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Alexey Vanzhula

Houdini 18 Wishlist

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1. Currently polydraw in brush mode deform the geometry, but the backface points deform noisy. It should be like this

2. Add modern sculpting tools

3. HOM functions to get panels (panel tabs) as QWidget instance

4. Block (unblock) keyboard hotkeys from HOM

5. Show subdivided viewport model with cool curved wireframe on it. Modo can do it with opensubdiv type viewport subdivision, why we can't

6. Multithreaded Boolean SOP

7. Ability to hide all stow ui elements (collapsed ui little borders) to maximize viewport space

8. Align viewport camera to the best plane (xy, xz, yz)

9. Hide edit sop translate parmtuple on viewport interaction to increase FPS. Currently works well in maximized scene viewer mode


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