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Flowersos Difussos


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Hi all!

I would like to show my recent work. I try to find a good solution for shading and lighting plants.

In this picture the most interesting thing is spread diffuse inside plants (point cloud method)


Thanks OdForce for working gallery:)



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Fantastic. The expanded distribution of the diffuse contribution really pays off.

Beautiful work as usual, ptakun. The composition of the scene contributes as much as the lighting and rendering. Lovely!

It'd be great to back-light these flowers and simulate some single-scattering through the petals too. I've found that since the petals are so thin, it's okay to just flip the normal and run the lighting calculations again - if they were any thicker, I'd consider Mario's single-scattering SSS shader - and you could possibly use those tools right now on the stems of the flowers too.

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Wow, stunning image - as usual.

I have so many questions for you that I don't even know where to begin, so I won't ask any for the moment and simply enjoy the beauty of your creation.

I love how you've dealt with the flower's pistil - it is so tactile and textural. I love how your images go beyond the photorealistic and never fail to evoke a particular mood. Your loving attention to detail is truly admirable.

I look forward to more of you posts!

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Thanks you for comments!!!

I will show you some examples.I have no possibility to show you difference in one picture.

many small objects with different directions(No PC):


To reduce noise I mixed diffuse and PCdiffuse:


80% PCdiffuse and 20% diffuse:



Pc method gave me blur in 3d space. Easy thing but good effect.


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