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  2. Pyro source Wedges TOP

    Vitor, Found it, horay : pyro_simple_wedge_odf003.hipnc
  3. Writing attributes to image file

    Hello! Since I have not seen a hip file for the solution to this problem yet, I've felt the need to post it. There were a couple of major things missing from localstarfights' file, namely correct addressing of the SOP to read the attributes from. Thanks to the people of this thread for letting me know this was even possible! attribexport.hip
  4. Today
  5. Thanks to everyone on this thread - it's been really, really helpful! Did anybody figure out why the fastglow shops dont show up in reflections? And, if anyone figured out how to do it? Cheers, C
  6. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    With a Parabola curve, is there any way to adjust the focus point, the focus point being; the lowest arc in the curve ?
  7. impact data after sim

    Got it working by creating an age attribute and increasing the value of age every frame with a sop solver. Post by mart1jn in this thread helped alot. Thanks!
  8. fore each loop question

    I have never tried so don't quote me on this but you should be able to do it. You can put down a "render node network" inside of your HDA and then create the wedge node inside of this one. This way you will carry the wedge setup with your digital asset
  9. Nature fun

    L-system fun
  10. Hair with soft body sim

    do you get correct answer?
  11. fore each loop question

    @Kiryha, Thanks I will try that way, @Andrea, I am using that network inside a digital asset, can I use wedge method inside an HDA ?
  12. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    set i@id = 1 for all points (set_id_example - node) and move the end-points of curve 2 along the x-axis.
  13. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    It is possible that the control I require is outside of a Parabola, since if I adjust the degree as seen in the image; only the left side of the curve is modified ? As no matter how much I change the degree, the right side of the curve remains the same that is unless there is another way.
  14. Selecting edge corners

    1. it's a direction vector the normals are compared to 2. Detail Wrangle with your geo in the second input (assuming your edge group is called "edge_group") int pts[] = expandedgegroup(1, "edge_group"); for (int i=0; i<len(pts); i+=2){ vector P0 = point(1, "P", pts[i]); vector P1 = point(1, "P", pts[i+1]); vector P = avg(P0, P1); addpoint(0, P); } ts_point_per_edge_in_edge_group.hip
  15. Pyro source Wedges TOP

    Vitor, I Tried to the biepass second group of wedges and got only 10 frames, but should be 40. 4 different Volume sources Am I missing something? pyro_simple_wedge_odf002.hipnc
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  17. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    the fit is already good, so raising the degree will only have little effect.
  18. impact data after sim

    Another problem surfaces.. with the intersection analysis I create points, but i want these to dissapear after 1 second, otherwise the particles will keep spawning from these points.. I initially solved this with the particle sop, by setting a life expectance and turning on 'don't reuse points', but this also stops newer particles to spawn from later collisions. Adding age to points and deleting points based on age doesn't seem to be an easy task.. I attached my test file. particles_from_intersection3.hiplc
  19. Pyro source Wedges TOP

    Vitor, Hmm so simple, i tried similar setup but with file cash, but something went wrong. One more blank filed when comes to TOPs, big thanx to you.
  20. Copy To Points/Normals

    Yes! Ah I was so close I just couldn't figure out how to reference the point I was creating. Thanks!
  21. Copy To Points/Normals

    primitive wrangle on your original geo: int pt = addpoint(0, @P); setpointattrib(0, "N", pt, v@N); removeprim(0, @primnum, 1);
  22. Copy To Points/Normals

    On the copy sop, there is a Use Template Point attributes parameter that you need to enable to make sure the attributes are copied from the points onto your copied geo.
  23. Slight Seams in Fracture

    Hello everyone, I'm currently playing around with a Sphere breaking through a wall; quite a simple setup but when it comes to rendering out, I'm noticing some small seams around my fractured area. As I'm not able to figure this out, I'm asking the community for some help or a hint in the right direction. thanks Using Rigid Body Dynamics.hip
  24. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    When changing the degree whether it's 3,4 etc; the point curve which are to the right of the curve, stay the same; they don't change, I want to change both ?
  25. Hi this is pretty simple and I feel like I used to know the answer but it has escaped me. Here's what I'm doing- I made a box, then I created points at the center of each primitive using a wrangle, then I'm using Copy To Points with another box (so there's a "clone" in the center of each primitive of the original box) works great, HOWEVER, I can't figure out how to retain the original Normal when I create the new points to clone onto, so my clones aren't rotated properly. Please help me learn this once and for all. If there's a simple function I could call within the Wrangle that would be perfect. Thank you!
  26. Selecting edge corners

    Nice! -- Thanks! To reward your awesome generosity -- I have two more questions: First, what does the 1/-1 mean in that context? -- I would assume it would be 45 or so (as in degrees), but this doesn't seem to matter. Second, what would I do if I wanted to get the center point of each edge segment in a group? Seriously though -- I do appreciate your help, @anim. I've been wracking my brain when working with edges for quite a while now. I guess I don't quite understand what's going on quite yet.
  27. Calculator a Parabola Curve

    The id is used to select the points, which are used for the fit. If you want to use all points just set i@id = 1 in a wrangle. You can use cubic or higher degrees aswell just change degree in python node to 3,4,... . Every x-value has y-value in points set, since the values are extracted from the curve @P = (P.x, P.y, P.z), where P.x ~ x, P.y ~ y and P.z = 0
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