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  2. Not sure how you're generating this, but I have used a similar system with photoshop. If you keep each layer separate and bring the PSD into a copnet, you can draw out each one individually. Here's a GDC video that goes over this pretty in depth:
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  4. groups in dop

    Hi guys, if i want to use voronoi fracture configure on packed object, how can i bring my primitive group to dop?
  5. Proper Branching Topology

    I seemingly deleted my graph on accident while editing my post, but here it is if anyone has any suggestions. Vine_PathGen_topopass.hiplc
  6. working with audio

    @jsunandmax Have you found a solution on how to split the music?
  7. Audio channel to controll motion from MotionFX.

    Hello, Is there a way to get the specific frequencies out of a given music file. like, piano sounds, drums and voice? Or would you say that if you want to those values, lets say drums only, you'll have to have these sounds separately. thanks
  8. not knowing anything about HDK, but there is a checkbox on Empty Object and therefore Flip Object too called Solve On Creation Frame, which is off by default that's why default external forces are not applied on the first frame, so possibly your implementation needs to consider that flag
  9. Flips Activevalue

    Where do you put the sop solver? Inside Dops?
  10. Hi Everybody, I've got a few (hopefully) quick question about Vellum Constraint Attributes! So I'm basically using the vellum grain solver, with a custom constraint network made in SOPs. I've been able to get what I think is correct behaviour by adding my own attributes for "type", "restlength", "stiffness", "compressstiffness" e.t.c However I noticed that there are some attributes that the Vellum Solver seems to add, such as "pts[]", "stress", "L" & "typehash". Not a problem so far, except when I add a SOP solver to my DOPs to dynamically add constraints these attributes are missing. I've been able to get my constraints to work by correctly setting the "pts[]" attribute, however do I also need to be working out the "stress" and "L" values? Are "stress" and "L" influencing the solver, or are they more like data out attributes? Finally, do I need to worry about the "typehash" attribute? I can't easily upload a scene while I'm at work but if you guys think it will help explain my situation better I can do it when I get home! Thanks in advance! M
  11. Smoke density based on ramp

    Hi DonRomano, this is what i want to do. multiply the density base on my color of the emitter(black to white). I dont know how to do it
  12. Hi, have you created packed geometry, I assume? If so then go to display option and turn one "Wire over packed geometry" check box. This method works in H 17.5 and I don't know how in H 17.0, I hope it similar.
  13. biological modelling methods

    Thanks a lot for your answers, i will dig the two options you propose tonight. Konstantin, your solution would work for pure procedural shading, or with triplanar maps, but you could not generate UV out of it right? Meanwhile i was playing with super simple polar UV projection and got nice results, here is a test render, but it will not do the trick for more detailed image based displacement.
  14. Hi Kemijo. Had any luck with this?
  15. Orient of a point in a line

    Hi noumiere, Looks like you merged the plain scattered points with the points that has the new normals. The scattered points won't really have any normal or orientation, so it won't give you the expected result. What you're after(as far as I understand it), is to have the same normal and orientation for all of your points. Which means that when we create our copy with the offset along the normal, we need those to have the same attributes. The only things I would change with your setup is the order; after the scatter do the wrangle and pointvop. Remove the line which offsets the points: @P += @N*chf("distance_mult");. Now create another wrangle after all these and add the offset line. This wrangle will create the copy we're after. Merge the output of this second wrangle with the output of the node before it. Now both copies of the points should have the same attributes. And finally copy to points. The line and resample is not necessary. It only proves that the setup works properly and allows you to add as many boxes with the correct orientation as you'd like.
  16. Hi Guys. This my first post!!! I have been working on a scene where some particles emitted from a POPsop, scaling inside a DOPsop, colliding with each other and fill a container. I have seen this dynamic in a lot of videos, but I never be able to do that (below an example) I think I'm very close to do that, but I don't know is the right way. I did it with the multisolver in the dop network. I attach my project in the post. I did'nt find any tutorial or forum that explain that. Someone can help me please? There is also a trick to stop emission when the volume is almost fill? Thank you. Luther Fill_Object_With_PP_002.hiplc
  17. Hello everybody, I want to strech and squeeze the points of a geometry based on a texture. The points should only move along the surface of the original geometry. How can I do this? I am not a pro in Houdini yet but I am getting better.... Below is a gif animation of my setup in Cinema 4D, which had too many limitations, so I want to create this in Houdini. My first attempt with the Spring SOP and the "tension" point attribute didn't worked out (see attachment). [Update / Clarification]: I'm looking for basic hints like which node / solver I should use etc.... Many thanks for any help or hints! Flo stretch_and_squeeze.zip
  18. RBD - Hide passive objects

    Many thanks for the explanation Victor!
  19. Good day! One problem is that smooth wire shaded does not see as wireframe. I use the Houdini FX 17. how to enable to see smooth wire shaded? See here that I uploaded the GIF video.
  20. from what I see, your vel is coming from vel[1] -= timestep * 9.80665f; on first frame its -(1/24) * 9.80665 = -0.40861 timestep will evaluate in first frame too, official might have something else.
  21. Orient of a point in a line

    starting from: line_Orient_Vector.hip you could add Attribute Transfer to the between scatter and merge to copy the normals from input2 (attributewrangle3). It works as long as the distance between the two points is less than the minimum distance of two scattered points. Otherwise you have to tie the two points together in a way, for example sharing the same value for an attribute, the resample each line. See attached file line_Orient_Vector.fixed.hipnc Also, see vex function https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/vex/functions/lookat.html, which does that for you already
  22. Normal Force in Dop

    Thanks a lot DonRomano
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  24. biological modelling methods

    Alternatively you could create a shader that refers back to the curves using xyzdist().
  25. biological modelling methods

    Here is one way to add UVs to those lines. It does not convert to VDB, it uses a sweep to loft the mesh along the line. If you need VDB output, you can do that at the end and use an AttributeInterpolate to transfer the UVs to your final mesh. This setup drops in an attribute VOP to add a secondary displacement map along the length of each spline. This means mesh displacement is happening prior to render, but you can still add more normal maps or bump maps to the surface when you get to adding materials. ap_uv_curly_curves_081819.hiplc
  26. biological modelling methods

    Hello! I was wondering what would be the best strategy to get a clean UV unwrap with this setup? I tried quickly to get UVs along each trail and transfer the attributes to the mesh resulting from the VDB, but without real success.
  27. How do I make sure my hip file is self contained ? For example, how to embed a jpeg file that is referenced in a shader ? (using Houdini apprentice)
  28. Hey guys, This is probably such a beginner question, but I have been trying to figure out how to render particles with Octane in Houdini, and everything works with colors and stuff, except I get this message from the Houdini console on every frame when I press play, after applying my material and ticking off the "render as sphere particles"? Anybody else experienced this and maybe have a solution? All the best and have a great sunday out there
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