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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone, Been trying to wrap my head around this one for a while but after a few days of being completely stuck it would be amazing to get some help with this point deform problem I'm having. I've got a pretty simple set-up that's using the grain solver for quick softbody deformation, I've got three primitives scattered onto some geo which is then being fed into a dop net for simulations, That part is working well, the only issue I have is when I want to re-attach the original mesh to these objects with a point deform, I've been trying to create a for-each connected primitives for my point deform so the deformed recognises each piece as its own object however i'm getting some strange deformations on my objects when I try to point deform them. Any Ideas?
  2. Hey guys, Had a task to create a "inflatable baloon rig", (attaching a small video sample) couldn't figure out how to do this in Houdini, but get some stuff working on C4D. Once that rig was approbed, client needed to attach a mocap on top of that. I thought houdini point deform will do the trick, and I'm almost there (I think), main problem is the point deform is deforming all the stuff, meaning following the mocap rig on top of the hips (that shouldn't be affected somehow). Fighted with this all the morning, but I know there must be a way to make it work. I just figured out how to add the point deform just below the hips, but that leaves the top still I'm thinking that maybe the way to do this is split the geometry in 2 ways, one moving the bottom part, and the other the top part with less capture settings in the point deform? Thanks in advance Cheers! Houdini - Mocap + Inflate test.wmv
  3. Sup guys, got a quick question, I've imported a fbx animation, then scattered with timeshift and attribute interpolate to maintian the position of the points, then I want to use a point deform but with a different mesh, is not working, is because the topology is different? is there a way to apply this? I want to model some stuff in zbrush and apply the rig of the fbx to the sculpted model Thanks in advance! Cheers