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Houdini 16.5 Sneak Peek


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Damn, that's really good! From the whole bunch of new gamedev, landscape and rendering features to the UX improvements like bold tabs, fuzzy parameter filter and new hotkey manager: love it all. New Poly Reduce is my favorite! The list at the end is intriguing too. Thanks for the epic spoiler!

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Looks all awesome.

Let's hope the VEX editor saw some love too finally - still the biggest flaw in the whole application.... ;-)

Funny to see a pretty much 1:1 copy of Lulu xXX work with the flow field , for instance: 

Check his other work for inspiration - great stuff! :-)

"The planned released date for Houdini 16.5 is November 7, 2017."

Nice, Christmas comes early this year :-)



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thanks @fianna will the gamepad camera toolset also allow capturing/recording of camera movement during playback? i.e. I want to record the camera for a shot that I film via a controller or 3d mouse.  thx!  

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thx Mark!

@art3mis every improvement here helps - when you're hammering in H you use everything. For me the reduction in frustration with the geodesic soft radius falloff will improve my work enormously.


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