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  2. Instance random keyframe/animation with Python

    I made some progress, still with problems The plan now is to find a way in python, to randomize a range of frames and output that in a timeshift. So far I have that: import random def retime_frames(): # values from dropdown tokens fr_get = hou.evalParm('choose_frame_set') for frX in range(fr_get): fRandom = (random.choice(frX)) hou.parm('retime_frame').set(str(fRandom)) print fRandom It gives me an error, that something with my strings is not okay. A working version with a list inside is that: def retime_frames(): random_num = ['1', '2', '3', '4', '5'] fRandom = (random.choice(random_num)) frame = hou.parm('retime_frame').set(str(fRandom)) return fRandom As soon as I try to use a variable inside the list or create a range function, it does not work anymore. range_randomize_retime_isntances_with_animations_v001.hiplc range_randomize_and_retime_instance_with_animation_v1a.hdalc
  3. oh, if it's animated then yes, you can keep the For Each Setup, it will save any frame that cooks, so make sure you have $F somewhere in the path name but this is all because you asked directly about foreach loop way to do it, which is more workaround than production solution what you should really look at is TOPs and wedging, that's the way to go
  4. Insane! Thanks! Wrote the vop sop to a wrangle: matrix xform = detail(1, "xform"); matrix rot = ident(); float z_bias = chf("z_bias"); float range = chf("range"); float angle = radians(chf("angle")); @P *= invert(xform); vector domain = set(@P.x, @P.y, @P.z * z_bias); float dangle = length(domain) / range; dangle = exp(-dangle) * angle; rotate(rot, dangle, 4); @P *= rot; @P *= xform; I'll see how to build on top of that. wavelike_deform.hiplc
  5. I was hoping to leave the frames for the animation, the initial example for the question is an animation with 240 frames and I want to save each animation coming out of each item in the loop. But now I realise that the File SOP doesn't have the option to save frame ranges.
  6. Ocean sample layer

    HI, I'm just struggling trying to undersatnd the way he coiuld modified the idea of wave instancing backu up some attribute in order to use them at rendertime (Arnold) timestamp 3:17:36 i understand how to sample some attribute like frequencie, chop etc but didn't get the idea of wave instance and noise as attribute as he showed in the talk. eventuel someone can point me to the function in Ocean.h to sample those attribute. Thanks a lot for your help Cheers Farid
  7. but also judging from your screenshot you may be able to do it easier by just Blast SOP, keeping a single piece per frame, do your processing and save the sequence using $F, so that each frame will be different piece processed
  8. wow thats awsome, such clever approach. Never used length function, i will definitely look deep into it. thanks bro.
  9. forget it, it's working, I forgot to add the ` at the end. thank you.
  10. PI based force rotations.

    Thanks Librarian! lets see!!
  11. Here is a very simple example of animating rest length. Just make sure you have the correct output group exported in the constraint and in the constraint property. AnimateRestLength.hip
  12. I'm trying to edit the vellum constraint densitiy inside a DOP network (via an attribute). It looks as if it is working because you can visually see the attribute change, but the simulation is unaffected. Nothing that I try seems to work, is it even possible to do? I attached my test (sorry it is a little bit messy) and an image of my DOP network. Thanks for reading. VellumAttributeTransfer.hip
  13. Procedural Potion Bottle Tool

    Stacking the shelves Don't worry I will use instancing for the final project
  14. Hi guy. I had been working with redshift for over a month already and I am in the middle of a proyect. Suddenly when I open the proyect EVERYTHHING failes. There isn´t a single redshift node working: This is my env: PATH = "C:/ProgramData/Redshift/bin;$PATH"<font></font>" HOUDINI_PATH = "C:/ProgramData/Redshift/Plugins/Houdini/17.5.173;&" It looks like it uninstalled itself somehow. I really don´t know what did I do. It just stopped working from one day to another. I tried resenting the pc and reinstalling redshift. I hope you can help me. Thank you
  15. Vellum Cloth Collision

    Tweaking the resolution didn't help, but turning off Volume Based Collision Detection finally solved the issue. Thanks a lot guys! Just a general question, why Vellum doesn't like volume based collision?
  16. Vellum Cloth Collision

    works... VellumRBDtest_works.hiplc
  17. Vellum Cloth Collision

    you are using Volume based collisions in your rbdobject1, if you display Collision guide you'll see what's colliding against, you can either tweak the volume resolution or if you don't want that you can uncheck Use Volume Based Collision Detection
  18. PI based force rotations.

    Maybe it Helps. mat.hipnc forces.hipnc
  19. Vellum Cloth Collision

    If you use vellum SOP solver, it has static deforming object in it, which works. Instead I used RBD objects set inactive. The idea is to transfer the transform in DOPs, so no need to load it every frame.. In case where I have many colliders, I used RBD fractured object to transfer the transform to each colliding object separately... VellumRBDtest.hipnc
  20. Random link of interest

    Wind turbulence visualized in the real world
  21. here's one way to deal with it... if you adjust V in popgroup1 towards 0....the more closer to 0 the more it behaves like the orig file. vu_rdb_turbulence_v01.hiplc
  22. VDB combine intersection/difference not working cleanly

    Stepping up the bandwidth on the noise field to 3 did the trick--thanks!!
  23. Color disappears after adding instancefile

    Nvm figured it out, it's answered at the end of this video in case anyone else is wondering -
  24. PI based force rotations.

    whassap, im an project where i have to change the direction of the force based in a very circular rotations, so i have this set up where the changes in force and velocity are driven just by randomnes but i want to trigger a function where rotation ocur based on radians i think, or phi, so the turning around is very round, and not sudenly having it rotated, i guess i have to turn the force by radians or smething, what do you think, here is the file. --------------> flock_yo .hip not to mention that, after that i have to figure out how to trive those force directions to rotations, i guess something with matrices
  25. Hi, sorry if this has already been asked haven't been able to figure it out. Is there a way to keep your color after creating an @instancefile attribute? To clarify, I'm using Redshift and when I create an @instance attribute and point it to my object the objects @Cd will come through in the render, as long as the object the @instance attribute is pointing to is using a shader that has an RS point attribute node plugged into it. However, if I create an @instancefile attribute instead and point it to the .rs file I exported to my harddrive it will not show this color. Is there a trick to getting this color to show? thanks.
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