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Found 6 results

  1. Vellum Age

    Is there a way to get an age and id attribute from continuously emitted vellum, like confetti?
  2. How would one increase FLIP viscosity based on particle age, to get a thickening/coagulating effect? My searching only found one how-to from 2012, which doesn't work in H17+. I understand setting viscosity by attribute, but it appears FLIP particles don't have an age attribute, so I'm not sure how to shoehorn one in there. Thanks!
  3. POP Wrangle Group

    Hello, I want a second age ("myage") for particles, when they are in the group "active". Very simple? But it don't work
  4. Particle velocity based on age.

    Hey guys. Quick question here. I have a simple particle sim emitting from a sphere in a direction. I want the velocity to decrease as the particles get older. how would I be able to achieve that? Some of the particles are already born at frame 1 (I have a preroll on my sim) and this needs to apply to them as well. Thanks for the help, and thanks for an awesome forum. Cheers
  5. Drive pyro shader from pyro age

    Hey I've just created some particles, that drives my smokeless flame. And now I want to shade my flame based on the age of the flame, but I have no idea on how to do that. If somebody could put together an example that would be fantastic, or if anybody will explain it to me, please make it as simple to understand as possible, as my brain is about to melt! Thanks a bunch! Cheers, Jonas Jørgensen :-)
  6. DOP Pyro Age Field?

    Hi guys! I was wondering how could I implement an "age" field to shade and tweak my fluid. I would start doing it by advecting a bunch of particles and transfer their age attribute to field via the particle to field dop node, but I don't know if that would be the preferred way or if there's a gas microsolver I'm not aware of that might help calculating all of that inside the gas calculation (even if I might end up chewing more data than needed). Has anyone here already done that? Any pointers? Thanks!