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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, Do you have some ideas how to make Shadow and Sun analysis in H17.5? I would like to make the analytic tool for my procedural city, similar to this: I think it would be "sun" vector promoted to objects attributes as color. Maybe some use of new measure node? Thank you for any advices.
  2. Roof Capping Techniques?

    Hi this is my first post and I've only been using Houdini seriously for around a month. I'm creating a house builder procedural asset to assist in the development of a VR experience because a large number of buildings need modeling in a short time. I started with the video by Konstantin Magnus on Roof building, and have just been adding more detail. Currently I'm stuck on procedurally creating roof caps like in the reference image. I've gotten as far as getting an edge group from UV seams, cleaning it up to remove overlaps and sweeping it but I'm not sure how to get it to align to the roof and offset a little bit. Ideally I'd like to have a tiling texture on these caps. Maybe I'm taking on something too complex for my level of experience. Any help, criticism, advice would be appreciated. TLDR: How to get roof capping like in the reference image procedurally? HouseBuilder14.hiplc
  3. Guys, I haven't used Houdini in such a long time. Finally i have a project that i believe houdini is best to use for it. My boss is going to design a wall with different crystals hanging from it, in a pattern. I am attaching the pdf,dwg and dxf of one of the designs. I remember you can open a dxf file in houdini if you convert the dwg in lines in autocad. What i want to create is an asset or something that reads this dxf and places the crystals accordingly. Lets say i have 3 crystals A,B and C (different sizes) in 3d. I want to read my dxf and then copy/instance each model based on the dxf drawing. The reason i want to do this is because my boss will create a lot of options until he makes his mind and i dont want to do this manually in max. The download link for the drawings: http://we.tl/l1hEaLeF8S Thanks in advance, Valentino PS: crystal_A.pdf
  4. Procedural Panel modeling in Hou

    Hi everyone, This is my first post, so thank you for taking time to help me out. Any pointers are very much appreciated. I am currently trying to model a paneling surface in hou, by this I mean - I am trying to define one shape, that then is copied onto a surface and repeated several times to cover the whole area. In order for this to work, the defined shape, will need to bend and deform to match the surface. You can see an image that illustrates this here. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_xQcRvrIdDbs/TFlZGcj4QGI/AAAAAAAAABw/KRujR4J9i1Y/s1600/attractor.gif This is done fairly easy in Grasshopper (rhino plugin) - in there, each shape's bounding box is used to deform the defined surface. Here is some info on Panelling tools, the plugin used in grasshopper - http://wiki.mcneel.com/_media/labs/panelingtools.pdf Please let me know if you know any tutorials that use this, even if its not exactly the same - or any hints! thanks so much. Frederico
  5. procedural Pagoda, help needed

    Hi there, first post here, hoping to get some feedback/support for a current course project I am busy with. I am quite experienced with 3D modeling in general (maya, zbrush etc) but haven't used Houdini a lot yet and could use some help on how to approach the project. My goal is to create a (chinese) pagoda asset with procedural control over the number of sides of the building, number of stories and all sorts of aesthetical modifications. For those of you who are not familiar with pagodas: I thought the building's structure lends itself towards being build procedurally since all the stories are basically the same with the exception of the groundfloor which has a different fence and is a lot wider + the top most roof of the building which is unique. For now I just want to generate the building with UVs, without the surrounding or any materials. I have tried different approaches but I am still struggling with some major points and I was hoping to get some ideas here. The biggest problem I currently have is the roof generation. Another I am basing the whole building on a circle which allows me to chose the amount of sides, I then model one story based on this circle and copy this story any number of times to create the building. One problem I get when scaling in the seperate stories is that the higher the story is placed the thinner all subparts of the story get. Like columns get squished because the height of each story should remain the same so people could actually walk even on the higher floors. Is there anybody who knows a better approach to this in general? How would you create this structure? What are some good methods to place roof tiles on the roof geometry regardles of the amount of sides of the building? Are there any good threads/tutorials about this issue? I simply dont know enough about houdini to confidently approach this. Any hints or tips are greatly appreciated Attached you can find my .hip file, please feel free to take a look. Thanks in advance, Frederik pagodaWIP.hipnc