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  2. Group name to string

    some info about this can be found here
  3. Thanks, for the tip, I'll give that a try next time.
  4. hey! I had the same problem with windows. After I installed a font, it would show every where else, but not houdini. I never found out why, but you know the font sop lets you put in the path directly to the font. It's actually not that bad an idea. I store the otf in my hip directory. That way if I load the hip from another PC the font will always load.
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  6. Getting the hip version with hbatch

    I would recommend python/hython for this task because you mention your dealing with many files. Python is much better at working with directories, many files on disk and databases then hscript/hbatch is.
  7. Group name to string

    Hi. How could I convert primitive group name to a string attribute? I have few groups - group _01/02/03/.... and I just want to get numbers to use them as integers in vex, just to apply random color. int group_number = opdigits(@name); @Cd = set(rand(group_number), rand(group_number*1502), rand(group_number/1560)); Doing it with the name SOP, but what is the way of doing that in vex? Thank you Cheers Janis
  8. Hey, you should use 'add' to add the result of your noise to your current normal, right now you are multiplying. Also make sure the noise is outputting 3d noise instead of just 1d. Cheers,
  9. Vellum - Breaking / Shedding Hair

    Hello everyone, I've a project where i want to simulate some hair with vellum. The hair should break and fall to the ground over time but i can't get it to work properly. As you can see in my simple example, the breaking is working for the guide hair just fine but resulting in a misbehavior when it comes to hairgeneration itself. The vellum sim is somehow not correctly transferred, resulting in the hair just dissolving... I tried a vellum hair sim without the breaking before and it is just working fine, so i really don't know where the error comes from. I attached a simple example of what i tried; any help is much appreciated Test_Vellum_Groom_simple_hair_drop.hiplc
  10. Animation Editor - Linear keys

    OMG thank you! That was driving me nuts.
  11. Displacement texture map from geometry

    Okay, thank you! I thought there would be a way to do it direct from the software like in Maya or Blender. I'll give xNormal a go instead. Thanks!
  12. Animation Editor - Linear keys

    as you can see in top-left corner it says: Low Level Of Detail which means they are drawn as linear (Settings/Curve Quality/Straight Lines) so change it to any other options of Settings/Curve Quality
  13. Any way to update topology? I am trying to carve out a curve>polywire, basically grow a shape over time along the curve and make it vellum cloth, live and waving as it grows. Seems like trying a sop in dops does not update it over time like you can with constraints. Cheers!
  14. Hi Tom, I am on the same path as you, learning to rig. I assume that you use the Capture Pose (not a Capture Frame) ... and also I believe, that the Align Capture Pose shelf tool is made for such an additional update of an existing rig? With that tool, you can update the Capture Pose: - alter the bones to match the "new" geometry - run the tool and select this method "Match Capture Pose With Deform Region" - then update the captured weights (probably you have that "Stash Node" turned on, as it is by default) https://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/shelf/aligncapturepose.html I hope I am not wrong, as today it is the first time I used that tool and I don`t know much about rigging.
  15. Hello, Can you please help me a little bit? I would like to animate the direction of my normals based on the anti aliased flow noise in point vop. Can you tell me which nodes should I use to get this result? Thank you
  16. Bullet - Increasing Glue Strengths lower Impacts?

    They are not. You are comparing 2 completely different things - in one case constraints are starting to break - which means more free pieces to collide with = more impacts. Try the same experiment without breaking a single constraint - for example 20e5 vs 20e9. Do u see any difference?
  17. Thanks bobcober I was having the same problem as misterbil and I wasn't able to find a solution.
  18. Drooling Creature

    Insufficient collision sampling
  19. white water H17.5

    There you go !
  20. Animate the assembly of an object

    Thanks for the response kleer, that's what I was thinking too i.e. to start from the assembled product and work backwards. I am quite new to houdini and I don't really know how to have geometry that is animated with keyframes which will also have dynamic collisions. I attached a hip file illustrating the problem. Basically I animated the cubes and I would like them to interact with each other before reaching the final position. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you, Stefan collision_examples.hip
  21. Hi I'm just following this tutorial, and when I follow the tutorial exactly, volume collision work well but If I tweak it little bit , It doens't work.. I simulated volume data like this. and I made this sphere to use as collision and did the same thing in the tutorial (make static object by using shelf tool) and Dopnet just shows this little bit of smoke and it doens't work well like before I just followed tutorial. What's the problem? there is enough empty space in sphere and volume. so I just guessed 'maybe bounding box of volume shouldn't have any penetration with sphere'. but hmm well.. It wasn't .. What can I do to fix this problem ? help me~~!
  22. Suggestion for procedural hardsurface head modeling

    It's a bit of a trend lately: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/69525/
  23. Getting the hip version with hbatch

    You can do something like: echo $_HIP_SAVEVERSION > $TEMP/$HIPNAME.txt This will put the version number of Houdini that the file was last saved with into a .txt file of the same name as the .hip file your currently checking (In the /tmp directory of your OS).
  24. white water H17.5

    Can anyone share Tuts or Hip File basic white water settings for a basic boat sim in ocean (Houdini-17.5)
  25. Hi, I want to get the version of the hip using hbatch.(the Houdini version I used to make the hip file) (Also I want to check a lot of files) Can someone guide me?? Thanks Hiro
  26. Displacement texture map from geometry

    I am not sure how you would do this directly from Houdini, but you could look into using xNormal to generate maps. Export your hi-res model, and a low-res version, then in xNormal, it will create height and normal maps. The are a lot of baking options, so worth going through a few youtube tutorials to understand the process, I've linked one below. If you are not familiar with Houdini, you could use any software to generate the low-res model from, or even for laying out the UVs before baking. https://xnormal.net/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGszEIT4Kww Cheers, Howitzer
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