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Found 7 results

  1. i tried to have an Attribute value driving a Parameter. It just dont work. I need an Attribute from a Point. dop channel issue.hipnc
  2. Hi there ! I have in my houdini file a COP2 network making some changes to textures on my hard-drive, and then outputting those textures with a ‘ROP File Output’ node. Those textures are actually a set of Masks, each channel is a different mask (R=Metallic,G=AO,B=Emisside and A=Smoothness) This is working nicely, but here is the issue: Those outputted .png or .tif files are using the alpha channel as transparency, and if I open them with Photoshop, there is no accessible alpha channel, and instead all my RGB channels are displayed with transparency. Basically, I cannot use those textures as they are, they are completely impossible for an artist to author in Photoshop. Is there any way to export/render a COP network into a .png or tiff file, and keep a clear visible alpha channel, accessible in Photoshop ?
  3. Hello, Is there a ch function for drop down list in VEX. I am trying to create a switch case and I am not sure how I can get a drop down menu. Please help. Thanks. S
  4. Hi all, I'm trying to filter the jittery movement on dynamic geometry, so I thought CHOPs is the way to go. This generally works until points are deleted, when I noticed they flew off towards their start location. This is being caused by the fact that, when a channel is imported it's value reverts to it's start value for some reason. I cannot find any way to just make this value continue from the last good value just before the point was deleted. The reference image shows some channels where I point out when in time the point was deleted. Why on Earth does the channel then revert back to the start value after this point?
  5. Hi guys, Sorry if this seems like a noob question but I just can't figure it out somehow. I need to apply some CHOPs function to ONLY the Z-axis. But I can't seem to only export the Z-axis in the channel node. I know its definately something simple which I might have overlooked. Anyone could help me with this issue Thanks! -Darren
  6. I wanna do some slap comps without using nuke, I need shuffle some channels to create the comp. there is a node like shuffle in houdini? Thanks
  7. i am comparing the rest distance between 2 nulls in chops with the object node. and i want to compare it against the animated distance. so i thought to put down a vopchop and just do some "if then". so connecting the 2 distances into the vopchop, but now inside the vopchop how to do i grab each one of them? so i can compare them? and export some value that i can use? thanks.
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