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  2. I'm not 100% sure but I don't think you can create groups like that in the POP group node, should work in popwrangle with the input 0 set to myself. This works in the setup I created, just added another POP group node with this inside.
  3. thank you exactly what i was looking for! where i am stuck now is i cant do it exactly like you and would need to put the points from an existing group to a new one to be deleted i have put this for testing in the popgroup vex setpointgroup(0, "XY", @ptnum, 1); setpointattrib(0, "X", @ptnum, inpointgroup(0, "XY", @ptnum)); in the geosheet X is 0 on all points how can that be when i just put them in 1 line prior! that they are in group XY is shown correctly in the geosheet
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  5. Can we execute python def by another node remotely?

    I am using kwargs["node"] or hou.node('.') in order to point out self node. When executing from 'target_python' node, it makes sense to be kwargs["node"] = target_pyhon. However, when executing from python_remote_control node, kwargs["node"] becomes 'python_remote_control node' and code does not work anymore. Do I need to write 2 code versions? In general, I guess python_remote_control node executes 'target_python's code as own self code. Then the code looks up not 'target_python''s parms but python_remote_control node's parameters ?!?
  6. Can we execute python def by another node remotely?

    code = hou.node('../target_python').evalParm('code') exec (compile(code, "inline", "exec"), globals(), locals()) setA() setB() After adding an extra bracket, it worked for a test code now. From now I try to apply it for actual scripts. Thank you, Alex, R !!
  7. Hi, I took a shot at this, threw up a scene to show you what I found to work. What I have done is, 1. Put the particles I want in flip into a group "particles" 2. Delete the particles the next solve step. 3. Import the pop particles in a sopnet delete everything but the "particles" 4. Use that sopnet for importing to flip. Hope that helps pop_to_flip.hiplc
  8. is there some way to add a defined number of particles to a flip fluid? a have a pop which generates some particles if this particles meet some criteria i want to add them to a flip a popsource will add them over and over again i need them just one time. lets say i have 100 pop particles with a random attribute Q (1..100) if the frame number is the same as Q i want them to be added to the flip
  9. Vellum Ignore Collision

    Hi AslakKS, That is exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks a million!
  10. Houdini 18 Wishlist

    Siggraph comes near and some tiny information have been released. Did some one see that houdini will have a build for python 3.x? Have seen on vfx platform that python 3.x is set for 2020 but for 2019 preview builds could be relased. At the moment i play with some ML and python 3.x is manatory and to make a bridge to python 2.x is not so funny for learning.
  11. Drops with dynamics

    My biggest problem right now is creating the water droplets and getting them stuck to the surface of the grape. I tried to make a scatter on a sphere and use a pop replicator to give volume in the drop. And then use the pop fluid to give dynamics.
  12. Drops with dynamics

    vellum for grapes and for fluid you can explore new POP Fluid and Condensation Shelf Tool, but also traditional flip with high surface tension and custom SDF based attractive force towards grapes will do just fine
  13. Vellum Ignore Collision

    Hi, Might this do what you are looking for? dop_collision_specific.hiplc
  14. Add Handles

    How can I add Handles to a digital asset using python? Is it even possible?
  15. Drops with dynamics

    Popnet with particles moving along surface, with some noises.
  16. Can we execute python def by another node remotely?

    Nothing is impossible, but this is not a common way of working with Python in Houdini. For geometry manipulation use Python SOP, for sharing your Python code, put it a module, hou.session, or into HDA's Python module. See the docs To achieve exactly what you want: In your python_remote_control: code = hou.node('../target_python').evalParm('code') exec compile(code, "inline", "exec"), globals(), locals() setA() setB()
  17. If the point count is changing then on export the selection method was not even. An alembic exported correctly will preserve geometry info from frame to frame. A method is to do a bounding box from a group sop to a blast node. You can use a delete sop straight up, but there are a lot less procedural ways to animate the size and bounds. You can try for connectivity/assemble too and see if that brings a consistent result if you are looking to remove a whole tooth. There are more options, but it really depends on how inconsistent the topology is and what part you are trying to delete. Generally speaking direct face selection is generally not done as it can often be defined as a destructive method. You can use direct face selection in a few ways, but with consistent topology.
  18. Not sure why it is called image plane at that level. https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/vop/texture.html Texture Channel This specifies which color channel for multi-plane textures should be evaluated.
  19. Good afternoon guys, I'm trying to create a setup similar to the one below. Where the drops are with dynamics and glued to the surface. Does anyone have any tips on how to start this game?
  20. Nice try ! You may check this topic https://forums.odforce.net/topic/25534-differential-curve-growth/ and may be this one also https://forums.odforce.net/topic/27291-circle-packing-dart-throwing-onto-a-3d-surface/ But there are so many different effects in these two videos. Maybe you should be more specific about those you're interested in.
  21. Script to resume crashed render

    Yes. All of them, I think. Beware that the free version on Deadline does not work with PDG because it uses a commandline submission instead of a Houdini submission. But normal Houdini submissions works fine.
  22. Crowd agent transition issue

    Hey that did it! Thank you! That one was driving me crazy. I had tried cranking up the substeps on the crowd solver and bullet solver but not in the dop. Thanks again for helping me out! -Kjell
  23. For now I have achieved some similar things but I want to learn more. How could we achieve something similar without a lot of experience and without a team of 10 people? Here is the file with some organic lines deforming, I'm sure we can get something interesting! Lines_growth_03.hiplc
  24. Hi, I'm doing a vellum hair simulation on a character that starts partially under a ground geo. I also do other vellum sims (as foliage) that need collision with the ground. But my hair gets stuck under de ground geo. How can I make sure that only the other sims are colliding with the ground and not the hair? Thanks!
  25. Maybe a simple or stupid question but Is there a way to have these 3 bars (color correction ...) always visible in the render viewer ? I've tried saving as desktop butit doesn't work thx
  26. Hello I imported a geo into Houdini from Maya. I want to rotate it around its pivot, but the transform node doesn't respect the imported geo's pivot.It sets it to the origin. is there any thing I can do so Houdini uses the original imported pivot for transformation? thank you
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