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  2. Crowd Transitions not random

    You ever make progress on this? Bump
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  4. How to use references properly

    don't {} brackets DEMAND literals only ? ie. absolutely no formulas/variables, fancy mancy anything in there, just pure literals like 0.123, 999 so @P += {0,1,0}; works fine but even with just pure literals @P += {0,1+1,0}; would fail coz of a formula in there so you see how strict it is. EDIT: oh hey...just found that @P += {0,`1+1`,0}; actually does the additiion !! wohoo...
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  6. Text terminal effect

    Now we Have everything to make MoGrph Anim Text..plus control with Chops ..found tutos on youtube (Spasibo) mographF.hipnc
  7. How to use references properly

    float tx = ch("../grid1/tx"); float ty = ch("../grid1/ty"); float tz = ch("../grid1/tz"); v@planepos = set(tx,ty,tz); adding the "@" symbol means your exporting/creating an attribute You don't need that for variables that are only used inside your code, eg: you don't need f@planeTx, instead float planeTx To create a vector from 3 floats, use the set() function ... and forget about backticks (`) that's evaluating expressions (hscript), nasty stuff!
  8. where is voxelmesh?

    awesome - that worked! thank you!
  9. Maya Engine for Houdini

    New "Maya Engine for Houdini" contains a single "Delete History" button because who would want to keep such a long node network in their scenes.
  10. Text terminal effect

    A delete node could run over text indices using an expression like (@textindex+1)>=@Frame typo.hipnc
  11. Text terminal effect

    Check an idea. typewriter_v01.hipnc
  12. Text terminal effect

    If you enable the export of attributes from the Font SOP, you can then use an Assemble SOP to pack each letter to a single primitive based on the i@textindex attribute. With each letter as a single packed primitive, you can just group the points that represent the packed primitives based on an animated bounding box, and delete anything outside the box.
  13. Sparse Pyro Upres H18

    I think I've seen this somewhere else before...
  14. where is voxelmesh?

    Do you have Side Fx Labs tools installed? If you don’t, first display the toolbar by clicking the + next to toolbar, and selecting SideFX Labs. Then hit the first icon, Update Toolset, and update it to latest non-production build. After install and restart, you can find it in network view: Labs Voxel Mesh (Beta)
  15. Text terminal effect

    Hello everyone! Does anyone have any idea, how to create a text terminal effect in Houdini (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KAd-tbUV4Nk)? The Font SOP is very simple. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
  16. Modeler 2020

    Sure - I’ll do that first thing in morning and send
  17. Oh. that works . thanks a lot
  18. Hello guys ! It has been now 3 years I'm working in the VFX industry. I saw a lot of different FX artist/TD so far and I came to the point that there is many ways of doing a pyro sims as there is artist to make it... From all those different artist, I met people doing amazing simulation from really complicated pyro solver and other with a only a few nodes. There is one specific topic I wanted to get thoughts from you guys was the using of the speed field from the length of the vel field versus the pressure field. People tends to use one or the other as a mask for turbulence, disturbance etc.. in their pyro. Both seems working farely well, but I would like to know more about the prons and cons of those technics ! Looking forward to read your thoughts ! Cheeers
  19. How to get correct Motion Blur

    For Deformation Motion Blur (stuff happening in SOPs), you have to set "Geo Time Samples" to at least 2 on the Mantra ROP.
  20. Hi, This problem is bothering me for quite a while.if I have a sphere which is moving fast together with camera. So the sphere is static relative to the camera. but the transformation of sphere is at the Sop level but the camera motion is at the Object level. so the motion blur is wrong. you can find the result from the pictures below. the red sphere is moving together with camera. the white small sphere is not moving. when I put the tansformation of sphere at the Object level. I got the corrent motion blur. but it's not always easy to extract the transformation from deforming object. Anyone have other solution? thanks 1.Wrong motion blur 2.correct motion blur 3. no motion blur mb_test.hip
  21. It really depends on a case, but whatever is your case DO NOT* bind your own methods to Houdini classes. Classes are often considered to be overused. Lots of code uses OOP without real merit. If you're now in a 'free functions world', it's generally good place to be, as long as you don't have hundreds of methods passing around things, which could easily be a state of the class instead. Now, the thing is, state is handy, tempting, but state is also evil, specially in Python, because it doesn't have a concept of privateness. If you can avoid keeping your states and methods in one place (classes), it is usually considered advantageous. Code becomes usually more verbose, but also cleaner, safer and MUCH more resilient to breaks caused by changes (obviously at some point it becomes strange and obsessive to avoid classes, so choose you pill carefully). Python modules and namespaces actually mitigate the main reason of overdosing classes, which is the urge of young programmers to keep methods organized in one place (reason for which classes should NOT be used). As much as this doesn't look OOP , you can do things like: obj = hou.Node(...) # some python object obj = my_sexy_module.do_something(obj, **params) obj = my_sexy_module.do_something_else(obj, **params) and it's totally valid way of doing things. You should be worried if you start seeing things like: obj = do_something(obj, my_secrets, **params) obj = do_something_else(obj, my_secrets, **params) which basically means you start passing around state which should be kept by the class: obj = MyObject(hou.Node(...)) obj.do_something(**parms) I don't mean to alienate you with OOP, but if you feel like you're doing fine without them, don't bother. It's not like they're obligatory EDIT: * - bacause every reasonable person would/should assume that whatever comes after hou.* is SESI land not third party. Then idiom is: from jiri import shelftools as tools objs = tools.do_funcy_stuff_with_objs(hou.node("/obj"))
  22. I want to use different texture maps one for the tip and another for the Base for my Houdini Hair using Marschner Hair shader and rendering it with Renderman. Could someone like to share how can I do this so that I also have control of fall off?
  23. How to achieve Earthquake Destruction in Houdini?

    Hi achary! some good effect year before A plane and a sop transfor. how hight the earthquake should like ... there a new sop that hekp but that for after... you have you geo and in five 5 second wioooaaaah how hight the parameter must you say in second meters plus ?
  24. I am quite a Python noob, so I may be using wrong terminology. My situation: - I define my scripts as "independent methods" in .py files, and I import those files - I run those methods from the Tab menu or from the Shelf (with hotkeys), or from HDA buttons - more and more often I import "smaller" methods into "bigger" methods - my "way of organisation" is simple: I keep methods of one kind in one .py file with a descriptive filename - some methods add functionality to hou.Node, hou.PathBasedPaneTab, or so Please, should I start to bind methods to hou classes? Should I define my own classes? Is this an important milestone in the "evolution" of FX TD, to move from Python scripting to Python OOP?
  25. smoke has a hairy look

    I've reduced all three gasdisturbs to strength of 1, and the bindings have vel by default as disturb field, but the results still look hairy, like cotton. Here are 4 renders from 4 different angles (front, back, right, left). As I mentioned I have dissipation and evaporation at 0. Do you have any idea why this still looks like cotton / has hairy look
  26. Ubuntu partitioning issue

    I would try the Ubuntu forums since the issue doesn't involve Houdini at all. https://ubuntuforums.org/
  27. Can't export mesh to Maya with UV

    how did you do man?
  28. Can't export mesh to Maya with UV

    i've got the same issue but this method doesn't work for me
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