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Soft Toy VDBs


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Heya. I just wanted to share a job we (Milford, sweden) did a few months ago that went online today.


All fur on the characters are rendered as fog volumes (VDB), complete with textures, reflections and motion blur. I was responsible for the fur on the red riding hood and the mouse.

Everything is done with Houdini (except modeling/texture/animation/etc of course) and rendered in Mantra. I hope you like it, I'm quite proud of it myself!

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Nice work. I'd be interested in your method too. What did you find to be the biggest benefits of using textured VDBs? 

We went for volumes in the start to get the soft & fluffy look. The ability to be able to change textures was just a convenience for our lighters, rather than having the colors baked in and having to re-generate the VDB :)

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