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  2. Procedural OBJ splitting

    I learned so much from this one: (timestamp to jump to the for each block). I had to watch that part several times, especially the spare parameters which are so useful if not absolutely mandatory.
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  4. Ocean Spectrum Heigh Map

    Hello everyone, This is a sample question for you about the ocean spectrum. I want to export the deepest map from my ocean (height map)... I can do that for the cusp int the ocean evaluates, but for the deep of the wave, i can't see how to do that... Thank so much guy!! :)!!
  5. To get a unique animation per instance from sops, you'll have to unpack the geometry. If you don't want to do this, you'll have to use a custom vertex shader, which is definitely not simple. Either way, the way I'd do this would be to generate some sort of stiffness attribute on the geometry, and then use that as a multiplier for some flow noise in vops.
  6. Transform packed fragments at render time

    I never did unfortunately.. Let me know if you do!
  7. OCIO Darker viewport

    Open the Color Correction bar (viewport menu "Persp" > Correction) and you'll see the Display / View being used in the viewport. My guess is that it's not set to the right view.
  8. Direct Modeling HDA

    My quarrel has ended. We found a solution, and Alexey politely took back his harsher words. That was a surprising and nice turnaround in the end.
  9. it's just the viewport limit displaying your volume as lower resolution turn it off and all your approaches will display correctly
  10. Color Twisting

    you can try applying your color to twisted/deformed geo and then copy back to original colorTwist_mod.hip
  11. if connect adjacent points provides good enough outline for your pointcloud then you can as well just use Triangulate 2D + Divide SOP to get exact outline, which will even match outline points nr_foot_outline_alt.hiplc
  12. Hi guys, I would like to twist my geometry color while keeping the point position intact, so it will look like a paint spill kind of effects, how would I able to achieve it? Thanks. colorTwist.hip
  13. Align object with a transformed version of itself

    not aware of such list, but it's not all black and white, once you know what each node does, it becomes more obvious what you can combine with what depending on result you are after like your mentioned Bounds + Match Size can very well be Bounds + Transform By Attrib as that's what you are actually using in that mode
  14. Normal Map

    Hey, ist quite some time ago I used Mantra to do some Rendering but for a Project I'm working on atm I like the more realistic look it gives me compared to redshift. So with redshift I'm just plugging in a normal map and it renders just fine. Trying to do the same with a classic shader but I just get a corrupted Image. Cant see any place to manually plug in Utan and vtan. Something I'm missing?
  15. OCIO Darker viewport

    I've just configured OCIO to work with Houdini 17.5 and renderman and my viewport became very dark Instead of changing gamma is there a lut available somewhere to handle wiewport display under ocio ? or another way ? Thx
  16. Flip Fluids with Color

    Hi guys, I need the solution too, have anyone figure it out? Emitting flip with different color.
  17. Pro tips for flip meshing?

    One way to make better use of the particles that you already have, is to increase the Surface Oversampling of the reseeding. It defaults to 1.5, but I typically raise it up to 5-9, or even higher (24-36). This will spread out the particles, that are contained within each voxel. From the look I see in your video, you do have the Influence and Drop scale set very close to one another. Try widening the gab between those two values.
  18. Hi I've confused about converting polygon to VDB. Suppose we have about 100 geometry and we want to convert them to VDB fog, there is a huge difference in quality if you convert them directly or one by one with a loop. Direct : With loop : Another problem comes up when I want to flatten all the VDBs that come from the loop, I miss the details and the result is the same as the direct convert. Flatten VDB : I've attached the .hip file, hope anybody can help me. vdbCombine.hip
  19. Viewport bounding box

    Tha't it! Thanks
  20. Direct Modeling HDA

    Maybe you are not earning anything because of your pricing structure? You continue to ignore feedback from people who are your actual customers, who have bought the plugin from you already and have enjoyed the plugin - and now we are giving constructive criticism over your pricing structure and strategy because it is not ethical and quite honestly you just seem to be making things up as you go along. 'Closing the sale on Gumroad' is another perfect example of how you have the wrong attitude towards this situation.
  21. Hello! I am currently instancing a few hundred bushes from speedtree. I am wondering, what would be a "simple" way to animate the instances in a small manor? Lets stay I just want the bushes to sway back and forth with some kind of noise added. Anyone have any ideas? The animation would be per instance so I dont want to deform the instance. I only want to move the whole object in a "logical" manner.
  22. Split an object using points and normals

    So I've found a much simpler solution Copy grids on the polygon so that they' re oriented normal to the polygon, then use that geometry to boolean shatter the object.
  23. Pro tips for flip meshing?

    Anyone knows what does surface tension does actually? I tried reading the doc but couldn't get it.
  24. Align object with a transformed version of itself

    Do you know if there is a list somewhere of friend SOP ? I mean SOPs that have clearly been designed to work with each other ? I' m using a similar setup all the time: Bound (with oriented bounding box ON + store xform attribute) with a match size (restore xform) downstream
  25. Had the pleasure to meet him in person a few times, great person! For me whenever old school people get back into houdini (or when people look at outdated tutorials) and need to understand "stamping" I always point them to the following video: "Geometry Workflows in Houdini 16 // Jeff Wagner // Illume Webinar"
  26. I think I found a way: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/61608/
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