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  3. Closed leaf venation patterns

    @charlesnyiha Its this OK
  4. Water/whitewater flicker with redshift

    So if anyone wants the solution, the flickering was coming from the refraction pass, somehow some particles were disappearing and reappearing. I increased the refraction trace depth and it solved the problem. I'll be reuploading the river soon so you'll see ! Cheers,
  5. Is the Type to search in the TAB menu entirely based off of the node name? Or can I add/tweak terms for shortcuts?
  6. cannot save flipbook

    i usually save my flipbook video by exporting it as video for windiows 64-bit , but it wont save it , there's a message says "failure to write , errror code" , do u know why?
  7. resample curve segment sweep problem

    as an example...at your distancealonggeometry3...you have point 0 having dist 0.25 from 1, verify in spreadsheet. Now put down a sphere, add a transform, in the transform, in the Y chanel put: point("../distancealonggeometry3",0,"dist",0) and you'll see the sphere being moved up by whatever dist is.
  8. pump volume h18

    Hello, This is more of a general question about how to properly inject "pump" velocity in h18. First, What excactly is the "pump" doing? Why can't I just bring in my "v" attribute . What is the difference between velocity and "pump" ? Also, when I create a pump from the shelf tool under the populate containers tab. Houdini creates a Flip source to create the "pump" volume. Why is this? Are there no pyro tools to create this "pump" volume? I will attach some screenshots and my file. Thank you pump_h18.hipnc
  9. resample curve segment sweep problem

    should be either point() or pointattrib() I think look up syntax for these in F1, your attribname should "dist"
  10. resample curve segment sweep problem

    haha fair enough, yeah I think I need to use one loop for the wiring. right now I just duplicate the loop for the scatter pairs I want to connect (progress the timeline to see the wires. also press 4 to go to the controller null, things might make slightly more sense then but maybe not lol) but my question is basically how do I reference the dist I create with the node? promote it and read it in with some expression like detail() is used for reading in loop iterations?
  11. resample curve segment sweep problem

    hmmm...I got NFI what I am looking at here...seems there are alot of duplications
  12. resample curve segment sweep problem

    yeah I'm getting a @dist (see updated picture) take a look, no NDA on this, just me trying to figure out how to do procedural modeling QComp_2301.hiplc
  13. resample curve segment sweep problem

    @dist ? probably would need to see the file to figure it out, is it possible to upload ? or no due to NDA ?
  14. resample curve segment sweep problem

    very cool! @Noobini if you don't mind giving some advice, i'm currently trying to transform individual points on a curve and then use the distance between points to drive the length of some tubes. I'm using distancealonggeometry to get a dist attribute. how do I reference that in a parameter? is there a better way of doing this? right now I just copy to target points and divide by segments and offset by the disk extrude etc but I'd like to be able to move the disks up or down individually and everything else should follow. but since it's still the same curve I can't just divide by segments anymore to get correct length for the tubes so I need to reference distance between points instead, right?
  15. resample curve segment sweep problem

    so I got annoyed at the fact that resample doesn't work on an edgegroup....so DIY to the rescue:
  16. Resample_Edgegroup HDA

    DL link: http://www.vusta.com.au/Houdini.htm works best on actual curves, tho you can get interesting effects on a grid say....try it.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Complexity from simplicity

    nice. good shading and cool lighting is also very much responsible.
  19. Closed leaf venation patterns

    @Librarian Great result! I'd loved to know how you use the rules and where it is plugged to Thanks
  20. Check this. +now it is rather simple copy2points_newpipeline.hipnc
  21. Yep and i think it is even faster than compiled for-loops.
  22. VDB From particle fluid question

    here you are....warning: I don't know what I'm doing...just fooling around. vu_popfluid2.hiplc EDIT: reckon you can plug the null straight into pointsfromvolume, bypassing the popnet....coz you can!!.
  23. Learn Processing before VEX?

    There are enough VEX and Wrangle SOP resources that you can dive directly into it without needed to learning something else beforehand. That is, of course, unless you're planning on learning Processing anyways, then, yes, it will be a little bit of help just like Twan said.
  24. Nature fun

    You are definitely the best spiderman artist i have ever met
  25. whatever Mark said since you are using 17.5 however technically the new method since H18 is using Piece Attribute to copy variants to points and avoiding for loop altogether
  26. yes this is what I was looking for, thanks!
  27. VDB From particle fluid question

    Hey Jason, That's so kind of you. Of course, here is the file Thank you so much popfluid2.hip
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