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Found 17 results

  1. hello anyone here knows how to phantom or matte objects in karma? ive been setting up my scene in lops, im at a point that i want to setup mattes / ray visibility.
  2. Hello; Please take a look at image bellow. I would like to set an object's shading to Matte shading so that it shows background image and acts as a hole. When I turn ON matte, it renders background in black color (instead of background). I tried several presets in "Render Visibility" slot, without success. Thanks for helping.
  3. We are only able to consider applications sent directly through our website. Please apply here: https://www.lumapictures.com/careers The Senior Digital Matte Painter is responsible for the painting of photo real CG environments, elements and textures. You can: Create photo-realistic digital matte paintings Work with shoot data (photographic, reference data, HDRIs and photogrammetry) to combine 2D and 3D elements Work with various camera focal lengths and output requirements while maintaining a good sense of composition Research and create your own photographic reference material library Demonstrate a desire to research and implement new techniques to continually improve team efficiency and your own quality of work You have: A minimum of five years of experience as a Matte Painter in VFX Production An expert knowledge base in both Nuke and Photoshop A Bachelor's degree in traditional arts, computer graphics or the equivalent combination of education and experience A demonstrated understanding of other disciplines ; modelling, layout, matte/texture painting, lighting, rendering and compositing. An in depth knowledge of colour theory and LUT Sound artistic judgement and a proven aesthetic eye for real world materials and lighting A high level of technical skill A strong work ethic with a "get it done" attitude A meticulous attention to detail Solid time-management skills and ability to multitask across multiple projects An ability to take direction positively, work well within a team and thrive under the pressure of tight deadlines Experience with concept art (preferred but not required) *This position is open in both our LA and Melbourne studios
  4. Hi guys, I had a problem while compositing my project. For some reason, around my object, on PyroSim there is a transparent strip that does not look beautiful. If I render each object separately, then I have this empty space (screenshot1 and screenshot3), if smoke + object in one mantra render, then everything is fine (screenshot2). But I need to have them separately for compositing. Here are screenshots of my render settings (object - spacesip and PyroFx - smoke) I would be happy for any of your advice, I see that there are a lot of cool guys here who know the houdini like their 5 fingers Please forgive me for my english
  5. Hi guys, I'm having trouble setuping a simple shadow matte material in Arnold for houdini, I don't know how to lay out my network to get only the shadows in the alpha channel of the grid: 01_default render 02_shadow matte render but wrong alpha 03_other failed attempt Any insight on how to properly use the shadow matte node ? Thanks a lot ! shadow_matte.hip
  6. Hi guys, I have a simple question. I can't understand when i want to get render in mantra forced matte and forced phantom options. i get render separate every time for example if have destruction scene and if i want to get render that rbd, dust, debris, smoke etc. Do i need to put something forced matte and forced phantom in mantra settings? are they so important? thanks...
  7. I did a simple test to double check motion blur with force matte objects and compositing separate passes together in houdini. Rendered a horizontal tube with a torus as object matte. Comping tube over torus is not good: you can see some of the background. Did this ever work?
  8. Hello everyone! I have a problem with my alpha, when I render my clouds separately (what i don't render is in matte shading) I end up with weird alphas in compositing. Do some of you have the same problem, or is there something obvious I'm missing? Thank you!
  9. Hi guys I need hair matte for the rendering, but the hair work was done in maya X-gen. Can I import the hair into houdini?
  10. Hello! I have been searching online for a solution to creating an image plane to create an alpha matte. What I would like to do is get all the objects from my scene and have a separate black and white alpha matte for each object. I would like to be able to take the image into photoshop/after effects and be able to manipulate all the objects in my scene separately. I have followed the video below but this becomes quite the process once I have many objects in my scene. Ideally what I want is when I make an animation sequence that either the exr has layers with all the alpha mask or when I hit render it renders both my image and the alpha's as separate sequences. I also tried using this technique http://houdinitricks.com/matte-objects-houdini/ but when I activate the matte option it still renders the rest of my scene normally with only my object appearing in black. I just want a black and white alpha matte.
  11. Hello Odforce! I have found mantra to behave quite weird when it comes to instancing and mattes. I have a simple example scene where I want to render the instanced geometry with a matte. When rendering with the physically based engine it starts rendering after 2 or 3 seconds. When rendering with the micropolygon engine, mantra needs more than 15 seconds before it starts rendering. Now this can become troublesome if for example you have 5000 medium stones you want to scatter across a landscape and want another 10000 small stones. I am asking this because I have the my actual scene where rendering time won't start until 45 seconds with the micropolygon engine. The problem is that I have to use micropolygon because I'm rendering volumes and want to matte out geometry. I have included a demo file to show you the problem. Thank you in advance for your suggestions! Shadow_Matte.hip
  12. Hi! I've got a scene with a box and a volume. I am trying to split the rendering of each object into a different pass. In the `/out` network from the attached scene, the `composite_premult_matte` node regroups a first setup of render nodes, each rendering a specific object while setting the other(s) as “forced matte”. When adding the resulting passes in compositing, I get back the beauty as expected. Now I've set up `composite_extracted_matte` which this time extracts the mattes into the alpha layer of different files. For each “nomatte” render pass, the object(s) not to be rendered are set to “phantom”. When compositing the whole in Nuke, I don't get the same result as the beauty. I tracked it down to this Nuke's graph below, where post-multiplying the matte of the volume doesn't seem to match with the pre-multiplied version: `volume_nomatte x volume_matte != volume`. Note that this issue seems to happen only when dealing with volumes (transparent?) objects. Is there something that I'm missing within my rendering setup? Cheers! composite_volume.hipnc
  13. Hi everyone, I have a problem with alpha masks, for instance: I want to render a one object in front of another (in this example just a sphere in front of a cube). However, I want to render them separately, because one object (in this case the sphere) is already finished, while the other (the cube) is still a work in progress, so I want to render objects as they are ready, instead of waiting for everything to be done and rendering everything at once. Once the cube is ready I want to render it and use my Sphere as a matte object in order to get my alpha mask. In Nuke I then lay the cube over the sphere. Now my problem is that my merged alpha is not solid (see attached images). Any suggestions on how to fix it? Thanks in advance. Cheers, alphaProblem.hip
  14. hello fellas, lately i been needing a good way to composite smoke on a burning live action actor, i animated a geometry to match the motion of the actor as you might imagine neither the motion nor the proportion match, but most of the time its good enough for sourcing smoke. #ACTUAL PROBLEM# however i find it hard to obscure/mask/matte the smoke since proportion and motion is not a complete match. #CURIOSITY TORMENT# im looking a deep images for the moment( im very new to it) ive tried the DCM seem to be a good candidate for my situation. i got it to work and the recoloring logic, but the file size is huge 700mb for a single exr containing rgba, deep, objid but i dont understand DSM at all, i kinda expecting a depth shadow map looking thing as my lights are also using depth map shadows when i import it in nuke it looks empty.(deep channel only has (inf, inf) for (front,back) deeptopoints crashes as soon as i plug it. please share to me some workflows
  15. Hello guys. I was trying to work with glass material and caustic lights. However I have a problem while creating a material for the plane. The caustic lights and shadows are casted to the plane. So I don't want the plane to have diffuse channel, I just want alpha information for the shadows and alpha information for the refracted light that is bouncing in the floor in a sepparate alpha channel. Is that possible? I need to compo it into a live action footage so I don't want the geometry of the plane to be exported. I thought this idea could work: 1. Export the whole geometry, the glass balls with the floor. 2. Export direct reflection and refraction passes. 3. Export a CONSTANT COLOR matte of the ground but NOT the glass balls. So that we can crop out the diffuse of JUST the floor in the compositing stage. This must be super easy and not as this silly work out. How do you composite caustic lights? Thanks in advance guys.
  16. Hello guys! I have come up with a problem where I want to render out some geometry that is totally opaque but want to keep it's alpha information on the alpha channel. I tried pluggin a constant value of 1 on the Surface Alpha value of the output node but the opacity overrides that and throws no alpha info. So in short, what I need is to make the geo invisible on the beauty but keep its info on the alpha channel. Thanks a lot!!!
  17. hi i want to render smoke with the matte of debri inside smoke to give a depth of atmosphere.
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