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Found 7 results

  1. Gas Linear Combination

    I created a gaslinearcombination node and set the Destination field as vel, and in the combine operation I set to multiply source1: friction and source2: vel. friction is a custom scalar field created by me, with a 3D noise. The gaslinearcombination doesn't work as expected. On the other hand, a simple gasfieldwrangle with the following vex code: " v@vel *= f@friction; " does the trick. Why isn't the gaslinearcombination working?
  2. I am trying to recreate this effect, and I can't find any info on how this techniques were implemented… Any help ? Thanks, Diogo
  3. Import Pop Field into SOPS

    Hi all I'm looking to replicate a Houdini sim that I have inside Unreal Engine. I would like to export my vector fields as flow maps that can drive Unreal's native particles so that they still remain interactive (collisions, emission, etc). I'm having trouble accessing some of the native POP fields outside of DOPs. Can anyone explain how to import a POP field such as pop axis force out of DOPs into SOPs so that I can then export it? Thanks! Nick
  4. Trouble Weird with Mask Field

    Hey Everyone, I am trying a test with the mask field. I am trying to mask the Gas Blur solver by a volume from sops. The result should be a smooth look near the emission source and then outside the mask field you should see a bunch of disturbance. I took a look at the example attached with the Mask Field node and set my test up in similar way but for a reason I cannot find the mask field is not working. What am I missing? I get the feeling that the disturbance and gas blur are working against each other or the MaskField is being erased before it reaches the Gas Blur. File is attached and Image for those too lazy to open the network. I will be available to answer any questions. smoke_gasblur_mask_not_working.hip
  5. This could be a simple fix or a dumb question but I just started trying to learn houdini about 5 days ago so I'm lost and new to the package. I did the tutorial on the sidefx site with the volcano demonstration to show how to use the pyro tool preset and really liked how you could make a custom velocity field out of a box and converting it into a volume and doing some vex in the volume sop. So I wanted to experiment and try creating a custom vel field but out of a more interesting shaped volume. I made some sort of corkscrew looking geo and used an IsoOffset to create the volume but this is where the setup breaks. I know when I converted the box to a volume using the volume sop I changed the rank to a vector and I dont know how or where this option is when you convert a surface using the iso offset sop.?? When I middle click on the isoOffset, I see there is just one volume being output and when i middle click the volume sop it has 3 volumes listed. I Think this is where my problem is but again been using houdini a week and have no idea if this is the reason or not. When I plug the volume that is created by the volume Vop into the chain I get the nice curl noise showing up and when i swap it to the volume generated by the isoOffset then its just straight lines which would make sense i guess if it only is a scalar volume field. So Is there any way to convert the isoOffset volume to have a "rank" of vector.?? Or is there an entirely different/easier/correct way to make a custom velocity field that is a shape more complex than a simple box or sphere.? I'm trying to make the switch from Maya to Houdini but being a 13+ year user of maya it's VERY different from what Im use to working with. However the power in Houdini already is making me wish I made the switch a long time ago.! Thanks for any help/info.. E
  6. Hey folks, Does anybody know how to use the "Goal Divergence" and the "Pressure" in the "Gas Project Non Divergent"? Whenever I try to inject a field the particles go crazy. Would be nice to get something like a explanation or example file. Thanks
  7. Hey odforce folks! I am working on a pyro simulation and I want to have one burning object (sim1) to set annother object (painted with custom fuel) on fire (sim2). I am using 2 sims (or better said two solvers) for that because I want the two flames to look different (different solver settings for combustion and shape etc.) . So the two sims should interact in this way: I want the temperature of sim 1 to ignite fuel I painted for sim 2 (which also has a temperature attribute, but initially set to 0). Now my question: How do I get the temperature field of sim1 to ignite custom painted fule of sim 2? I hope I explained that somehow clear. Its a bit hard to put into clear words. Thx in advance for your help!