic point data exported from Houdini in Maya with Arnold, you must export the attributes as vertex color data. The trick here is that it MUST be a color type attribute in houdini, a regular vector will not work, and it MUST be a vertex class attribute. So if you were to create a color node and use one of the RGB channels as your "weight", and then promote it to a vertex attribute it would export properly. In order to access this data in Maya with Arnold, you need to check the "Export Vertex Colors" box under the Arnold tab on the alembic shape node. Then you can use the "aiUserDataColor" node in a shader network to put your weight attribute to work using a ramp or something. Also, you can get motion blur data from alembic files with changing topology this way as well. Export your velocity vector as a vertex color and then use the "motion vector source" attribute on the shape node to access the velocity data.
  13. house collapsing

    anyone help me please
  14. house collapsing

    i don't know how to connect constraints to inactive area. When i simulate active area, all glue bonds starts breaking even i have high strength. i couldn't figure out testtOd.hipnc
  15. Motion capture

    Where can I find free motion capture data of humans, running dancing etc; I've looked on TurboSquid but none of the free motion capture files are readable ?
  16. Greetings. I am the filthiest of noobs and i found a problem i havent been able to solve. I made a very beautiful flip fluid simulation in which two liquid sources mix together. (lots of tuts out there so it wasnt hard for me to do it)...... Both sources have different color attributes and density attributes and they mix flawlessly..... I was successfuly able to do the simulation YAAY!. The problem comes when our pipeline DEMANDS to render in Maya Arnold........ I export the VDB poligon soup via a Rop alembic output node...... and create an alembic file (it exports, it imports into Maya, no problem) BUT..... when i have it in Maya, I havent found a way to mask the fluids, so an AI mix shader lets me use two AI shaders as the two liquids and lets me mix them as they were in Houdini....... I understand there are "Weight attributes" that come with the alembic and they should be the ones helping me mask the fluids, but i really dont know how to do it...... Im a noob both in Houdini and in Maya. If anyone could help me showing me the workaround , i would deeply appreciate it.
  17. redshift Error opening the tile device

    Do you have a solution ? I am getting the same error.
  18. Vellum Cloth Crumple

    Sweet! I was expecting a crumpled ball of paper, but a shirt is much more exciting. My intuition tells me to animate the rest length down slowly to as small a number as possible, with some non-animated noise or slow noise based on rest position. I might just give it a shot myself.
  19. This method is a good solution to the correct inheritance of rotation and velocity of multiple fluid container.if you like it,please click like,.谢谢大 家。 smoke trail.hipnc smoke_trail.mov
  20. Vellum Cloth Crumple

    The very first test, not yet controlled but a good start.
  21. I am a newcomer to TOPs. I watched the 17.5 release videos a few months ago and a few tutorials but I haven't had chance or need to investigate properly until now.. I'm developing a system to render some scenes from 4 - 5 cameras, the output of which will play on 4 - 5 monitors so I thought an ideal way to do tests would be in TOPs - render all the cameras, partition the renders by frame and then put them through Image Magick, then FFMpeg to get an idea of all the content playing on the screens next to each other. The attached image shows my 4 camera set up inside of Houdini - I basically want to replicate that but as a movie I can watch in real time and send to people. I have hit a brick wall trying to get the Image Magick TOP to do the montage - I don't want the images in a grid, I want them in a row. Is this possible? Presumably with the right command string it is but I'm drawing a blank. Many thanks
  22. Captain Marvel FX?

    Hahahaha, exactly, no way! It certainly went through multiple artists, multiple 3d programs, and certainly even multiple studios. Also each sequence was probably done slightly differently depending on the needs of the shots. Worst of all some artist probably got a setup from another artist that left the show and had to swim through a morass of nearly unreadable code and or scene file with tetchy non-intuitive settings and no documentation.
  23. (SOLVED) Import nodes from file using Python

    Ah yes sorry! Don't know what I was thinking. Thank you for your help!
  24. (SOLVED) Import nodes from file using Python

    they'll end up under the node you are calling the function from, like help says
  25. (SOLVED) Import nodes from file using Python

    Can I control where those items from the file end up or will they be imported into whatever my current node network location is?
  26. Vellum Cloth Crumple

    Oooh, that sounds clever too! Please post a pic of your results if you can.
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